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Should People Ever Have to Shut Up? The Answer is Yes

Updated on February 14, 2018
Jessica Stiles profile image

Student at Massasoit Community College. Graduated high school in 2015. I'm studying Psychology and Education. Capricorn 12/29

The things that need to go, in our society. Some of these were even demontrated by our president.

Freedom of speech is very important.

It should not be taken away if people don't mean harm. People who cause hate, and destruction in our society should be able to be silenced. Everyone has there own opinion, but when people are SCARED to voice there opinion there's a problem. People should be able to voice their opinion without being terrified or getting hurt by others.

If someone is being especially offensive as a county we should be about to say. SHUT UP


Do you think hate speech protected by laws?

You may want to look at this link.

Above is a video of the music artist Halsey.

She uses free speech to tell a story. A story of horror, and loss. The disrespect women and girls face everyday in our society. Using free speech to show issues wrong in world is why we have it. Not to speech meaningless hate.



Flipping the bird’ at police: Crime or free speech?

Above Is a link to an article.

In this article the author addresses the issue with free speech, and with a higher authority, the police. The author asks the questions, can you have free speech with a police officer? What is free speech with an officer? Is flipping them off free speech?

In the article a man was cut off by the police officer, and for no main reason. He was scared to do anything about it because he was cut of by a cop not just an ordinary person. "He waved a middle-finger in the trooper’s direction", instead.

May’s middle finger is his constitutional right, and all his attorneys from the American Civil Liberties Union agreed. A body part is free speech. His reason was justified because we was cut off by the police officer.

The charges were later dropped, but Swartz sued the officers for violating his civil rights.

OUR president
OUR president

Our president, who has shown time and time again that hate speech can hurt. Our president is insensitive to other peoples situations, because he has no real experience when it comes to real struggle. Instead of people like him, we need people to speak up that can share real issues. Not hate speeches to scare and manipulate people. Not just talk about a stupid wall that us millennials would tear down the second we have a chance.

Freedom of speech comes with a cost

Freedom of speech can cost a lot sometimes a lot of cash other times your life. This has happened many times. People who have money have the security to say what they want. The president has million dollar security to protect him from getting physically injured for what he says, including very ignorant comments. Anyone else who speaks up can get hurt.


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