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Smart Ways to Avoid Beatings

Updated on April 25, 2014

Tough going for the kid on the ground


I have two questions:

  1. Were you bullied when you were a kid?
  2. Did you ever stand-up for yourself?

Those aren't hard questions. Oh, and you do not have to answer me out-loud. Your wife might think something strange at you talking to your tablet or laptop.

But I am serious being pushed-around, beaten-up, and humiliated almost everyday of your young life at school, or in your neighborhood is a shameful thing. Not on your part, but the low-life bullies who abuse people who are weaker than they are.

Sometimes there isn't a whole lot a person who is being bullied can do for themselves? If they do not fight back, they get beaten harder. If they do the civil thing and talk to their teacher or some other authority figure, it's the same song--getting beaten harder for "ratting" on the bullies.

Bullies aren't that smart in walking within the borders of the law. They actually think they are immune to the law and are granted the right to push the weaker people around--even resort to causing bloodshed just because they can.

Is there an answer to this?


What a way to live

The scary fact of

being bullied as a child is this: if the problem of being bullied as a child is not addressed, this mindset of allowing a bully to beat, curse, run-over, and humiliate you, the bullied person, even as your life goes forward.

There are even cases of adults being bullied on the job or at home by a spouse. This is not a piece of fiction, but the truth. No one hates the bullies more than me.

Even if the person being bullied is not a saint, no one deserves to be beaten like a stray dog simply because one bully or a gang of bullies decide to beat you up simply for kicks.

This little kid needs help


Was this you

at one time in your life? I am talking about this scared little boy.

It was me. I am not one bit ashamed of this either. I was living in terror everyday I was in the fourth-grade of this bully who rode my school bus. He would torment me to fight him for no reason and if I did, I would get a whipping from my parents and that came after a whipping from our school principal, so I just sat and took it.

Did this feel good? Are you serious? No. So I adapted a few young man strategies that might keep me from having two black eyes and ugly scars from being beaten by his fists.

  • I started giving him compliments on his clothing, haircuts and such. He looked at me strange, but it worked. He never knew what I was up to.
  • I "buddied-up" to him as much as possible. I hated it, but it kept me from a beating and a trip to the principal's office.

You see? When we are faced with certain obstacles such as bullies, we have those inner-powers of the mind that we never knew we had.

And I hope that you never have to use them.

Other sickening images of bullies

These are children. Little children beating up another child.
These are children. Little children beating up another child. | Source
I wonder if the bullies beating this kid on the ground were treated this way, what would they do?
I wonder if the bullies beating this kid on the ground were treated this way, what would they do? | Source
One punch is all it takes to turn a good kid into an abusive bully.
One punch is all it takes to turn a good kid into an abusive bully.
This jerk is acting like the police is abusing him. Does he ever think of those he has beaten?
This jerk is acting like the police is abusing him. Does he ever think of those he has beaten? | Source


Now there is help for you, the victim of bullying. Do not shed anymore tears, unless they are tears of joy.

You can now use these . . .Smart Ways to Avoid Beatings

to help keep you healthy and continuing to love the life that you are living. Just think. You can, after you read these tips, can arise each day and walk freely to work, school, church or even the city park without fear of being beaten to a pulp by bullies that the police will not arrest for they need to see them beating you or another person senseless.

Note: if you like, you can copy these tips down and when approached by a bully or bullies, you can whip-out these tips and go to work doing the right thing in defending yourself without shame or being arrested for a public disturbance as the police call it.

  1. When you are approached by a bully or bullies, just stay calm. Stand-up straight and say firmly, "May we just talk this over?" If the bully laughs at this ridiculous question, start doing comedy routines by Groucho Marx, Rodney Dangerfield and Brian Regan. The bully may love these comedians.
  2. Point at the bully and say loudly, "This is a crime you are committing. Do you really want this on your record?" And when you wake up and see blood on your shirt, the bullies will be long gone.
  3. Offer to buy the bully or bullies a free lunch or whatever meal they want. And as an added bonus, take the bullies to an upscale men's fashion store and buy them all a complete wardrobe. The bully gang will be so grateful that they may want to be friends.

Note: places where most bullies love to hang-out:

  • Parking lots that are not well-lit.
  • Behind bushes.
  • In abandoned buildings.
  • Underneath cars and trucks.

Now you can know ahead of time to be on guard when you walk through these places.

These next tips are a little more complex, but nonetheless effective:

  1. When you are approached by a bully, get a stupid look on your face and slowly fall to the ground. Then begin to shake and quiver as if you are being shot with a stun gun. The bully will fear that you are dying and run away. He does not want the death of a strange person on his record.
  2. If a bully threatens you, do the Rocky III scene when Rocky fought Mr. T., "Glover Lang," Say, after each punch from the bully, "Is that all you have?" "You ain't so tough!" And keep this up no matter how many bullies get involved with your beating. You might impress them with your toughness.
  3. If a bully growls this at you, "Punk, you are going to be dead meat in a second," simply drop your briefcase and say this to him in a loud voice, "Watch this!" Then before he can hit you, run as fast and as hard as you possibly can. Sure this is cowardly, but had you rather be taken to the emergency room in an ambulance?
  4. When a bully corners you, just tell him, "Okay. Make this snappy. If you are going to beat me up. Go on! I need to be home for dinner." Sure he will hit you because he is a barbaric fool, but he will be confused for the rest of the night.
  5. Offer the bully your fancy wallet to let you go and if he has any sense, he will accommodate you, but stay out of sight for a few days for the wallet is full of counterfeit bills that you have a friend get for you.

