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India elects its President by Arithmetic.Read Arithmetic's.

Updated on February 15, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

All the countries in the world miss you?????????


Is our President Elected.

We have wasted over a month of our age knowingly guessing who will be our next President when our Lady packs her bags and baggage's ( some one must have taken the pictures ) finally the drama was over and a Brahmin now sits and stays at the only biggest home in India. It is not a home like mine or yours,it is our Brown House like White House.Why it is brown no one knows perhaps or may be a smart guy knows the answer.This is bigger than any Palace perhaps, as it is spread over 4,000 acres of land it has 340 rooms built on 200.000 sq ft as per vastu shastra it is built facing east.Some body it is Vani Behal of Chandigarh University I think has done research on this building which is a Book now.It might interest few who are in building construction to read this book or even others who read books even in toilet.The Huge Palace would have been bigger if there was no financial discipline exercised by the then British Monarchs who ruled India.We must feel sad that the same restraint is missing in our rulers and law makers who raise their perks and salaries even though they are multi millionaires and make pocket money for their trip to the capitol when ever they wish at no cost to themselves and stay in their bungalows given to them which few have retained from past 50 years to themselves.

These law makers who elect our president are known as Rajya Sabha Members and Lok Sabha Members who draw Rs.5,00,000 per month.We elected them to make Laws run the country on our behalf for just 5 years.and they made the law to elect themselves the President of Our Country.Why did they do it,it is on account of the law they made calling it a democratic discipline of the country. They elect a President who will do what they say and he does what he wants like touring different countries and making it a record of countries that they visited starting from our previous lady president.What they do is none of our business and what they do after they vacate the Rastrapathi Bhavan is never known to any one.Even where they are and what they do we do not know.They just disapear from all activities.I saw the Photo of one of our previous Presidents in a Silk Saree shop and asked the shop owner when he visited.The shop owner said he visited after he quit his office and purchased Rs.30,000/- worth of sarees and just left with out paying for it.

Can we stay for a day here they got 340 Rooms.

No way to even see it as you want to see it.Rastrapathi Stay's here.

Who can go inside this Bhavan and how can we ordinary people can go and see it. It is only in the month of February of every year that any body can visit and on other days we need permission from the President's Office to visit.It is free but permission may be difficult unless you can knock on some body's door.Any thing he will do and he won't do what is required like visiting a village or visiting a place of nature's fury he will not even perhaps know such things.To a common man he is invisible and even on TV he rarely comes.However he is seen on Republic Day taking salute from the Army,Navy and the Air Force.However the President may be disturbed in case of emergency to sign a document even if he is having a relaxation in his bath tub.( only one President did that )

I would like to call my President to visit my Village so the road to my Village gets done and the journey at the rate of the rate of 15 KM per hour is made at 60 KM per Hour in case of any emergency since the road is neglected since past 10 years on account of politicians power.


President's Election Arithmetic.

The process of election of president of India is complicated and today We will be explain'g in very easy language and by examples.

The voters to vote in the election are:-

1. - MPs of Lok Sabha

2. - MPs of Rajya Sabha

3 .- MLAs of Vidhan sabha

The Value of vote of MPs and each MLA is different. Finding Value of vote of MLAs

The value of vote of MLA depends state by state or we can say MLA of each state has different value of his vote. Divide the total population of the state by Total seat in Vidhansabha of that state and again divide it by 1000 and the result will be the value of vote of MLA. ( Why 1,000 )

Ex:- In Rajasthan Suppose total population is 5,64,73,122 and Number of MLA are 200.

5,64,73,122 / 200 = 282365.61.

Again divide it by 1000 282365.61/1000 = 282.365 ( 0.365 Gone Why )

The value will be 282.

Finding Value of vote of MPs

Note:- The value of vote of MPs of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha are same.( WHY SAME GOD )

Now to find the value of vote of MPs

Multiply the value of vote of MLAs in a state with number of MLA in that state(do it for each state)

In Rajasthan it will be 282 X 200 = 56400

Add them Divide it by total number of MPs (Lok Sabha + Rajya Sabha)

This will be the value of vote of MPs

The Voter will give the preference to each candidate. It will look like :-

1.Bhairo singh shekhawat

2.Pratibha Patil 3.Ram Lal

4.Mohan singh

Now we will explain how counting is done:- To win the election a candidate must get (total number of valid votes divided by 2) +1

Suppose candidate get First preference votes like:-

1.Bhairo singh shekhawat------------- 5,250

2.Pratibha Patil --- -----------------------4,800

3.Ram Lal---------------------------- -----2,700

4.Mohan singh------- ---------------------2,250

Total Number of Valid votes = 5250 + 4800 + 2700 + 2250 = 15000 15000/2 = 7500 7500+1= 7501

So a candidate need 7501 votes to win the election, as you can see no one has got that. Now Last candidate will be out of the race and his votes will be distributed between remaining three on the basis of second preference.

Now Mohan singh is out of the race his first preference votes are 2250 now suppose in these 2250 ballot papers the second preference is recorded as :-

Bhairo singh shekhawat - 300

Pratibha Patil - 1050

Ram Lal – 900

These will be transferred and added to the first preferences in favor of 1, 2 and 3 as follows:-

A - Bhairo singh shekhawat.. 5,250 + 300 = 5,550

B - Pratibha Patil.......... 4,800 + 1050 = 5,850

C - Ram Lal ................ 2,700 + 900 = 3,600

Now in the second count, therefore, C Ram Lal having obtained the last number of votes is eliminated and 3,600 votes secured by him are once again transferred to A and B in the order of third preferences recorded thereon. Suppose the third preferences on the 3,600 ballot papers recorded in favor of A and B are 1700 and 1900 respectively the result of this second transfer would then be as under:

A - Bhairo singh shekhawat. 5,550 + 1,700 = 7,250

B - Pratibha Patil................ 5,850 + 1,900 = 7,750

Now Pratibha patil has votes more than 7501 so she wins.

As you can see in first preference ( POOR ) Bhairo Singh Shekhawat was AHEAD but lost, ( What a democratic Arithmetic * )

Note :- The statistics used in this post is imaginary and its aim is to make people understand the process easily.

Inspiration Source :-

* by the man who did this aritmetic to start President Election.


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