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U.S. Politics : Shout "no" to Spending- Politics As Usual

Updated on October 23, 2015

It was just a little white lie!

Leading Republican asked for $20 million
Leading Republican asked for $20 million | Source

Another Spending Bill

Our government officials looked at yet another spending bill of about 1.2 trillion dollars. While much of it was and is needed to keep the economy going; which was weary at best, would be injected with additional deficit hikes.

The hypocrisy of it all, is that many Republicans added large amounts of pork barrel spending to this bill for their own states. They did say that they would vote "against" it.

The comment lacked sincerity because they could have it removed from the bill before haven taken it to a vote.

Once again, business as usual politics and treating Americans like uneducated morons. Native Americans said it best, these political officials speak with "forked tongue."

Mitch McConnell who apposed the agreement of turning down pork barrel spending, caved in to his party and voted for the agreement, but he did ask for $600,000 for a genetic technology center, as well as Lindsey Graham of South Carolina who aked for $379,000 for port dredging in Charleston, South Carolina.

Is the Tea Party Over?

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Washington DC- the land of fame and fortune

A markerWashington DC -
Washington, DC, USA
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For such a small place, a great deal of politicians have become millionaires there.

Here in Texas....

Pete Sessions
Pete Sessions
Kay Granger
Kay Granger

Politics as usual can be devistating to those who whole heartedly believe

The people were hurting, they put all their trust and belief behind someone that they felt would help them. The Tea Party for instance had gained strength because of the pain they were feeling from the loss of jobs. They banded together and became stronger on the belief that they and "their" candidates could change things.

Were they angry at the Democrats for the wrong reasons? Were they angry at the Republican's for the wrong reasons? They took that anger and harnessed it into some very destructive ideas of which direction to take this country. Would they be able to make a difference? Were they naive in thinking that when they get to Washington they were going to change things immediately? Yes, they are.

How ironic, that's what President Obama said when he ran. We needed change, we voted for change and then Washington politics at it's best became an obstruction to moving forward and in turn, the American people began turning their backs on the President.

They made it.

What happened to those Tea Party candidates when they got to Washington and couldn't make the "change" immediately? The Tea Party began to falter because their member became discouraged and turned their backs on the movement.

One local Tea Party supporter put it, if we can't change it, we can lock down Washington and hold it in gridlock until 2012. The old double edged sword may come back in 2012 to bite them in the butt. As the GOP has control and the gridlock has angered so many people that Congress has the lowest approval rating ever. The TEA Party/ GOP mentality has gotten the U.S. nowhere, fast.

The Stimulus

The double edged sword that was the stimulus bill and the fight against it. Republicans and a handful of Democrats voted no on the stimulus bill calling it wasteful spending and taking advantage of the taxpayers at a vulnerable time in our economy. Once, it passed, they quietly began writing letters and asking for funding from the bill with the fact that it would "create jobs". Republicans continued to speak of rescinding the unspent stimulus if they gained control of Congress.

The "unspent" funds were funds that were on hold to pay for projects that were working, but not finished yet. Was this just a political ploy and once they got elected, they'd push this subject to the back of the stack and forget about it?

Most of the Democrats that voted against the stimulus, did so, for political reasons such as protecting their careers and probably knowing, like the Republicans that they could quietly ask for it anyway. Both parties are guilty of a bunch of political grandstanding for the benefit of their careers and to sway American voters. However, on the whole, the Democrats did vote for the stimulus and the Republicans "all" voted against it. Under George Bush, both parties voted for a stimulus and passed it, without the GOP making a huge ruckus as they did with the "Obama Stimulus".

Some of the "no" votes, that then quietly asked for funds are listed below.

