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Skills You Need to Survive the end of the world

Updated on October 18, 2015
Could you survive if an Asteriod hit the earth?
Could you survive if an Asteriod hit the earth? | Source

We often life our life as if everything in it is permanent, but time shows us that permanence is a myth. Things here on Earth are constantly changing and often we take two steps forward, and then one or two steps back.

What if things were to drastically change in a short period of time? What if our currency collapses? Could you survive if money suddenly became worthless? How about if our power grid collapsed and you no longer had electricity? What if there was a pandemic that wiped out 40% of the population and disrupted the supply chain of everything? Could you bring your family through a disaster like this or would you starve?

We don't know what the future holds, everyone from Nostradamus to the Mayans to the Bible predict a coming Apocalypse or a vast change in the way we live. If it were to happen tomorrow, how would you survive?

Learning how to grow and store your own food is an absolute must!
Learning how to grow and store your own food is an absolute must! | Source

To Survive an Apocalypse you must Learn How To:

  1. Grow fruits and Vegetables.
  2. Dry and store the seeds of those fruits and vegetables so you have them for food next year.
  3. Find and Purify drinking water.
  4. "Put up" or store fruits and vegetables for up to 1 year.
  5. Raise animals for meat.
  6. Breed animals.
  7. Butcher animals for meat.
  8. Store meat for long periods of time (if you are butchering larger animals like cows and pigs this is important. Chickens are GREAT for survival. You can raise them in a smaller area, eat the eggs, or let them grow into more chickens. You don't need to "store" chicken, you can keep them alive until you want to eat them and there isn't so much left over that it's wasteful.)
  9. Fish and then clean the fish you caught.
  10. Hunt a wild animal and kill this wild animal with a gun, bow and arrow, knife, etc.
  11. Cook over an open fire.
  12. Heat and cool your home without electricity. Learn to build a fireplace, properly vent a fireplace, build a fire and keep a fire going. Learn how to open up your home to create breezes in the summer.
  13. Find and chop firewood.
  14. Dispose of your household and personal waste in ways that don't attract animals or illness to your home.
  15. Protect your home and your food and belongings with force.
  16. Fix all things you own or learn to live without.
  17. Generate and store electricity with a windmill or solar panels (this will make your life 1000x easier!!)
  18. Sew clothes, make warm blankets, darn socks, hats, mittens.
  19. Use chicken feathers to make pillows, blankets, warm jackets, etc.
  20. Heat water for baths and conserve what little water you can.
  21. Make your own cleaning supplies.
  22. Make your own candles, lamps, soap, etc.
  23. Wash your clothes by hand.
  24. Teach your own children how to read/write perform math and how to survive.
  25. First Aid
  26. Sharpen knives, axes and weapons.
  27. Build a community and protect it. This is TRUELY your best chance of survival. If you can build community full of knowledgable peole and young strong people you will be in the best position to survive. You want a butcher, someone who can make clothes and blankets, someone who knows canning and food storage, somone electrical and mechanical who can build windmills to generate electricity.

The Amish have it all figured out when it comes to building a self-supporting community.
The Amish have it all figured out when it comes to building a self-supporting community. | Source

It Almost Seems Hopeless

If you read that list, you have to realize that survival alone seems almost a hopeless affair. You would almost need to be nomadic for safety reasons you couldn't stay put or you'll be stolen from or killed for what you have. The only hope humans really have is to band together and form a community where everyone works together. "Many hands make light work" When you form a community you can have a butcher, a baker, a candle-stick maker, and the barter system can go into full effect. I do suggest you learn as many of the skills from above that you can so that you can be valuable in the community. The more valuable you are, the more likely you are to survive. Smaller farming communities will be the most likely to make it through those tough times. Communities like this have the land and the resources to survive. Not only that but many small town folks still make their own blankets, can their own foods, and garden. And many small farming towns are full of people who can hunt and possess weapons, and there is almost always a butcher, dentist, doctor, baker, that can make life much easier.

The best thing you can do to prepare are to learn all the survival skills you can while finding a community that can be self-sufficient without ANY help from the outside world.


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    • tlpoague profile image


      5 years ago from USA

      These are great tips for survival. Most frugal lives are lived this way. I remember growing up planting our own gardens, hunting, fishing, and learning homemaking skills. Old fashion camping is one of the best ways to learn how to survive without modern technology. Great hub!


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