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Smart Ways to Get Rid of Career Politicians

Updated on September 10, 2017
Endy Noble profile image

Endy is a Political Enthusiast. He writes about political myths and social issues.

Political power and abuse

The word ‘power’ has been grossly abused in recent times. Most countries of the world suffer from one form of this abuse or another. The abuses range from corruption, injustice, economic muzzling and use of state owned institutions as objects of victimization, intimidation, and witch-hunts. These abuses are common in third world countries, where bad political-culture allows figureheads to assume all-accruing power. These happen for several reasons such as bad political-culture, ignorance, sycophancy, compromising attitudes individual and wrong political ideologies. The individuals heading government establishment, facilities, institutions, and Parastatals succumb to power plays. One thing we should know is that powerful nations are strengthened by strong and functional institutions headed by patriotic individuals—people patriotic enough to stand for, work and defend their country, not just a political-figurehead or cabals.

Over the years, nations around the world have become divided and weak, despite advanced technologies, due to political divisiveness. This divisiveness within nations in the face of advanced technologies pose a great threat to both national and citizens' security. Also, national identities are destroyed for political gains. The pertinent question is why are nations becoming weak and divisive in spite of advanced technologies?

The answer is simple. Politics! Politicians through political rhetoric place personal or party interests or agendas over national interests. They push same down on the masses at the detriment of leadership. Leaders world over are becoming more politically correct and power-minded than they are patriotic. Now, power is intoxicating and political power intoxicates absolutely. It intoxicates more than any known alcoholics. Once it’s able to have its hands on the economy, institutions and the influential society, the rest is history.

Fundamental Political Question

How did we get here?

In a straight voice and without thinking twice, I say we got here politicking the entire leadership process. We committed this error of equating leaders to politics. We feel politicking will solve our problems. So we adopted politics—a game many have defined as a dirty game.

Personally, I have a different view of politics though. I believe politics is a noble ‘profession’ to engage the best minds. Politics as a game should be played only by noble, royal and strong-willed individuals who are ready to sacrifice—people that have the interest of the citizens at heart. But politics has been canonized a game of power; and “power” according to Gloria Steinem, “Can be taken, but not given”. We, therefore, have people play it unscrupulously dirty. Whatever one's beliefs about politics are, it’s now an acceptable system of leadership installation in the society; with strategically positioned institutions and facilitators.

Political tools and Institutions

Facilitating Institutions and Tools for High Jacking Of Power

There are institutionalized tools, institutions, and facilitators for acquiring or high-jacking power. These institutions and tools are set up to serve the people. But most times, they got high jacked by politicians. What are these institutionalized facilitators, institutions, and tools?

They’re political machinery set-up by governments or the play masters to facilitate easy play. These pieces of machinery are I prefer to call ‘play-boards’. They include electoral bodies, electoral systems like democracy which involves voting as a method of electing leaders and the party system. The party which involves the formation of political units.

Administrative systems can be an economic system such as socialism, capitalism, mixed-economy or the government structure divided to executive and legislative (unicameral or bi-cameral). Each of these system promises a lot more than they deliver.

Democracy, for instance, was defined by Abraham Lincoln as, “Government of the people, by the people and for the people”. It promises far more than it’s giving any country that practices it today. It ought not to have been defined as a government for the people but it’s now a government of the corrupt elites, by the corrupt elites and for the corrupt elites. This is where the problem is. When a system promises more and gives less, people begin to lose interest and so seek alternative or better options.

Now, politics as a game appears to have been extensively mastered by politicians. They seem to be outsmarting the average citizens. The existence of multiple options seems to have to compound this problem. It enables politicians to manipulate the people easily using the already created facilitators or creating new ones to stay longer in power.

No doubts, politicians are always on top of their games. They know when to use the people as pawns and when to abandon them on these political chess boards. They cause people untold suffering and go scot-free. They make the career out of politics without giving leadership to the people. They want to remain in power forever. How do we unseat them?


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Unseating the Career politicians

How do we get rid of career politicians? This is one of the fundamental questions that this article wishes to proffer answers.

Unseating career politicians will not come as easy. It'll require the people stepping-up their game and adapting a fluidic ideology of components of democracy. Components such as party, election processes or voting method should not be dogmatic. Party, for instance, should not be owned by common or every day citizens. Sharing a same and permanent sentiments towards a party could result in political recycling. Candidate evaluation should be the basis for voting a party.

If this is the case, our political idea of a party has to be tilted towards:

• Politics is seen as a game played by humans

• Understanding human desire and behavior towards power

• Political parties are objects on politicians coast onto power

• Understand the underlining difference between party's manifestos and party manifestations

• Parties and the reality of their non-existence

• The existence of difference between party ideologies and candidate’s ideologies

• Seek both the obvious and hidden motives of parties and individual candidature

• Realize our ultimate allegiance and loyalty should be to our country, not a party or individuals

• And finally, answer the question: who are parties loyal to—the people or the politicians?

