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Should the Jamaican Diaspora be Allowed to Vote?

Updated on July 30, 2012


As those who live 'On The Rock' know, periodically there is some big debate about nothing much which gets the people involved and distracts them from real issues. The idea of Jamaicans who live abroad voting is one of those issues.

It is known that more Jamaicans live abroad than in Jamica. Approximately 6 Million Jamaicans do not live On The Rock; only about 3 Million do.

Hence, people in London or New York would control the lives of those who can't or haven't left.

When Fish Come From River Bottom...

and tell you Alligator mouth Long; believe him."

This is a famous saying that most people who left Jamaica either don't know or have forgotten.

it simply means that the person who is closest to the situation should be believed over those more distant. Although common sense, such term is rarely applied when discussing Jamaica or Jamaicans.

From 1995; when Jamaica first was connected to the Internet until this morning, people who do not live in Jamaica, who might not have been there for over two decades, have, nevertheless set themselves up as the 'experts'.

People whose door opens in Toronto will argue, attack and discredit those whose doors open on Kingston. Those of Diaspora know more about traffic on Windward Road then the guy driving down South Camp, they know more about what sells in Coronation Market then ther woman on Princess Street.

Their vehemence and insistence makes anything marked 'Jamaican', be it a Website, a Forum, or an email group, a must avoid, for it is them, living in New York from 1965 or in Orlando from 1973, or in Brixton from 1984, who promulgate these sites as were they J.K. Rawlings discussing Hogwarts.

And be warned; No Daylight is Allowed in Their Darkness.

Light Speed

Jamaica is a country where things change virtually overnight. Anyone who has been abroad for three months is one step removed from a tourist, for today's idols are tomorrow's goats, and a word can change meaning via a single song.

Those who migrated years ago have an image of Jamaica far removed from the facts. Who they may consider an authority or the best is often dismissed by the vast majority of people who live here.

What Jamaicans will say to those they trust is far different from what they will say to outsiders. And this goes from the Prime Minister down to the guy smoking a spliff on the corner.

This of course is unknown or forgotten by those in in the diaspora who will maintain positions that no one wants to hear, or care about, but they seem to be willing to die for.

If They Get The Vote

Imagine a country in which the majority does not reside. The majority elects a Parliament to run the country where they don't live.

Parliamentarians will answer to them, ignoring those who live in their Constituency so as to keep the seat.

Jamaica did experience this before, it was called colonialism.


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