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Smart Numbers for Life.Any way Black Money is Safe,It Has Its Power.

Updated on February 24, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Mr.Nandan Nilekani gives.A Number no Card for us.

You all know of the appointment of Mr.Nandan Nilekani to be the Head of the New Mission of our Prime Minister to give every Indian a Smart ID Card to move about in India with out any problems.

Mr.Nandan Nilekani's father was the General Manager of 2 giant Textile Mills and my father had worked under him,since my father was a technical man like Mr.Nilkini who was called as such in the mills by all the employees his guineas in technical as well as administrative matters was my fathers pride.

As General Manager of the 2 textile mills in the 50's he soon was the first to present the management with a project to interlink the 2 mills underground so that the mills could save huge sum and avoid all the problems.

The problem was the transport of goods gray cloth to be finished in the sister mill which was located nearly 3 KM by road and the transport was done after a full load of cloth was available.So the cloth would pile up and wait since the production of the required cloth was part of the full production.Once it was ready it would be loaded in to the truck in open form as obtained from the machines.On the way it could be taken in pieces.To send it out it had to be accounted as unfinished goods in transit for further processing.The receiving mill had to record the goods as received for processing all due to Excise Duty Problems.A complicated work increasing the cost of the fabric but the mill merrily carried on since it was having huge profit.

Mr.Nilkini had this project conceived by his genies mind.However the Management was unable to take up this giant task even though it was possible under Mr.Nilekani supervision.These 2 textile mills are no more like Mr.Nilkini the father of Mr. Nandan Nilekani.

Mr.Nandan Nilekani has already given Smart ID cards in his mind to millions even before he has taken charge of his office by meeting the ministry of petrolium and the Minister to know about the cooking gas conections to people all over the country.

The next thing will be perhaps Telephone Connections to be followed by many more like passports,Pan Cards,Credit Cards,Voter Cards,Ration Cards followed by several commercial tax payers,many hospitals,the hotels,restaurants,star hotels,public sector employees including banks and railways,the country's police,the various wings of the army and so forth and better perhaps.What ever he does it will be the best thing he will do.

I wish Mr.Nandan Nilekani all the best in his endeavor and hoping to have his Smart Card before he celebrates his First Year in Office Anniversary.


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