Each of these points will factor into the peoples’ behavior in electing their leaders in a democratic setting. No one—either party or individual should be a final answer until all possibilities are critically considered and evaluated. These, however, would not be easy because obvious complications will certainly arise. In that case, objective assessments will, therefore, play a superior role over dogmatic approach. As Miguel Syjuco puts it, “Postmodernism was a reaction to modernism. Where modernism was about objectivity, postmodernism was about subjectivity. Where modernism sought a singular truth, postmodernism sought the multiplicity of truths”. (Insert Amazon Link). I think this should be our approach to politics.

Denunciation of political parties

Political parties, what are they? In my opinion, political parties are a non-existing object, on which politicians’ coast onto power. Once in power they no longer act in the interest of the party talk of the large society. Now of what important, it’s to own something you can’t control?

If you know you only belong in a party because politicians need your vote. You’ll no longer be republican or democrat, People Democratic Party (PDP) or All Progressive Congress (APC). That will help you to make better decisions—cognizant of the over-ruling parties—national development, security of lives and properties, and provision of basic social amenities. It’ll also help you to birth the right spirit of patriotism to your country and not a non-existing object called party.

Personally, I believe the parties are mere objects. They can be used by good or bad people. When citizens owe party and use it as a basis for election or selecting their leaders, high jacking of it by the elites becomes easier. Of course, they high jacks it, coast onto power and dump it or still use it to cause division. Come to think of it, what does party contribute to a nation?

• Does it increase national income?

• Does it grow GDP?

• Does it strengthen national security?

• Does it improve health and safety of people?

• Does it strengthen technological advancement?

• Does it contribute to a road or infrastructural development?

• Why are people so obsessed about being partisan?

Basically, nothing! It’s just an ideology pushed by a few power seeking individuals—the politicians. They tell you it checks excessive power, government policies, strengthening democracy and all those stuff. If party checks excessive power, policies, and strengthens democracy, who then checks parties? Who? The common people or the political elites? Who manages the parties? It’s the same people that manage the government. Parties have no direct positive impact on the people. The only thing it does is sentimentalizing people and creating division. So why should any patriotic individual owe a party? Perhaps, basically for the purpose of sheer sentiments.

Don’t get me wrong or get it twisted. Just as political parties as object serves the politicians. It can also serve the people. It now depends on the peoples’ understanding of political arenas.

As individuals, we can believe in a party’s manifesto, creed, ideology, slogan and even scheming to unseat another party or politicians. While we’re doing this, however, we must remember the sharp difference between manifesto and manifestation, party ideals and realities. We must not relinquish our logics to party sentiments. We must know our ultimate Association as citizens, one which must have our unreserved allegiance is our nation.

Why must our final allegiance be to our nation? Because our nation transcends both individual and sectional interest. It’s an umbrella that embraces us collectively irrespective of party affiliations. Our nation:

• Gives us identity

• Have laws that protect us

• Contains our fundamental human rights

• Offers us opportunities to grow and manifest

• Offers us a place of safety and security

• It’s one with sovereignty—one that is recognized and respected outside our shores

• It’s the only one that can represent us on the world stage

For these reasons, our allegiance and loyalty to our country must be total and final. So when those that control the parties, the politicians, places party or self-interest above national interest. It’ll be a good time to denounce party affiliations.

Again, like I said, unseating career politicians is not always an easy task because they have their hands around so much power, wealth and influences. They’re enemies within. That makes them very difficult to crush. Worst is that they understand the greedy nature of man and knew how to manipulate this to their advantage.

When the greedy button of an average man is pressed, he transforms into a danger—acting against the very people he should work for. This is how many of the masses are transforms into Judas, with betraying capacity and tendencies. They betray their own people, collective interests so they can stay relevant in/with power. This is the reality of our today’s society—a society where personal gains supersede group interest. To out play the politicians and the political Judas among us, however, we’ve to be smart enough to thrive for national security and sovereignty.


  1. Do not recycle politicians
  2. Get them out of office at most after eight years with your votes

Political Knowledge

Acquire and strengthen our political knowledge for the purpose of political dynamics

Legally, most democratically practicing countries have laws governing terms and tenure of office. These laws were aimed at curtailing political excesses and longevity of politicians in office. However, these laws are not as effective against cronies making a career out of politics. This is because of the existence of multiple political options.

• Multiple elective portfolios

• Multiple political strata

• Multiple political appointee positions

• Multiple political committee positions

• Availability of political opportunities at party level

• Out-of-office influences

For instance, a four year of two tenure is allowed for an elected political portfolio for an executive. For most legislative portfolios, there are no tenure limits. Yet, these portfolios exist in different forms and stages with chances of yet being appointed into political portfolio after perhaps many tenures as provided for by most democracies. Hence, a politician starting out from the base can enjoy congress, senate, governor, appointments, and the presidency. Even if the tenure of office for each is just four years maximum—he or she already enjoys more than 20years. In the case of eight years tenure in each, he or she already enjoys 40years. That’s enough time to become a political demon or establish a political stronghold. The existence of multiple options helps politicians in getting the people screwed really merciless.

