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Charity single for slain MP Jo Cox

Updated on December 17, 2016
Murdered MP Jo Cox
Murdered MP Jo Cox | Source
Singer K T Tunstall
Singer K T Tunstall | Source
Kaiserchiefs | Source
Rolling Stones symbol
Rolling Stones symbol | Source

When Thomas Mair shot and stabbed MP Jo Cox the whole nation was repulsed and regardless of political allegiance all were shocked and saddened at the murder of this MP. Mair killed the MP for Batley and Spen in Yorkshire because he opposed her views but regardless of whether you agree with someone or not you do not kill them in such a vile way and apparently Cox told others to clear out of the way as Mair came for her.

Brendan Cox her husband now left to bring up their children on his own said he was glad to have been married to such a wonderful woman and humanitarian. A charity single has been released for a charity set up in her name with many stars taking part like KT Tunstall, Ricky Wilson from the Kaiser Chiefs and other stars plus MP's singing and playing on the track.

What the Jo Cox charity is about or who it is supposed to help I cannot say at this time but the song being performed is the Rolling Stones song "You Can't Always Get What You Want" and the band have waived their fee for the single who currently have a Blues album doing well in the UK charts their first release for 10 years.

The government have also waived their fee just like they did years ago when the Band Aid single topped the charts Christmas 1984 which ironically enough had a female Prime Minister in charge and the Conservative party in government as we do now. I am rather cynical of charity singles but I feel sure this charity single done in Jo Cox's name is well intended.

Humanitarian MP Jo Cox

Jo Cox stood outside of Parliament
Jo Cox stood outside of Parliament | Source

Short bio of Jo Cox MP

1) Born Helen Joanne Leadbetter on June 22 1974 - died 16 June 2016.

2) Place of birth Batley, Yorkshire, England.

3) Was a close friend of the wife of former Prime Minister Gordon Brown

4) Her seat Batley and Spen was formerly a Conservative seat

5) She had a career working for humanitarian charity Oxfam

7) Was a member in Parliament of the all party committee on Syria

8) Was elected as an MP for Labour for Batley and Spen from an all woman list

9) Studied social and political sciences at Pembroke College, Cambridge, England

10) Was pro - EU and pro immigrant and had friends from all communities in Yorskshire

11) Her website is JoCox.Org.UK

12) Shot and stabbed multiple times by right winger Thomas Mair

13) Was loved and recognised as a wonderful human being by her family, MP's in her own Labour party and in others


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