  • Jo Bonner, AL (R)- 5 times asked to steer grants to Alabama for "creating jobs"

  • Robert Aderholt, AL (R)- same as Bonner

  • Pete Session, TX (R)- asked for $81 million

  • Steven Buyer, IN (R)- asked for $80 million

  • Lindsey Graham, SC (R)- asked for $360 million

  • Tom Cole, OK (R)- asked for funds for parks

  • Kay Granger, TX (R)- asked for grants to cover 6 projects

  • Scott Brown, MASS (R)- asked for $45.4 million for broadband institution

  • Michelle Bachmann, MN (R)- wrote 6 letters asking for stimulus funds

  • Ron Paul, TX (R)- asked for funds

  • John McCain, AZ (R)- wrote 3 letters asking for funding for Sky Harbor International Airport

  • Mitch McConnell (R)- asked for $20 million

  • Mike Pence, IN (R)- asked for funding

  • Joseph Coa, NO (R)- asked for $45 million

  • Lamar Alexander (R)

  • Cathy Rodgers (R)

  • Heath Shuler, NC (D)

  • Walt Minnick, ID (D)- asked for funding for broadband related projects

Earmarks and Pork Barell Spending

The Republicans had been grandstanding with "banning earmarks" more so this past election that any other time, uniting in a vote that at most was all talk and no action. A vote was simply a show of unity and had no "legal" binding. Giving them the appearance of the much needed support to get the Tea Party candidates to stay the course in their support.

The facts: Democrats and Republicans alike have continued to ask for Earmarks, nearly 40,000 of them with the cost to the tax payers at over $100 billion.

The Democrats have said that they will not ask for earmarks for companies that make a profit. Republicans, well they didn't make any promises.

Here are just of few:

  • Kit Bond (R-MO) asked for $1 million to create soybeans that are resistant to pests.

  • Ron Paul (R-TX) he asked for 51 earmarks totalling more than $358 million.

  • Richard Lugar (R-IND) he asked for $2 million for a new transit center.

  • Doris Matsui (D-CA) she asked for $160,000 for the Boys and Girls Club.

Business as usual is alive and well in Washington, DC., but the light will shine brightest on the GOP because they ran on the "fiscally conservative" Tea Party stance.


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  • Jillian Barclay profile image

    Jillian Barclay 7 years ago from California, USA

    Another well-researched hub! Also, most people don't realize that a full one third of the stimulus went for tax cuts for most Americans and their families. That was the $400.00 for single and $800.00 for married couples everyone saw on their income tax forms last year. Plus almost everyone took home more in their paychecks last year, but a few dollars at a time. Don't you get tired of the GOP and hard-nosed conservatives just blasting everything Obama tries, just because he is Obama? Actually, if all these GOP'ers get elected in November, let's watch what they do. They won't be able to just continue to say no. Then everyone will know what frauds they are!

  • kssan profile image

    kssan 7 years ago

    Wow! I just wish wish that the economy gets vibrant again. We are definetly heading for tsunami. The deficit will continue to grow as poverty continues to inch higher by the day. A broke system that can not be fixed and billions spent on what. Where is my bailout some would say? Or some would care to argue.. they paid in the system...and no one was there to bail them out with a job. Why are some able to obtain the american dreams, while others continue the struggle to reach the american dream? Is this what this beautiful country, we call America was built on. Or will we continue to be subjected with bickering, from all political parties instead of deliverance of substance? A broken dream that is unobtainable from all political parties. To sum it up, there is no recourse unless we get a new perspective from several political parties. We should look to overseas counterparts for advice...maybe Germany. What do you think?

  • American Romance profile image

    American Romance 7 years ago from America

    How do we know your list is for Stimulus money? And no matter these guys certainly didn't vote for it! If I were them and my fellow citizens were going to be forced to pay it then I would certainly ask for some of for my state also! Your boys voted it in with all of America screaming NO! Now not ONE of them uses the "look what I did " to get reelected! Shame is a bad thing!

  • Abecedarian profile image

    Abecedarian 7 years ago from These United States, Texas

    Thanks, and you are so right about now taking credit for it. We had the biggest grandstander in Texas, his name was Phil Grahm, the Grahmstander as he was called.

  • LRCBlogger profile image

    LRCBlogger 7 years ago

    Wow, nice list, that is so typical of them. You can also add that many republicans showed up at ribbon cutting events for stimulus programs that they voted against. They of course touted to the people how they brought jobs to their district, etc


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