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Slipping Through the Cracks of Legislated Reality

Updated on April 14, 2011

Slipping Between the Cracks of Electronic Reality

      There is always a pathway through the psychic obstacle-course we all must run every day just to save our sanity.  You never linger on "mole-hill thoughts".  These guys have driven people out of their minds (literally) over very insignificant life problems.  You learn that everything at first will look like it's NOT BEING OK, but if you stay calm and control your fear/anger:  EVERYTHING TURNS OUT OK.  This is how you destroy a person's sanity by merely THREATENING an upcoming problem that turns out never to have been a problem in the first place.  Despite every social protocol for "shock", shut it down at all times if you want to survive this.  

     REAL reality is gone for most people.  Slowly, they have been cut off from their:  natural emotions, memories, ideals, natural connections to others and personalities to become part of a group claiming to represent organized homosexuality.  Real reality is down in our repressed memories, our primitive subconscious, those golden moments we can recall when we could think/do anything we felt like and in music that once involved free human expression.   The closest thing to achieving a state of mental freedom is to have minds so slippery and continually-changing to elude this "programming".  REAL reality is in such short-supply that making up your own systems of coping/succeeding are actually O.K. 

      You do all this AND maintain normal social interactions.  It is a very complex dance.  As far as I can tell, the people I Love are now O.K.  You ASSUME that people are okay while performing all those mental contortions to avoid the nasty thoughts we are assailed with.  You can adapt by becoming more stable.  Abilify is a miracle-drug that helps keep out those subliminally-based "ugly thoughts" and brings balance to the troubled mind. 

      There exist a series of parameters within the self that we can manually set so that our minds are turned-on enough to function accurately, shut out virtually all society-originated drama and feel like a champion.  When I'm up against the wall, psychologically/psychically-speaking - I get inside my head and start changing the dials to:  full willpower, minimal sensitivity (both physical and emotional), maximal effort, unconditional relaxation, complete expendability and full expectation of "social drama" with the purpose of unhinging my consciousness.  At that very same time, I turn on all the controls that allow me to feel good about whoever I'm dealing with.  Your environment is literally designed to "drive you crazy", so these modifications are an absolute must. 

       I think that enough has been done to:  us, our families, our friends and our nation to justify any internal-modifications to survive this modern-day Witch-hunt.  You can partially be part of the world by doing your best to be an "Ideal Citizen".  Funny thing, being an ideal citizen for me involves saving human minds from an agony worse than death itself.  I do not exaggerate as I have personally experienced "Electronic Hell" at it's very worst........because I ask for it, because it is a limitation that I refuse to acknowledge, a bloodless massacre I must keep denying to keep going.  We must know the danger AND keep some semblance of yesterday intact - anything to feel good about our circumstance. 


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