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Should Charity Always Begins at Home? --- Let us Help Haiti Today!

Updated on May 17, 2011

Should Charities Always Begins at Home? --- Let us Help Haiti Today!

With the current debate about whether countries should helped their constituents first before helping other people outside their country, we should stop arguing about it and gather our acts together as the current crisis in Haiti deserve the help of humankind.

I ask this question because for those of us who live in the most affluent of societies, we don’t necessarily think of the things we don’t miss as we almost have affluence in life. The type of hunger and lack of housing etc, experienced by people in the most rich countries are precisely different with that in the developing countries. Coming from a developing country myself, and one who traveled around the world, I can see the images and the differentiation of the kinds of sentiments we have here in the US and other parts of the world. Believe me, we are far luckier by miles. In the more developed countries, the government is readily available to help the people, or sometimes it is the peoples choice to live the way they like to live. Opportunities are abound here for us. I say this because even though the unemployment rate is high, still there are opportunities and the lifestyle we are used to here is still way above those who are living in developing countries.


The kind and images of poverty in the developing countries impact on every soul and if we can only go to the slums in different countries in the world we are more appreciative of what we have here.

I know we have lots of problems in the US for example, but it doesn’t mean that we cant help the people anymore outside the US. Some would say that there are people who are starving specially children in this country too, why not help them first instead of helping others from other nations? Or there are a lots of sentiments about what the US government is doing for the welfare of the people, but then this problem of current economic conditions we are in is a deep rooted problem in which we inherited it from maybe a century ago, and there is no debate that we are experiencing hard times, but then the devastating disaster that happened in Haiti is catastrophic in nature and they need our help just to survive and have a life literally.

Yes, charity should always begins at home, but I honestly think that in this times of tragedy like the Haiti tragedy, we should try to look beyond and help the Haitian people. It is a humanitarian act and should not be questioned. Although our sentiments are valid about the predicaments of this country -- the US, we should help in the most we can, disregarding our other sentiments whether other countries also helped us during the times of “Hurricane Katrina”.

These are two different things, and we cant say at the moment that charity should begin at home first. Just look at the extent of the dead people and the disaster itself, we should just try to help them without any questions whether our government is really meeting the needs of the American people, there is more time for that problem later on to think about. They need our help now.

Yes charity should begin at home, but not during this time, piles and piles of bodies are piled everywhere and they need food and water which is very basic for survival so that they can at least live for the moment. And that is taking aside the pain and the anguish of losing loved ones.

We can share whatever we can do to help at this time when our help is really needed and stop being a brat nation. We should become a good role model for our children too.


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    • kundhan profile image

      kundhan karunakar 

      9 years ago from INDIA

      good one...

      its awesome..

    • itakins profile image


      9 years ago from Irl

      great hub.Interestingly,some philosophers would argue that the idea of 'charity begins at home ' in a fallacy,purely because giving 'at home ' is a duty ,therefore not necessarily being charitable.I have a duty to care for my family-the govt have a duty to care for the people.It is only charity when it extends beyond these parameters,as in ,foreign aid.Just a thought!


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