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Sky Poll Indicates Public Would Support Corbyn/May Debate.

Updated on November 28, 2018
Theresa May.
Theresa May. | Source
Jeremy Corbyn.
Jeremy Corbyn. | Source

Theresa May has been flying from one end of the country to the other trying to sell her Brexit deal. Yesterday she was in Wales and Northern Ireland visiting local people trying to get them on side.

The other day after coming back from Brussels where the EU 27 signed off on her deal she faced angry MP's from all sides. Meanwhile, in Brussels Jean-Claude Juncker said if May's deal did not get through the House of Commons there could be no more deals. Mark Rutte the Dutch Prime Minister also in a statement seemed to back Juncker's words. This would appear to make the likelihood of a 'no deal' Brexit that much nearer.

Again it has to be pointed out whether you hate the very ground Theresa May walks on or think she is wonderful she is sticking to her Brexit deal. Whether her deal gets through parliament on 11 December will probably determine May's political future. It appears she has staked all on the success or failure of this deal. Right now the odds for the bill getting through parliament don't look good. Certainly, Labour, the SNP, DUP and the Lib Dems will most likely vote against it or so it appears. There are about 80 - 90 of her own MP's who have sworn to bring this deal down and possibly with it May herself. If by a miracle (and it probably will take a miracle) her bill gets through and is accepted then May will be enhanced.

Theresa May a politician in the past who has ducked out of political debates has challenged Jeremy Corbyn to a debate. A debate about her Brexit deal and about Conservative policies and how they are affecting the UK.

Jeremy Corbyn who has been a debater and public speaker all through his life said he would "Relish" such a debate. Downing Street is apparently considering this though no further information as to when this takes place is not known. It would indeed be interesting to see May and Corbyn go head to head. One would think in such a scenario Corbyn would have the edge (for reasons explained in this article). All of a sudden a woman who has never debated with her political rivals suddenly wants to talk on air with Jeremy Corbyn. The question has to be asked does Mrs May have something up her sleeve that could surprise us all? Mr Corbyn would be well advised to take all precautions when entering into this arena of debate with May perhaps.

A Sky Data Poll has found the British public largely would welcome such a debate. 66% of people in this poll said they would welcome a Corbyn/May debate while 33% would not.

Asked whether other party leaders should be involved the results were mixed.

I for one would be watching such a debate to paraphrase Mr Corbyn with "relish" myself.

Donald Trump Weighs In.

Donald Trump.
Donald Trump. | Source

Battling Theresa May being constantly attacked for her Brexit deal now has another critic to face. In the shape of one Donald John Trump current occupant of the White House.

Trump stated that May's deal may be good for the European Union but not for the US. Mr Trump said if May's deal is approved by the House of Commons it could adversely affect or limit a US/UK trade deal.

May's deal already agreed to by the remaining 27 EU nations would still allow us to trade with the EU but trade with others around the world (in theory at least).

Theresa May replied directly to Trump's scornful statement about her Brexit deal. Mrs May said, "We will be able to do trade deals around the rest of the world". Also that the UK already had a working group in negotiations with the US about any future trade deals.

Trump, it would appear is a supporter of the Brexiteers in the Conservative party. This statement he made could be true but it could also be a line to say he supports people Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg two notable Brexiteers.


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