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Updated on January 23, 2020
Goodnight Sleeping Beauty
Goodnight Sleeping Beauty
I am not invisible
I am not invisible
I was here
I was here
Please stop the abuse!!
Please stop the abuse!!

To All The Abused And Battered Children

Sleeping Beauty lies still and quiet,

on a satin pillow she sleeps eternal sleep.

Her beautiful voice has been silenced,

Her wide eyes no longer see.

Her laughter rings no more through the lonely halls,

a body still and silent, a body oh so small.

No more trips to the playground, no more toys strewn around,

a little soul in heaven rests, no longer to this earth bound.

Where were we when you felt the pain,

the blows you felt time and time again?

Why didn't we take up for you, why did we turn our heads away ?

Why did we leave you on your own, the ultimate price to pay?

Sleeping Beauty lies deep in sleep, God forever now her soul to keep.

No more screams of terror, no more asking herself "why me".

Daddy why are you hurting me, mommy make him stop,

Please don't hurt me anymore, mommy, daddy please stop.

Her pleas for mercy are heard by neighbors near and far,

No one comes to her rescue, no one wants to be involved.

One final tear falls down her cheek, she still doesn't understand,

Why she feels her little life slipping away, finally comes to an end.

Sleeping Beauty lies quiet and still on her stain pillow she sleeps,

her little life snuffed out, but finally she is free.

Don't worry little angel, now you can finally rest,

in heaven there are no bruises, God holds you safely to his chest.

Society why are you crying ? Where were you before?

Now you finally ask yourself "why didn't I do more?".

There are no bruises in heaven little one, no one for you to fear,

the angels will watch over you, Jesus will hold you near.

We are sorry we didn't treasure you when God put you here ,

Maybe we didn't know what to do, maybe it was our own fear.

Sleeping Beauty lies quiet and still, on a satin pillow she sleeps,

God gave her to us on loan but the treasure we did not see.

We didn't see your beauty, we failed to see your charm,

We didn't come to your aid, we didn't protect you from the harm.

You never knew what real love was, or felt a pair of loving arms.

All you knew was pain and hurt, cruel words and fear of harm.

There are no bruises in heaven little one, and even though your gone,

The guilt and the memory of a life cut short in our hearts will always live on.

Sleeping Beauty lies quiet and still on her satin pillow she sleeps,

her spirit now runs and sings in heaven, at last she is free.

Goodbye Little One, We will miss you!

2020 update

This hub was written almost 10 years ago when I first began writing on Hub Pages. In the recent 2-5 years there has been a steady uptick in the cases of parents murdering and torturing their children. It horrifies me that a parent could do these things to their own child but its steady everyday. So I wanted to republish this tribute to an angel for all of those angels who could not be saved.

Rest In Peace Little Ones you will never be forgotten !!


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    • Poohgranma profile image


      10 years ago from On the edge

      This subject and the truth of this is so ugly, so prevalent and so shameful - should be to ALL of us at least. Yes, you have shown beauty at the end of her suffering but there are no words I can find to express the fury that this poem causes me. That makes you an extraordinary writer to pull such emotion.

    • pmccray profile image


      10 years ago from Utah

      this was beautifully sad, a very poignant message. Voted up, marked beautiful and shared.

    • christalluna1124 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Dallas Texas

      Always Exploring,

      It is so good to see you again. I am sorry I have been out of sorts for a few months. I am getting "back to good" slowly. I am glad you enjoyed the poem. Sometimes when I am having a hard time writing a poem will come to mind, and little by little it gets easier.

      Warmest regards,


    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      10 years ago from Southern Illinois

      This is so beautiful. Thank you.

      Love and Peace

    • christalluna1124 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Dallas Texas

      Jimmy thanks for visiting my hubs. I am glad you enjoyed the poem. Hope to see you again soon.

      warmest regards,


    • Captain Jimmy profile image

      Captain Jimmy 

      10 years ago from WV


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