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Sindhi Leader Fatima Bhutto

Updated on October 23, 2010

Miss Fatima Bhutto

Fatima Bhutto Sindhi

Pakistani Sindhi Leader Miss Fatima Bhutto History

Fatima Bhutto is  former President and former Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's  granddaughter Pakistan while Pakistani former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto's Brother's (Mir Murtaza Bhutto) daughter while his mother is Ghanwa Bhutto.  Afghan Foreign Ministry official of Bhutto was sitting. Half the mother Ghunwa Bhutto Pakistan Peoples Party (Shaheed Bhutto ) is chairperson. Fatima Bhutto's father Mir Murtaza Bhutto in killed in 1996 his sister Benazir Bhutto era.
Fatima Bhutto elementary education Damascus (Syria) achieved in the .1993 In my mother Ghunwa Bhutto and younger brother, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Junior with Pakistan moved. They Karachi American School O Level what. Then in 2004 Columbia University, New York discriminatory numbers with graduate What. graduate special article in the languages spoken in the Middle East  In .2005  "South Asian Government and Politics" in the Masters.
Poet and writer Fatima Bhutto, Pakistan, the United States and Britain also writes columns in various newspapers .1997 AD at the age of fifteen, Fatima Bhutto sary overall first published by Oxford University Press Pakistan ajs title WHISPERS OF THE DESERY (desert srgrsyan) .2006 In the second book was ءku 8 October 2005 earthquake in Azad Kashmir border aursubh on the subject of "8:50 a.m. 8 October 2005 "was published with the title. While the third book" Songs of Blood and Sword "is published.
Fatima Bhutto social welfare activities is deeply interested, especially with women in jails in Sindh future behavior, especially the center of his attention. He not only writes on the subject are detailed, but regularly Women's prison with Larkana also do inspections. They live in slums in Karachi also deeply interested people problems.She is hard worker and sensitive girl. She took first prise in Political from a university.

During Speech Fatima Bhutto

Daughter of Sindh Fatima Bhutto

In university

Fatima Bhuttos different Pose

Fatima Bhuto Great Leader


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    • profile image

      Bishnu Nepal 6 years ago

      I watched your interview,its very nice..heart touching..when you told the story of your father that,how he killed.wish you a good luck for any action you take seems like you are bhutto's are so talented.god bless you.

    • profile image

      Mr. Rizwan Inayat Choudhry 6 years ago

      I wanna know about

    • profile image

      Fahad 6 years ago

      It is very difficult to be a public figure in Pakistan when you are not criminal, rotten, corrupt And not the friend and dog of America.

      Fahad from Amsterdam ---Jiye Sindh jiye , sindh wara jiyen

    • profile image

      Mr. Rizwan Inayat Choudhry 7 years ago

      I wana meet you Miss Fatima Bhutto....

      My cell number is 0301 5555 735..

      Islamabad... Pakistan...

    • optimist adil profile image

      optimist adil 7 years ago from k2 mountain

      what a craz hub how dam it y u wana to meet her is it some thing special but one thing is admirable that she is to much talented girl carry on fatima

    • profile image

      WAQQAS 7 years ago