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German Social Issues.

Updated on November 29, 2016

School Violence and Dropouts.

Right now one of the issues in Germany is school violence and dropouts. In Elementary school, right now the issue is school violence. Children are being bullied and then hurt. In the high schools, there are students dropping out. This website I have found shows what the issues are right now in Germany. Ever since two-thousand and eight, the dropout rates have increased, causing teachers to write letters to their Senate Office asking to shut down the school in general.

Now I know what you all are thinking, "Why should we care what is going on in Germany?" well the thing is, you should care because, Germany isn't the only one whom has the issue of bullying and school violence. The United States has these issues as well and it needs to stop all over the world. People honestly think that these kids become bullied because of home issues and social issues going on at school.

We all know what it is like to experience some type of bullying. I was bullied from being in sixth grade till the beginning of my eleventh grade year. Others have been bullied or have actually experienced these sorts of things. It's about time we stop just being a by-stander, this needs to end.


As we all should know there are two parts of Germany East Germany and West Germany. Now in East Germany, they are trying to improve but in West Germany, they have higher standards to living. In the East they currently have a lack of money going around and that all started when the soviets took over East Germany until a couple of years ago. Now the Eastern people and the Western people aren't really into one another meaning that the West thinks that the East are more whiny and complain.But when both sides get along they celebrate unification.

There are two special groups that try to unify these two sides: Security and CO-Operation. They try hard to keep the two sides from fighting, and they only fight because of their histories.They also have gun control over there and each side has the same exact rights. This is all so they can feel like a social country!

Gender Roles

The most important thing out of this was that women wanted rights. Back in the 70's in West Germany women fought for their reproductive rights, sexual rights, and equality. But what else happened was the Germans would put women off as provocative billboard posters and women were feeling like they weren't equal. Currently there is a group fighting for women called The Federation of Young European Greens, which has been helping a lot. Currently they are also fighting mainly against their own issue which is the fact that women are put on billboards wearing lingerie. This should stop as well, which is what the group is trying so hard to do.

Political Extremism

Right now the Neo-Nazi's are causing many issues. Mainly by being more violent torwards immigrants.The German Government is fighting against this trying to stop all the violence torwards the German citizens.


Mainly Turkish people are coming to Germany, and its increased since the 50's and 60's. It only increased because the turks were wanting jobs. But the German Government is now not granting citizenship to any turk coming into the country. They only needed 15% to make it up and they got that until either this year or last. But if you would like to join their culture and work in their country you can, so they need to be part of the culture.

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