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Six African Warriors

Updated on September 5, 2020

Six African Warriors From One Empire

Life they say is vanity upon vanity, but my idea suggests that life may only be vanity if not fully accomplished. An accomplished life is a life that served its purpose to the brim, so my ideology suggests that such a life may not be counted as vanity. Today we are going to examine the life of six great warriors from one empire, who were believed to have lived accomplished lives during their era; they fought bravely and made history. We hereby present you the six warriors from one empire.

On top of this list of warriors is a great heroic mother queen, a woman who stood up when men were on the run, she is no other person than, the great Yaa Asante Waa of the ancient Ashanti kingdom now in the modern day Ghana. Yaa Asante Waa was believed to have been born within 1830 -1840. She was a successful farmer, politician, human right activist, mother, queen and leader. Yaa Asante Waa became famous for leading the Ashanti rebellion against the British colonialism to defend the Golden Stool. Yaa Ashanti Waa was believed to have ascended the position of a mother queen of Ashanti kingdom due to the matrilineal aspect of the Ashanti kingdom, her brother Nema Akwasi Afrane Okpase, who was a powerful ruler at that time was believed to have appointed her to that prestigious role (mother queen). As a mother queen, one of the roles under her custody is the role of being the gatekeeper of the Golden Stool. The Golden Stool is an emblem of the Ashanti kingdom, culture and power. It is the seat of power and authority.

The mother queen is elected to be the mother of the reigning king. She presents candidate for the seat of power when the reigning king dies, hence protecting the establishment of authority, power and also closing the gap for leadership tussles at the demise of the reigning king. She is also the adviser to the king, hence being the next in authority to the reigning king.

There came a time in 1896 that the Ashanti people became so uncomfortable with the presence of the British people across their lands and also with their plan to carve out a colony (Gold Coast colony) from the kingdom, that they, the Ashanti people, went on protest and rebelled against the British colonialism, in response to that rebellion, the British people captured the reigning king Asantehene Prempeh 1 and Kofi Tene, the grandson of Yaa Asante Waa and other top officials of the kingdom and sent them into exile in Seychelles, in their effort to get hold of the Golden Stool. That manifestation of supremacy by the British people threw the entire kingdom into confusion, as the remaining men of Ashanti kingdom who were not thrown into exile became disorganized. They lost control and all that matters to them as that moment and time was the safety of their lives.

In the midst of those confused men, stood a heroic, a mother who never deserted nor forsaken her role, the great custodian of the Golden Stool, Yaa Asante Waa vowed to protect the Golden Stool. She rallied round, mobilized and motivated the remaining men and soldiers to rise up and defend their symbol of culture and power (The Golden Stool). She assembled the troops, motivated them to fight for the defense of their kingdom, that role exalted Yaa Asante Waa to the position of the commander in chief of the Ashanti Army. The result of that effort and strength was the Anglo-Ashanti war which was referred to as the yaa Asante Waa war of independence (or the war of the golden stool) march 1900-september1900.

Unfortunately she was later captured and quickly exiled to the Seychelles where she died in 1901. History also recorded that even as she was captured and exiled, the British never captured the Golden Stool. It was also recorded in history that a group of railroad builders discovered the Golden Stool where it was hidden by the Ashanti people in 1920. Yaa Asante Waa remains a powerful and a strong global figure even after years of her demise, her bravery continues to be active in encouraging girls and women around the globe, especial within the African continent. The first girl’s college in Ghana is named after her, Yaa Asante Waa girl’s secondary school, some other projects and events such as the “Nana Yaa Asante Waa Awards”(NYA) an achievement award which honors women with leadership qualities like that of Yaa Asante Waa. Also in the year 2000, a museum was opened in her honor at Ejisu-Juaben district of Ghana.

The second great warrior we are going to discuss here was a very powerful warrior who was motivated to greatness by pains. Although his strength and bravery was not given justice in the world historic record, a source which will be disclosed here later did. This great warrior named Ezeagu which being translated in the English language as (King of Lion) was born in a small rural village of umuebem, a village which was also erased from the world map, was believed to have existed around 424 B.C, Ezeagu’s father was a strong and powerful hunter, has been hunted the wildest of animals in many events, his mother was a poor farmer and a seamstress (sewist).

One day Ezeagu’s father killed a lion and his mother made a beautiful cloth for him with the skin of the lion. Each time this lad puts on his lion skin garment to the village square, his mates will be raining praises on him; they will be shouting and calling his name, Ezeagu! Ezeagu!, king of lion! King of lion! This ovation always makes Ezeagu happy and strong. As he was getting older, he became widely known all over the kingdom as a strong and an uprising warrior. One day he called his father and told him that he want to become a wrestler. His father who was also a strong fighter gave his consent and promised the young man that on the day of his first victory as a wrestler, he the father will prepare the fattest of his game for celebration. That promise triggered more courage and strength in Ezeagu, he felt so happy and pleased to have received such backing from his father.

The day came for this young man to embark on his first fight with another powerful wrestler with no single record of defeat, as he set out to the square, the venue for the wrestling, his associates were shouting and matching towards the venue with him, Ezeagu the king of lion! Ezeagu the king of lion! He was marching courageously as they entered the venue which also was filled with the supporters of his opponent and other spectators, as he entered the ring, he remembered the promise his father made to him and also remembered that his father is in the bush hunting. The fight kicked off with his opponent unleashing harm and pains on this young wrestler, but each time Ezeagu’s supporters started shouting Ezeagu the king of lion! Ezeagu the king of lion! His mind will run to his father’s promise and his strength will increase and he will start winning his opponent. At the end of the final round of that wrestling, Ezeagu was declared the winner as his opponent was still lying helplessly on the floor.

