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Sleepless In Illinois

Updated on August 14, 2015

Welcome to Reality

I couldn’t sleep last night. The ambulance sirens bombarded my sleep and I couldn’t help but wonder who was riding in the back on the stretcher. Was it some young black male fatally wounded? Or was it an elderly woman who lost her balance in the middle of the night. I couldn’t be sure, but those darned sirens stole my sleep. I got up to pour myself a glass of milk, I read somewhere that if sleep ever escapes you, milk is the trick to going back to sleep. I drank half the glass and headed back to bed.

Outside of my complex I heard two women screaming. Curiosity caused me to run to the window to see what was the matter, it was late…young women should not be out this late, I thought to myself. As a peered through the blinds trying be inconspicuous, I saw the women who were making the ruckus outside. They were screaming at each other, cursing and looking as if they were about to kill one another. I wanted to open the window and tell them to pipe down, my children were sleep! But I did not. I just watched the women as they began to square up in what looked like a boxing match. Both women had friends on each side, holding bats and other objects I couldn’t make out. This is going to be bad, I thought to myself, someone is likely to get hurt. The hollering women finally had enough of screaming at each other and they began to fight. I watched. I felt pity in my heart as one woman fell to the ground while the others kicked her and hit her with those objects. Although I wanted to intervene, this had nothing to do with me. After the fight was over the women fled the scene leaving one girl lying there, I believe she was bleeding because I could see the reflection of the moon on whatever substance was leaking from her head. Get up, I called to her inside of myself, but the woman did not move. Her friends had left her there, they didn’t even help her. I wondered to myself, was this a set up? No sooner than I thought that there came those darned sirens again. This time they were coming for the woman on the ground who did not move. I saw the paramedics checking her vitals, they spoke to the woman and I saw the slightest move of her hand. The paramedics responded promptly, they lifted the woman on to the stretcher and in the back of the ambulance then pulled away. Thank goodness! Hopefully the woman would be alright, but all I really wanted was to go back to sleep.

The excitement of the fight defeated the purpose of me drinking milk, so I decided to watch the news, which would surely make me fall asleep. I loved the news, it was very informative and also kept me aware with what was going on in the rest of the world. There was a story about a woman in Chicago who allegedly threw her baby out of a four story window. The woman claimed the baby was possessed by a demon. Liar! That baby was probably hungry and crying, and it might have been the woman who was possessed. A logical right minded person would never throw a baby out of a window. What is up with all the women killing their babies? I love my children too much to ever bring harm to them, I am their protector.

The next story came on. An unarmed Texas college football player was killed by an officer who used poor judgment. The football player looked so young! He was heading off to college, I thought about his parents. They must be distraught about this injustice, having to bury a son they had planned on sending off to college. Wow! I hoped that officer was penalized for killing an unarmed young person, but I knew from previous cases the officer would simply get a paid vacation until the smoke cleared and no one cared anymore.

The next story was about the presidential election, I turned the television off. I didn’t care who was going to be president, I’ve seen firsthand how much power the president has and how it is used only for his good. It doesn’t matter who becomes president when the people inside of America are disobedient and killers of innocent men. I laid there in bed contemplating. In the distance I could still hear police sirens probably on a high speed chase trying to catch dope dealers or prostitutes. My children slept soundly in the other room they had no idea what was going on, they could sleep through anything. Not me, not while the dangers of the world are affecting my sleep. Not while black men and women are being harassed by police brutality. Not while women are left for dead in the middle of the street. I used to think the badge was a medal of honor, someone I was taught to trust as a child participating in D.A.R.E. Now I am fearful that if I get pulled over, & I don’t kiss their ass, I could be hauled into the county jail and later found unconscious. Rest in peace Sandra Bland. Citizens of Chicago call it chiraq because of all the shootings and the high murder rate. I couldn’t agree more. The war on terrorism is not overseas, it has nothing to do with ISIS, the war is happening here…in Illinois. Finally, with this realization, I closed my eyes and fell asleep with only a few hours to spare before I had to get up start the day…all over again. Goodmorning


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