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Sleep Without Zombification

Updated on January 13, 2012

Un-Zombied Sleep

Well, I had to re-discover just how beneficial it is to give your mind something you want to hear while sleeping. I woke up feeling AWESOME...........absolutely nothing like the past 2 months (which have been comprised of nights without any music). We can make whatever theories we want to so as to navigate life more freely AND THEN CHOOSE THE ONES THAT CONSISTENTLY PRODUCE GOOD RESULTS. This technique delivers awesome mental changes time after time. It's just easy to forget what works because it's like our minds are being erased on a nightly basis.

Try either 2 200 mg Trazodones, Ambien, small doses of Kratom.........whatever permits you to sleep while listening to good earphone music. See if you don't: feel A LOT better, remember more of yesterdays' events and possess a ton more energy. I feel just AWESOME..........just like pre-stalking days.

Someone went to a great deal of effort to break my attempt to regain primary control over my own conciousness. I'd run out of Ambien, so getting any sleep at all was not very likely. I had to dip into my Kratom supply and take several teaspoons plus an extra Clonopin. It took about an hour before I was finally able to get any sleep.......but when I fell asleep, I did so listening to sweet, sweet music. I swear every minute that we are listening to that ear-ringing crap is another minute we lose of our lives. It's like everything gets re-arranged backwards in our heads.

I got harassed, too. Were it not for the herb/medication combo, I would not have made it to sleep at all. Everything was just plain UNCOMFORTABLE and ANXIETY-RIDDEN without the music PLUS the med-combo. But here I sit: utterly refreshed, free-minded and un-zombified after JUST ONE NIGHT OF JAMMING THAT C##p. I didn't even really need to take anything stimulating when I woke at 8:45 AM. This shows that UNPROTECTED SLEEP is less refreshing, more enervating, more mind-erasing than sleep with the earphones in and the music cranked up.

The grip of this "force" around my mind is also weaker today than it was yesterday. I had felt a need to stay stimulated to keep thinking my own thoughts. Today, the need is much less. I'm going to make the next week (if not the rest of my life) a music-sleep combination. You just get more: freedom, self-generated energy and natural motivation to succeed as opposed to the soul-drudgery of "social programming". It's amazing how much life is stolen from us right out of our ears. Something human gets ERASED by this "noise".

That's why you don't see children running in the streets, people out and about: they are all in their homes because they've had the oomph taken out of them. I was no exception: being a zombie sucks. It felt more like being a semi-tired automaton of some sort. I just didn't have the ENERGY to break out of the invisible prison around my mind. Movements were made with just enough energy to "get by" and that was that.

So, we are all sitting on nearly endless supplies of hidden energy due to the fact that SOMETHING IS HOLDING US BACK. It doesn't just DRAIN you, it messes with your memory. People are always asking me "how do you remember that?" as though they expect me to have the memory of a retarded person. Oh yeah: this experience "off the grid" really enhances your ability to THINK FOR YOURSELF. Thoughts take on a 3-dimensional quality, not just a battle between "good" and "bad". You begin to see that some things are neither good nor evil, just there.


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