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Shutting Detroit Down

Updated on February 6, 2011

Shutting Detroit Down

The Song Shutting Detroit Down or as some people refer to it as shutting down Detroit was written by country artist John Rich. You may know him better as the "Rich" of country duo Big and Rich. The song Shutting Detroit Down is being recorded in a 7 day time period to make the release of John Rich's Solo album. Their is mixed feelings about the song saying their is more to blame than just the Automotive Industries big 3 for the failure, but if you or any one you know works for the auto industry, or for a company that manufactures parts for the automotive industry and has lost your job or been downsized after years of dedicated hard work, the song really hits home whether you live in Detroit or not.

Is Detroit Shutting Down?

Welcome to Detroit   photo credit hollylooyah @
Welcome to Detroit photo credit hollylooyah @

Some History about Detroit

Well, I don't know if the whole city of Detroit is really going to shut down but here is some brief history about Detroit.

  • The city of Detroit was actually founded on July 24th 1701 by a man named Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac.
  • In the middle of the 1700's, approximatley (1755-1763) Detroit was turned over to the British as a spoil of the French and Indian War, however by 1796, George Washington forced the British out of the city and they rose the American Flag over Fort Pontchartrain.
  • In 1805 a huge devastating fire swept through Detroit and destroyed all 200 structures except 1 stone wharehouse.
  • After the war in 1812 the steamboat was developed and with the opening of the Erie canal Detroit once again seen dramatic growth and was incorperated as a city in 1815.
  • By the time Michigan became th 26th state in 1837, Detroit became a significant sation on the underground railroad.
  • Fast forward to th 1940's and Detroit became the forefront to the nations industrial fields, including salt products, seeds, electric refrigeration, stove manufacturing, adding machines and of course Automobiles.
  • Detroit engineers developed a massive freeway system to transport their so called fruits of the automobile industry, in doing so Detroit destroyed many public housing units to accomidate the freeway expansion. Public housing residents were evicted and offered no plan for relocation. The city of Detroit  failed to comply with the Federal Housing Act 048, which required alternative housing for dislocated renters. In effect, the city created 17,000 refugees and wide distrust for local government.
  • And after all that their shutting Detroit down again!
  • For more detailed information and a timeline of Detroit History you may visit the source Detroit History.

Shutting Down Detroit

Detroit Industry   photo credit Derek Farr
Detroit Industry photo credit Derek Farr

Shutting Detroit Down, You Tube videos

Below are three video clips from YouTube.

The first video clip titled Shutting Detroit Down is by John Rich at a radio station. This video clip is before the song was even released on an album. I don't care if you like country music or not this song is great in my opinion it really gets you thinking and wondering, enjoy! and feel free to give your opinion below in the comment section.

Shutting Detroit Down, John Rich

A great tribute

This is a great slide show tribute video to the song Shutting Detroit Down by John Rich

Blvd of broken dreams Detroit  photo credit baklein62
Blvd of broken dreams Detroit photo credit baklein62

Billions in Bailouts

Billions in Bailouts  photo credit KRIS n FRED
Billions in Bailouts photo credit KRIS n FRED

 600 Billion + 500 Billion = 1.1 Trillion

What about the families that are losing their homes and jobs, not to mention the 100's of 1000's that will lose their job after bailouts to make the companies more efficient.

Shutting Detroit Down, GM building

GM Detroit photo credit Mike_Tn
GM Detroit photo credit Mike_Tn

Song Lyrics

Here is the Chorus lyrics of the song Shutting Detroit down by John Rich

Cause in the real world their shutting Detroit down, while the boss-man takes his bonus pay and jets on out of town,  and DC's bailing out those bankers as the farmers auction ground, yeah while their living it up on wall street in that New York city town, here in the real world their shutting Detroit down-- here in the real world their shutting Detroit down.  

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COPE with job loss

If you or a loved one has suffered from a job loss and need help in coping, here is a great site full of information and counselling options

Maintaining a Positive Attitude After Losing Your Job

How to Survive a Layoff or Job Loss


the main purpose of this hub is to share this song which I believe a lot of people can relate to. I am curious what kind of comments we can generate, when it comes to politics and opinions it is interesting to see everyone's views or thoughts on the topic or in this case the song. I myself have personally seen a lot of good friends and even family members lose their jobs, some with only a few years on the job and others with 10 or more years. I have seen and read about people working all their lives to lose their pension or have it cut in half. If you have any comments or stories feel free to share them as well as your opinion of the song, Shutting Detroit Down by John Rich

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    • profile image

      Tn89 8 years ago

      Mixed feelings really shouldn't come from the fact of whether the Big 3 are to blame. This song isn't putting the blame on the Big 3. Instead this song is more about all american workers getting screwed and the fact that congress and these huge corporations are "selling make believe" that they need millions of dollars. While in the real world GM is shutting down factories all over and farmers have to auction ground just to try to get by. There was a group of CEOs that took private jets to beg for that bailout money. Wow, I guess they needed that money real bad. How about they sell those jets and make their own bailout.

    • profile image

      mike reed 9 years ago

      I can't believe what they did to the people in detorit, when the built the freeways!

      Great Article!

    • profile image

      Dareha 9 years ago

      GREAT JOB MIKE !! I have 15 yrs. and I am the 4th generation (from the same company) in the automotive field. The letter I received last week referred to us as Displaced Workers ( similar to the dislocated renters in your article). Nobody says it better than John Rich. Thanks for sharing that version of "Shutting Detroit Down".

    • IslandStyle profile image

      IslandStyle 9 years ago from St Petersburg, FL

      Mike, you added some cool stuff with the videos and the songs and the links with support idea for job loss. Great job!

    • profile image

      Craig D 9 years ago

      Shutting Detroit down what a song, I cant believe what they did to the people when they put the freeways in, sad.

    • profile image

      NATALIE COGAR 9 years ago

      such an interesting arcticle you have written! i hope the economy gets better. everyone has been affected in some way or another.