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Snippets From The Rape Of Truth-( live at town hell meetings everywhere)

Updated on March 20, 2011

The following hub is a wee bit harsh but it comes no where near the slander and cruelty of the current talk show puppets and their lobbyists masters.

They lost, Their party is out, they need to get over it and offer some constructive critiques, get involved in the programs, rather then endlessly trying to destroy everything that the president is trying to institute. He has worked harder in 9 months, then Bush did in eight years. I defy anyone to make me a list of good things that Bush did in office, besides helping Africans with aids....although that was a noble effort. So if this offends, I am sorry, but it is meant in the spirit of educating those who have been manipulated by lobbyists and their radio mouthpieces. The lobbyists are our actual enemies, not Obama, or any other politician, we need to demand the removal of all!


Snippets From The Rape Of Truth-
Live At Town Hells Everywhere.

They stand with angst filled faces
screaming out the jism of a handful of
radio-activist, talking sore heads for lobbyists,
plus all the blathering foul mouthed pieces
of the Republi-can't party stirring up
the uneducated rabble rousers and the
paid stooges of big business interests.

These puppets parrot the twisted
rhetoric of "isms", socialism, communism,
totalitarianism, without offering any
real wisdom to explain how it applies to what they
call the Obama-nation forced upon them.

They ignore the facts that Medicare
and National Education were not
socialistic, or communistic,
and that Great Britain and many other
countries with National Health Care
are democratic nations simply fixing
a serious problem amidst their masses.

They spout Hitler and Obama
in the same breath, as if soon their
precious grandparents will be lined up
and gassed when they are no longer needed.

They seek to perpetuate George Dumbya's
government of fear, shaking their fingers
with agitated terror wrists at those
who seek to heal a nation, for the people,'
by the people, and of the people.

They whine about the cost of taking care
of the needy and their children,
after their own commander-in-grief
failed to institute any health care plan
for over eight years and chose instead
to throw away billions of dollars,
on Haliburton, blackwater and
two useless, un-won wars.

They are mostly composed of hired
deceivers working in the interests
of a major lobbyists, for example
America's Health Insurance Plans,
who sent out over 50,000 employees
to disrupt town halls in over thirty states.
They simply want to keep the status quo
of gouging the less fortunate,

and maintaining the gluttony of their profits
thereby granting them great gain
coverage to all Americans.

Add to that the fact that Obama's
health care reform does not
even go into effect until 2013
which gives him four years to perfect it,
So why are they out screaming now??
That answer of course is easy,
it's called mid-term elections,
and the minority of disgruntled
repuglican's simply want to run roadblocks
in front of whatever Obama does
all the way to the ballot boxes.

They hold tea parties,
with their all white labels
hoisted high in the air,
as wrinkled old bags
and strung out conservatives,
take a long deserved drenching
in the last place cups of sore losers.

They bristle at being called racists,
while boasting of their
sympathy for Black Americans,
but their sign language reads otherwise
nailed on crosses of wood
and paper spewing venomous hate.

Congressman Joe Wilson
let his true colors show
when he pointed a finger of slander
at President Obama, but never pointed out
the fact that he is a fool fledged
member of the Sons Of the Confederacy,
and also sought to keep the rebel flag
flying high and proud over his
districts in South Carolina.
He also recanted his apology.
Just some little known
background to peruse.

And what about the Mexicans
who landscape America,
pick these peoples produce,
care for their elderly,
and work on all the
minimum dirt wage jobs
so that the capitalist
can save a buck.

The wealthy enjoy the benefits

of paying little to nothing

for illegal immigrants labors but
God forbid that one of these
non-citizens working here daily
by the thousands
should become gravely ill,
leaving them no longer of any use
to those who use them.

All of those pious
who are dissenting now
and demanding that such folks get
no free care if needed,
no illegal immigrants
should be cared for.
isn't that discrimination?
Is that not a form
of death paneling?
Is that not racist?
What is Christian
in anyway !!
about this attitude
of screw them all?

Such whiners no longer have
any power in Washington,
so they stomp around
in exaggerated numbers
and throw tantrums much
like toddlers denied their way,
a way that over eight years
got us into this mess.

They do not investigate,
they simply instigate
with faces of contempt
spewing out falsifications
in hopes to sabotage the
current leader of the
country they claim to love.

They will soon be aborted,
by the sharp sword of truth,
leaving their party in shambles
when their actions and claims
prove that they were simply
snippets from the rape of truth.

Sucked in daily by the radio tubes,
and made patsies like Dick Cheney's
infamous puppet "Dumbya"
while this country will go on just fine
without them, and their lame input.

So sit back and watch the clowns,
made up to look patriotic,
with Emmet Kelly expressions
that barely hide the racism,
as they run around
miming the tomfoolery
of the Rush Limbaugh freak show,
dancing on marionette strings
doing the Bill O'Rielly foxtrot.

Or get active, reactive, proactive,
man the phones and make some calls,
Speak out, speak up, speak intelligently.

Put some hush on the
bloated rhetoric of Rush....
let your sharp minds
ravage Michael Savage,
Phone in an endless stream of
phone lights flashing with
triple-decker hecklers
and make a wreck of Glen Beck.
Let's get wily With O'Reilly,
and put some true sanity
into the rantings of Hannity.
Let's drown out the dirges of Medved,
until he's an un-grateful deadhead.

It's time to give them
a strong dose of their own medicine.
then we will begin to see just
how many hangups these guys truly have.

Call those Congressmen and Senators
and Representatives that you did not
vote for and let them know that they
had better get behind the president
before they fall far behind in the polls.
Before they wind up as useless chads
hanging around uncounted by the masses.

It's way past time for some Glee parties,
to counteract the tea parties, we "won" folks,
we hold the majority, and it cannot be silent.
start calling today, and soon enough
you will institute change and bring about true hope.

Mainly because....

The circus is in town,
open daily at our town halls,
but they are simply spreading
a long trail of elephant dung,
that will soon mark their brief passing.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MFB III



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    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 8 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Great stuff! HOWL, updated.