Comic book ads selling hope for the abused

The abused boy is now a powerhouse of muscles and ready to take on the bullies.
The abused boy is now a powerhouse of muscles and ready to take on the bullies.
Charles Atlas, bodybuilding icon, appeared on ads on the back of comic books to help the weaker kids of America.
Charles Atlas, bodybuilding icon, appeared on ads on the back of comic books to help the weaker kids of America.

I ran these vintage body building ads

to the right to advise you to never fall for print ads like these or even radio or television ads that tell you, for a certain price, a professional body builder can make you into a power house of muscles in a short length of time.

Note: if you want to rebuild your weak, puny self into a massive mountain of man with bulging muscles, remember a successful body builder needs

  • Self-discipline. You simply cannot work-out one day and party the next.
  • Dedication. You have to dedicate yourself to working every day that comes and not just one or two days every three weeks. Body-building is a serious business.
  • See your doctor. For a complete physical. He can tell you if you are the type of a man who is able to withstand the rigorous routine that all body-builders go through. And if you are, he will put you on a special diet to build yourself up and do not turn your nose up at the health foods he prescribes.
  • Keep your eyes on the prize. And that is never to be beaten-up by bullies ever again.
  • Determination. Even when you drop a barbell that weights just 56 pounds. You cannot give up. The bullies are still out there, so get it on with the weights.
  • Self-respect. No matter how silly people think you are, keep up the program to be a stronger, bigger you.
  • Discretion. If you will keep this body-building to yourself, you might do a lot better.

How a beating starts

Calling someone less-fortunate vulgar names.
Calling someone less-fortunate vulgar names. | Source

Signs that a bully is going to beat you up

The above photo is a prime example of how a beating by a gang of bullies always begins. They pick out someone who is afflicted with a severe case of acne, then they hail the innocent boy with ugly names until he is emotionally-drained and cannot fight back.

Other names bullies call an innocent person:

  • Fat Back.
  • Big Gut.
  • Horse Face.
  • Tons o' Fun (if the victim is a bit overweight)
  • Mr. Girly Girl.

Things not to have on your person

if a bully or bullies decide to wage an all-out attack on you:

  • A gun. The bullies can use this on you. Do not be dumb.
  • A knife. See reason above.
  • Mace. This will remind the bullies of how much they hate the police and really beat you up.
  • Cell phone. Do you really want to be called a "snitch"?
  • Photos of your family. The bullies might learn where you live.
  • Real money. The bullies may also rob you. Just use counterfeit money from your nameless friend.
  • Any sharp object. No pens, nail files and the such.

Now that you have read this piece

Don't you feel as if your life has changed?

No thanks necessary. I was glad to help.

But . . . I leave you with just one question: If "I" am ever attacked by a bully or bullies, can I call on you to help me?


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    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      4 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hi, jhamann,

      Thanks a whole lot for the comment, compliments, and your showing these to your son. Hopefully, he will do the civil thing and the bully will leave him be.

      And I enjoy your friendship and following, Jamie.

    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      4 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hi, Dragonflycolor,

      I agree with you and Colleen. Bullying can lead to severe injuries. Just ask some husband who was a bully in his childhood and never punished for his criminal acts how he beat his wife to a pulp for not wearing the right dress for him.

      Bullies are not human, but to me, a form of animal that needs to be taught how to act like a civil man or woman. And now days, a child. I appreciate your input, Dragonflycolor.

    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      4 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Hi, Colleen,

      Thank you for your nice comment. And yes, I hate bullying from people at any age. There is no place for this violent act. Bullying to me is in the same category as bigotry and racism. Poisons in our society that need to be dealt with and made to vanish.

      I appreciate your words very much.

    • jhamann profile image

      Jamie Lee Hamann 

      4 years ago from Reno NV

      What a great mixture of humour, storytelling, and great advice. I was not bullied much by other children, but my dad wasn't the nicest at times. Currently though my son has had some problems. I am going to share some of your fun hints with him and maybe we can get a laugh and learn some valuable lessons. Thank you Kenneth Avery, I enjoyed this hub! Jamie

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I agree with Colleen. Bullying has gone mainstream and some of us don't even realize that it's happening until it's too late.

    • Colleen Swan profile image

      Colleen Swan 

      4 years ago from County Durham

      An interesting article about bullying. It can affect the victims for the rest of their lives. It used to be primarily a school thing, but now with the internet it can be a 24/7 anytime.


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