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Smokers or Nonsmokers

Updated on October 15, 2013
Courtesy of bing
Courtesy of bing
The glamour of smoking.
The glamour of smoking. | Source

What's the solution

The solution, many businesses shut down for a couple of days and then built outdoor patios for their smokers.

While this worked for most businesses, quite a few of them shut down because they didn't have the space available to expand and therefore could not compete in the market.

The Glamour of Smoking

Remember Bogie and Bacall. It was a sexual and sensual to be seen smoking in a movie. It was cool to see the "Easy Riders" smoking and even iconic Clint Eastwood was seen smoking in his spaghetti westerns, it made him dark and mysterious.

American's ate it up and in turn the tobacco companies made money hand over fist. American's had cocktail parties and bbq's and ashtrays all around for all the social smokers. It was glamorous and acceptable.

Smoking Becoming a Social Issue

Most of us are usually free to make our own decisions as to what is best for us, especially in America. However, when it comes to smoking, there seems to be a consensus in America that government knows what's best for Americans.

For instance, the government has continued for decades to implement laws that make it harder and more expensive to smoke. In the past, it was acceptable, but today they use infomercials to scare the American people into quitting.

As I have been both a smoker and a non-smoker throughout most of my life; how you ask? Like many smokers, I quit for years at a time and easily pick the habit back up when it suits me. As a non-smoker I find it offensive even for myself to make a comment about a smoker, so I don't.

The biggest hypocrite in my eyes is a reformed smoker, because like most he or she is only a puff away from being a smoker.

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Do you believe the government should tell Americans where they can smoke?

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People are the problem...

At a jazz club in Texas, the patio was for smokers and the bands played outside; inside you could still hear the music, but it was smoke free. A gentleman with two small children ages approximately 4 and 6 asked someone at a table nearby to please not smoke near his children. My reply would have been, it's after 10:00 you children should be at home, not at a bar or take them inside where it is smoke free. However, the individual had more tolerance than I did for his behavior.

To smoke or not to smoke will always be an issue because the people who gripe about government control are the first to complain, push for petitions and laws to keep places smoke free.

As much as American's like to say they are free, we are our own worst enemy in pushing the government to regulate us to death. And when we are so regulated that we can't decide anything for ourselves, who will we blame....aww yes...the government.

It is time to start looking at ourselves and quit asking the government to regulate every move we make.


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  • profile image

    steve 5 years ago

    I'm allergic to smoking so there are so many places I can't go because people smoke there. Even indoor places are a challenge as smokers congregate around doorways and alleyways. Someday I hope this disgusting habit can be cast out of the public so we can all breathe easier.

  • profile image

    Brian 6 years ago

    Bars and pool halls are not the same without smoking. I can understand not wanting to be around smoke at a restaurant, but bars, come on,,,,,,

  • Abecedarian profile image

    Abecedarian 6 years ago from These United States, Texas

    Very well put. I found here in my neck of the woods though that in recent years you actually had segregated smoking rooms in some restaurants. The Lion and the Rose for one. If you didn't see the smoking room, you couldn't tell that people smoked in the building. It was behind an airtight door. A few others as well.

  • profile image

    Justsilvie 6 years ago

    Sorry not trying to be a pain, just somehow feel for the non-smoker

    I think no one really wants the government to step in and tell us what to do. But what other options are there really. Before they law changed in Texas I can’t remember a restaurant that did not stink from smoke and the non-smoking area was in another part of the same room and this was in most places. So there were not many options if you were a non smoker.

    Luckily I was a smoker so no big deal. But once I quite, the stench and it is a stench was overwhelming and for a non-smoker must be a regular hell.

  • Abecedarian profile image

    Abecedarian 6 years ago from These United States, Texas

    Point well taken, but the same can be said for many other things. Guns don't kill--people do, yet many states allow concealed handguns. The point is that we the people are continuosly asking for government regulation to the point of losing our freedoms, good or bad. I don't feel that I need the government to tell me where I can smoke and can't. If I don't feel like being around smoke, I go to a smoke free restaurant and if I feel like being around it then I don't. That is "my" decision, not one regulated for me.

  • profile image

    Justsilvie 6 years ago

    Duh! Sorry, that should say:

    They say “your rights end where my face starts”! Smoke does not make that distinction.

    Hubpage would do us all a favor if they increased that edit time range.

  • profile image

    Justsilvie 6 years ago

    I currently live in the last bastion of smoking in Europe. The majority of Austrians also talk a good game about individual rights on this subject, which means rights for the smoker all others can swallow their smoke and shut up. After spending 3 weeks in a rehab clinic for heart patients here recently I can only say anyone that has gotten another person’s heart and has the nerve to still light up is an underserving ass and the heart should have gone to someone else. Cold hearted I know, but someone died and their death enabled this person to live, they really ought to make an effort to treat this gift with some reverence.

    They say “your right end where my face starts”! Smoke does not make that distinction.

    As a recovering smoker (3rd try but I think it finally sank in that I was not only hurting myself, but also those around me, even though I was a very considerate smoker), I can only say, “smoking sucks” and anyone who smokes around a nonsmoker deserves a swift kick in the rear. The government regulation protects people from the inconsiderate and unhealthy behavior of others, the fact that people need this protection from smokers is sad but true.


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