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Silent Conscious

Updated on July 29, 2016

A few days ago I was walking back to home after parking my car in a compound when an elder person called me. He was sitting on a chair by the roadside. I went up-to him and and greeted him. He started asking me questions about my background and qualification etc, and I was answering him honestly. After some chatting he offered me to buy a drink but I refused politely as I was in a hurry. At this point in our conversation some doubts came to my mind that why he was being so nice to me. I had mixed feelings of confusion and fear. I was so afraid because neither I could be rude to him nor I could get rid of him. I don't know why those thoughts came into my mind but after thinking about it for some time I came to conclusion that this has to do everything with our general behavior.

There are so much bad things happening in our society. Everything we watch on the television or read in newspaper is related to some crime,fraud and violence. Why is that we don't trust people anymore? Why are we afraid of our elders ? Why are we unable to trust our surrounding ?


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