The declaration of Ezeagu as the winner brought little or no jubilation to his supporters as his face was almost unrecognizable. This young wrestler who went into the fight with a full set of teeth won the fight with no single tooth left in his mouth, his mouth was completely disfigured. When the news of his victory came to his father, as he had the sound of the village drummer who announced his son the winner, he hurried home with joy and set the biggest game for celebration as he promised and the entire community gathered to welcome their son home. As the young champion and his supporters where approaching home with his medal, he saw a large crowd and a very big table filled with assorted types of foods, he busted into tears, an action that threw the entire crowd into confusion, as they have expected a cheerful and rejoicing young champion, but when he got closer, the entire crowd also joined in the weeping as his face was almost unrecognizable.

When the father came out to congratulate his son, seeing his face in such a mess, was speechless for minutes before he raised up his voice, congratulation to you Ezeagu my son, the road to victory is not always smooth and pleasant, yes you went into the battle with a full set of teeth and returned with no single tooth, but you have the victory, and today you are the champion of this kingdom, there is no gain without pains, ‘’may the memory of this great day always guide you to victory’’. Ezeagu felt so sad and embittered as he guessed continuously on the table which was all filled with meats and different foods. When the mother came out and saw her son, she cried bitterly as she can hardly recognize his face, she cried the more when she realized that her son is now a toothless lion. Oooh! Lion my son! The king of lion! ‘’May the pains of this day always sustain you to victory’’, I your mother shall always go with you to every battle and surely you shall always win.

From that day on, each time this young wrestler is going to battle, the mother will accompany him, and when the fight gets harder, the mother will start to shout, Ezeagu your teeth! Ezeagu your teeth! (Lion your teeth! Lion your teeth!) Immediately the young man will open his mouth and will suddenly start winning. Findings disclosed that from that day of his fight to the end of his fighting carrier, there was no single battle that he lost. After his death, his community was renamed after him (Ezeagu village) lion’s king village.

It is very sad and unfair to note that this great man’s life and events were not included in the global historic record, though the world historic map may have not accorded this great warrior his due position in the historic map, kudos goes to my great grandfather who preserved this record in his great temple. When my great grandfather died, his only son who was supposed to take over the mantle of power was taken away by the colonial masters who captured his mind and made him to neglect the temple. This temple was seen and regarded as a very strong place where no ordinary man can trade, but fortunately this generation has produced the man with the power to explore the contents of this great temple, and a lot has been discovered from this great temple, among which are, the hidden book of wisdom, the story behind a tree and many other great discoveries. Watch and follow keenly as we unveil these great discoveries.

Another historic figure we are going to explore his life, a warrior who won all battles without a bullet, whose strength and weapon was rooted in his political tactics, is Almamy Suluku. He was born in 1820 in Kamabai, Biriwa country, in the northern province of Sierra Leone. His father’s name was Sankailay, who was then the great chief of Biriwa country, with its capital in Bumban. Biriwa country was one of the largest cities in Sierra Leone occupying about 10 percent of the entire sierra population. Almamy Sukulu became the (kurugba) or the war captain of Biriwa country at an early age. It was under his military leadership that Biriwa country became one of the largest in Sierra Leone. After the death of his father, Almamy Suluku became the (Gbaku) the chief of Biriwa.

As the chief of Biriwa, Almamy Suluku was not satisfied with territory alone, Suluku went forward to enhance and promote trade in gold, ivory, hides and foodstuffs that passed through his capital (Bumban) to Freetown. He also provided the traders with adequate police security. This effort in promoting trade relationship impressed the British leadership in Freetown, that they always sent him gifts throughout the 1880s. When its politics, Almamy Suluku was the cunning and clever type, his political style was his weapon. A time came in 1884 that the Mandinka forces occupied Biriwa , Almamy Suluku pretended to be in their support, while secretly alerting the British administration in Freetown about the dangers the mandika forces were about to cause the already booming trade relationship. The British administration intervened and forced the mandika forces out of the Biriwa Country.

Even as the British power became so strong around the 1890s, Almamy Suluku continued to pursue his individual policy while convincing the British that he was still their strong and loyal supporter. He always sent messages of friendship and loyalty to the British Administration in Freetown and he also entertains every British delegate that arrived in his territory, but did only what pleased him. The junior ranking officers sent warning messages across to the British administration in Freetown concerning Suluku‘s deception, but they refused to believe it, proclaiming that Almamy Suluku is a strong and loyal ally.

When a rebellion led by Bai Bureh broke out in 1898, Almamy Suluku sent fighters and weapons to Bai Bureh, when the British complained; he sent them a letter declaring his support for them and as well to offer his services of mediation. Later the British wanted to divide Suluku’s kingdom into smaller units (chiefdoms) but that was rejected by the subjects of Suluku’s kingdom, insisting that such never happened as long as the king was still alive. When Almamy Suluku became very old and near death, the British officials went to him and asked him to name his successor, the old chief (Gbaku) replied, “Suluku will never die”. Almamy Suluku later died on 1st of January 1906 at the age of 86 years.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Fierce Manson


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