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Children Behind Bars: Enduring Hardship in a Less Clear Way

Updated on November 19, 2017
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Joseph is a print based writer, author, and poet. Joseph likes to share an assortment of different things with people.

Given the many circumstances, people have done unspeakable things which they were spurned for, dating back to time periods most of us know little about. Heinous actions, which have taken place in many forms throughout time, have been a big part of human nature, even among children, and before and after statutes were in place as they are today. When many think of crimes that are heinous, we don't imagine that those who sought and carried them out, had a clean slate, or better yet, were of a very young age. Children facing a court of law upon their actions know very little to help them pave their way away from sentencing and reposition themselves back into the world. Many think that children should not be incarcerated and that they should get the help that they will benefit from, which is right and possibly the best way to assure prevention of a similar crime in their future. Children can be deceptive and trick people into getting what they want, but how often does a child pull the trigger on someone or pull a switchblade on someone? It's a very rare occurence and when this does occur it's because they had lack of guidance or were even exposed to insensitivity in some way. A shocking statistic shows that prisoners who are locked in a jail facility, often claim they have been characterized inhumanely, many reporting they did not receive medical attention when needed, and seeing that up to a combined 10,000 teenagers and children are being brought into custody everyday in the United States alone, this could be a bigger problem for them since they don't have as much mental preparation. Among all who are incarcerated, children are the more likely of candidates, to attempt suicide and be exploited in a perverse, abnormal way, raising skepticism. Confining the youth in such ways that its done sometimes, doesn't reinstate them, and taking the extra step to subject these disciplinary actions upon them is misleading, hence the reason why many see it as being wrong. Children charged as adults are often placed in protective custody but these children still do without regular phone calls and visitations; however, children are more likely to have their sentence lessened by a large number of years, through emplaced programs in many states, that also help them become educated. There are many ways to look at this epidemic and with a growing population, it could possibly become even worse. Despite the way this strongly goes against sentencing of those much younger than your usual arrestees, this is not to promote manipulative actions and oppositional beliefs, it is sometimes right that a person who is old enough to differentiate behaviors, be held in the custody of someone else if they did something awfully wrong; what isn't true is that advancing people of a very young age to a status much beyond what they are, be it treacherous, dangerous, or hurtful, is actually right. These renowned ways of coping with reoccurring issues such as this will soon be passed over with more useful techniques if we begin to recognize why they truly don't work. In years ahead, lawmakers must not subsidize with this as it examines how little that some of the most joyous of people are kept in mind.

Kids Behind Bars

States Where Juvenile Children are Most Likely to be Locked up



-New York

-North Carolina



Extended Information on Juvenile Detention Rates

Since 1995, child incarceration rates have dropped by 41%. Black Youth are 5 times as likely to be incarcerated in contrasts to other racial backgrounds. Most children who have been locked up, have been locked up for non-violent offenses.


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