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Slavery Abolition is a Joint Effort

Updated on October 27, 2011

Slavery Abolition is a Joint Effort

Slavery has been abolished many years ago. It is however, a known fact that human trafficking, the modern day slavery is on the rise every day.

The United States report shows that over 400,000 victims are trafficked around the world on a yearly basis with over 14,000 of those being trafficked into the United States. It is also sad to note that more than half of the victims are children.

A legislative report also showed that Minnesota has “become one of the 13 most heavily sex and slavery trafficked states in the nation.” The reason for that is not farfetched, Director of Civil Society, a non-profit organization reaching out to victims of international human trafficking, Linda Miller explained that Minnesota is a border state, which puts it at more risks of receiving victims human trafficking.

A Minnesota Human Trafficking Watch (MHTW) release showed that “the US government estimates that approximately 20,000 foreign nationals are trafficked into the US each year.”

Someone could become a victim as a result of fraud, force or coercion for sex or labor.

Where Trafficking Victims are found

1. Domestic servitude

2. Sweatshops

3. Restaurants

4. Hotels

5. Farm work

6. Construction

7. Begging and Peddling

8. The Sex Industry

9. Homes (as a result of servile Marriage)

The National Abolition Day was celebrated yesterday, yet there is still a lot to be done. There is need to educate the public. Yesterday, Bukola Oriola, a human trafficking survivor and Linda Miller were at the Champlin High School, Minnesota and University of St. Thomas Law School, Minneapolis to educate the public about human trafficking.

Brief Note about MHTW

The Minnesota Human Trafficking Watch is a group comprising of individuals and organizations set out to fight against human trafficking by rescuing victims and giving support to them

Goals of the MHTW

· Develop comprehensive victim services model to address the unique needs of human trafficking victims in Minnesota

· Raise public awareness of human trafficking through outreach and training for those who may counter victims

· Train professionals, individuals and agencies about resources for trafficking victims

Who is eligible to join

The general public is welcome to join the MHTW. Members are contacted about:

· Trainings and resources for trafficking victims

· Advisory Committee meetings

· Educational events about trafficking

· Opportunities for volunteers

If you are interested in joining, you can contact Civil Society at

To know more about slavery abolition policies, visit

For presentation oh human trafficking awareness contact Civil Society at


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