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"Sicko" review by Jack Lessenberry

Updated on June 21, 2007

"Moore's Grand Slam" review by Jack Lessenberry

Sicko is an utter masterpiece: brilliant, acidly funny and terribly anger-inspiring. Here's a link to Jack Lessenberry's review in MetroTimes:

"Sicko" is a "must see" movie!!

I saw "Sicko" tonight and I agree with Jack Lessenberry's assessment that it is "a masterpiece, brilliant, funny and anger-inspiring." There was a lot of laughter and some applause during the movie and an ovation at the end which I don't recall for any movie I've seen recently. I 've seen all of Michael Moore's movies from "Roger and Me," which I appreciated immensely, despite several glaring innacuracies, as a GM employee at the time who was not a fan of GM's CEO, Roger Smith, to "Sicko." Moore's viewpoint has remained the same, but his skill as a polemical documentary filmmaker has increased greatly. Michael Moore and Sacsha Baron Cohen are similar in that both use humor to expose barbarity, prejudice, dishonesty, neglect and avarice in our society.. Both are following in the footsteps of Jonathan Swift, Mark Twain, Charlie Chaplain, Stanley Kubrick, Woody Allen, and other great social satirists.

Everyone should see "Sicko" because it might make you angry enough to get out and do something about the disgraceful health care-for-profit system in this country. I live across the Detroit River from Canada and for years I've been doing what Michael Moore did in this movie, that is, asking Canadians whether or not they like their health care system. I have yet to meet one who said he or she would prefer a system like ours in the United States. A lot of very misleading propaganda has been and is being spread about alleged health care problems in Canada. Delays for non-emergency and elective procedures are being portrayed to Americans as the rule rather than the exception.

From what I can see, what is going to bring about change in the U.S. is the growing number of people in this country who have no health insurance and the millstone of retiree health care costs around the necks of many American companies. Moreover, this millstone is spreading to municipalities, counties and state governments who have also made similar, costly, lifetime health care insurance commitments to retired government workers for which no money has been set aside.

We already have a very effective single-payer universal health care plan in this country. It's called Medicare. One solution to the problem would be to extend Medicare to everyone incrementally, starting with pre-natal care, children, the unemployed, gradually crowding out the parasitic, non-value added, for-profit insurance companies and hospitals. This brings me to Michael Moore's assertion that Hillary Clinton has been bought out by big contributions from health insurance and pharmaceutical companies. The fact that her solution to health care problems has not been clearly defined lends credence to Moore's assertion that she has been compromised on that key issue as she was on the invasion of Iraq. My impression is that Edwards and Kucinich come much closer to the truth about what should be done about health care in this country than either Clinton or Obama.

Terry Lawson on "Sicko"

Film means to start heated discussions.

At this point Michael Moore is used to charges that he has misrepresented a person or situation in his documentaryies. He 's also used to being pressured to remove material before the release of his movie....Here's a link to Terry Lawson's review of "Sicko."


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    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 8 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Thanks for your comment. I agree.

    • AngilTarachRN profile image

      AngilTarachRN 8 years ago from Ann Arbor

      Every person in America needs to see this movie! I am a RN and a chronically sick woman. I have been on both sides, have battled the board of my "insurance" company, and have spent over $70,000 in medical care in the last 5 years, with "insurance". I can no longer afford the costly treatments I received last year, so I hope and pray I don't decline again. 8

      0,000 nurses in the fastest grwoing nurse association, the California Nurse Assoc, are fighting for single payer healthcare. 80,000 nurses can't be wrong!

      I still hear people saying that people in Canada wait for medical care. OK...and??? You can wait here too, or you can go without medical care here, because you don't have insurance. You can battle your insurance company like I and so many others have done, you can lose your house, wreck your credit, and become homeless because of a serious illness or injury.

      Wait for care or lose your life? I'd rather wait!

    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 10 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      The longevity and infant mortality statistics say Canada is far superior to the U.S. The people with good health insurance here get good care. But the uninsured don't. And the number of uninsured is growing rapidly. We probably over-use specialists in this country for things a good internist or GP should be able to handle. And we do a lot of unnecessary testing because of fear of malpractice suits. And in this country the health insurance companies jack the cost up 30%. They are non-value-added parasites. See "Sicko" and make up your own mind.

    • profile image

      Jim Keaton 10 years ago

      By all means Lessenberry should cross the river to get his medical care. I'm sure they would welcome him. I spent nine years working in the health care industry and I can assure you it is not at a Banana Republic level. I recruited a number of physicans and nurses from Canada and they related an entirely different strory about the Canadian system. If you can get in to see doctor up there primary care is ok. Specialized care is a different story. Canada does not have anywhere near the specialized care network that is in the U.S.,e.g.cardiac surgeons,pulmonologist,neurologist,oncologist,etc.

    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 10 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Thanks for you comment! (Just checking to see if you're hitting on all cylinders!)

      Jack Lessenberry is a local Detroit writer and radio commentator mainly on state and local politics. A very smart guy (a Democrat). Well, for many years I've asked every Canadian I met whether they liked their health care system and whether they would prefer a system like the one in the U.S. I have yet to find one who didn't prefer the Canadian system. And the proof of the pudding is in the results--much better health in Canada and at much lower cost. Our system is a disgrace, hardly better than a bananna republic. Jim, you really should see "Sicko." It might open your eyes. Are you happy that Bush pardoned Scooter Libby today in order to keep him quiet?.

    • profile image

      Jim Keaton 10 years ago

      My second response. Who in the world is Lessenberry? He seems to think he is an expert on health care. If he lives in the Detroit area, I wonder of he goes across the river to Windsor to get his care in that "wonderful" Canadian system. You know the Quebec Superme Court ruled the right to wait for needed medical care could not be equated to the right to receive medical care in supporting an individual's riight to seek private care outside the public system. It is speculated that Ontario will get a comparable ruling.

    • cgull8m profile image

      cgull8m 10 years ago from North Carolina

      They had bootleg on Google Video yesterday, now they took it off. Moore doesn't mind as long they don't sell the video. Must see documentary. Will it change the system, I doubt so.