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Should the Next President of the US Support Space Travel?

Updated on October 25, 2016

Rocket Launch

SpaceX Falcon Launch
SpaceX Falcon Launch

Is Space Travel Expensive?

Absolutely. It can costs millions of dollars to perform a single launch. Even more when you are talking about a manned mission to a distant planet.

However, there are companies looking to fix this problem. SpaceX is already trying to get orbital flights for under 1 million dollars. This would be a huge innovation in the world of space travel. Other companies are doing similar things. Using completely different sources of fuel is one way space travel could be cheaper. In the past, we did not have access to solar power and wind power. Now, that is an option.

Now don't get confused. I am not saying these types of power could work for space travel, I am just giving a few examples.

Do we Truly Benefit From Space Travel?

This is where there is a lot of controversy. Some people believe that space travel is a complete waist of time. "There are hundreds of problems here on Earth. Why waist billions of dollars exploring our universe?"

However, others believe space travel is amazing. "Wow! Just think, one day humans could live across the galaxy on multiple planets. That would be incredible!"

I believe that space travel is something that the next president of the United States should support. I realize that space travel is not something that is cheap. I also realize that it is something that does not offer direct benefits to us here on Earth. However, you must look deeper than this.

Technologies are evolving greatly. I believe that space travel will soon become the new commute. This may sound extreme, but we are already planning to put humans on Mars within the next 20 years! Just a few years ago, we had never dreamed of putting someone on the Moon. This shows how fast space travel is evolving.

Earlier I said that space travel does not offer direct benefits to us humans on Earth. I never said it offered no benefits. Imagine the following scenario. An asteroid is hurdling towards Earth and is expected to hit in two months. If we have an advanced space program, we would be able to intercept that asteroid and deal with it. Without a space program, nothing could be done and we would surely be hit.

An extreme example, but it very well could happen.

Asteroid Hitting Earth

What an Asteroid Hitting Earth Could Look Like
What an Asteroid Hitting Earth Could Look Like

Which Presidential Candidate Supports Space Travel?

Donald Trump. He believes space travel is the way of the future. While rival Hillary Clinton believes otherwise.

I wont state my opinion on who I believe should win the presidency, but I will say this. I fully believe in what Donald Trump says. Humanity has always had a goal. That goal is to advance as a society and explore. Space travel does both of those.

Clinton Vs. Trump

US Presidential Candidates of 2016
US Presidential Candidates of 2016

Space Travel

Does Space Travel Play a Big Role in Your Decision?

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    • Readmikenow profile image

      Readmikenow 14 months ago

      I can tell you as a person who grew up during the Apollo space missions, the pride it gave us to be the first nation to land on the moon. I think we need to keep in mind the many technical advancements that occur as a result of space exploration. Many forms of technology that has practical applications in the civilian world. It very much worth the investment. It's difficult to put a true value on the quest for knowledge.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 14 months ago from Auburn, WA

      Absolutely. We benefit enormously. If we tell our children to reach for the stars, why restrict it to becoming earthbound. We need more explorers.

      I was thrilled to see President Obama finally come out and support the Mars missions publicly. But where has he been? When he campaigned in 2008, he spoke about space exploration as a "diversion" of needed funds. Be late than never.

      Hopefully there will be momentum now. Sharing everywhere.