Constitutionally, countries are not as wise as God to uphold “the one man one destiny” rule. However, the people can fight to reduce this multiple options. I believe if we acquire this knowledge and stamina to absorb political dynamics and shocks, we can beat career politicians. If these options have to be reduced else we'll continue to be screwed by career politicians.

Answer this questions base on your country's constitutional provisions

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Political Mindset

Developing the ‘No Recycling Mindset’

A ‘no recycling mindset’ is actually a political theory I propose when I’ve opportunity to engage in political discus. What is this theory about? It actually, a situation where voters develop the mindset that no politicians should is into different portfolios. That’s if you serve an elective position twice as governor. There will be no election position for you in another portfolio. That means, one twice a governor cannot be elected rep member, senator or president. Once a military head of state cannot be democratically elected a civilian president. The US, however, may sound cruel, but isn’t one person taking everything crueler?

When I heard people complain of wealth distribution with the career slogan, “The rich are getting richer and the poor getting poorer”. One set of people comes to mind—the politicians. If people work hard enough to acquire their wealth, they should be allowed to enjoy it. But our politicians, do they work hard to acquire their wealth? Most of them certainly don’t. They lie instead—screwing the people and stealing from them.

The ‘no recycling mindset’ should be a control mechanism for the distribution of wealth if adopted. If each person loots for a while, eventually, we all get rich. That’s wealth distribution. No group or person should be allowed to do continuous looting.

(click column header to sort results)
Applicable number of years  
Total number of years possible  
4 years tenure*Lifetime
As long as possible
Any number of times
As long as possible
House of Rep/Congress
4 years tenure*Lifetime
As long as possible
This table represents politicians' options in most country.

Political Protest Vote

Conducting Yearly Consolidation or Protest Vote
Protest vote though not a new thing can be modified and reconstituted to soothe the people. Instead of the regular four years voting system. We could have a protest voting system solely controlled by the people. Protest vote can actually be initiated for failure to keep campaign promises within a reasonable period after assumption of office.
• A recall protest vote system, not control by electoral body which can easily be bribed
• Consolidation or exit protest votes at intervals
• Exit protest vote at the end of a tenure
These can really effectively be an effective weapon. Imagine we should have:
• One year evaluation, consolidation or protest votes
• Two years evaluation, consolidation or protest votes
• Three years evaluation, consolidation or protest votes
• Exit or consolidation election year. That’s the normal end of four years tenure voting.
If a performance evaluation is matched to this four stages, it will keep politicians on their toes to perform. It will also help the people to own governance. Four years is too long for experimental governance. A year or two is enough. To make it even more interesting, it should be the contest of the people against the politicians. How about something like that?
Politicians should be made to live by the laws they made
One of the funniest things I’ve heard in recent times is politicians living by a different rule other than the one the people live by. In the US for instance, ObamaCare policy does not apply to politicians. While the people pay a heavy tax for ObamaCare policy. The politicians who passed the bills enjoy exemptions. That gets me really wondering if their paychecks are not deducted by the same token, how would the feel the biting effects of their policies?
The repeal process had been hard because those saddled with the repealing power don’t feel the pain the people are feeling. The politicians should live under the same rule as the people. This will force them to pass better bills and make better laws.

Internal political Strategies

Application of internalized strategies
If politicians can have and apply internalized strategies, why can’t the people? I often think that the people can dribble politicians too. While they use and dump parties jumping from one to another or creating new ones, we can also vote against them and not the parties. The problem is that people are angry with the mere object for being abusively used while they run after the person who abused the object. Does that hold any logic? We can decide to be angry with politicians instead of being angry with the party. It’s only then we are able to deal with career politicking.
As Chinua Achebe said, “If the hunters had learned to shoot without missing. The birds will learn to fly without perching”. Politicians will have to be taken aback each and every time. This is called internal strategy!
We have been screwed enough! Who else is tired of career politicians with directionless politicking? Well, if this article impacts you, you may like to read also ways politicians screw societies around the world

© 2017 Ajodo Endurance Uneojo

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    • Endy Noble profile imageAUTHOR

      Ajodo Endurance Uneojo 

      12 months ago from Lokoja, Nigeria.

      Angel Guzman, really terrible. In my country, Nigeria and in my state particularly it is so so terrible.

      Workers are being owed. I can imagine a government can owe it workers as much as 8-12 months of salaries.

      Last week a man committed suicide because he couldn't meet up with his responsibility. Many had died silently from preventable and curable diseases because they can't afford medical bills. It's really heart wrecking!

      Thanks for stopping-by.

    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 

      12 months ago from Joliet, Illinois

      The bad politicians make it look terrible for everybody.

    • Endy Noble profile imageAUTHOR

      Ajodo Endurance Uneojo 

      13 months ago from Lokoja, Nigeria.

      The best hope of the common people is to have day. However, a day won't be enough to live our political destiny.


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