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Snopes Is Wrong About Royal Wedding

Updated on May 7, 2011


April 29, 2011

Snopes is the place to go to find the truth, right?


Snopes is run by a liberal husband and wife tag-team. They have no staff, no education or credentials that would make them experts in any area, no less investigative reporting or finding the truth about internet myths. One glaring proof of their ineptness is they vehemently and rudely defended the Obama’s claiming there was no snub when they were not invited to the royal wedding of William and Katherine. I challenged them about their website information. You can read all about this incident and read the rude answer I received to my request to correct their incorrect information (I even sent them a few links to help them in their quest for the "facts" - facts they appear bent on ignoring) at the following link.

Remember, Snopes played it down as if few heads of state were going to be represented on the guest list.

Oops! Wrong again Snopes! USA Today made it quite clear that anyone who was anyone including a music star and a soccer star attended. Most importantly, the list of heads of state was so long, I could only offer a partial list here. Anyone and everyone did attend as it would appear, everyone except the Obama’s.

Just a “few” of the heads of state Snopes claimed wouldn’t be there:

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Ms. Miriam González Durántez

Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Hon. Mrs. George Osborne

The Prince and Princess of the Asturias, Felipe and Letizia

Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde of Belgium

The Sultan of Brunei and Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Hajah Saleha

King Simeon II and Queen Margarita of the Bulgarians

The Queen of Denmark, Margrethe II

King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie of the Hellenes

Crown Prince Pavlos and Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece and Prince Constantine of Greece

Sheikh Ahmad Hmoud Al-Sabah of Kuwait

Prince Seeiso Bereng Seeiso and Princess Mabereng Seeiso of Lesotho

The Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg, Henri and Maria Teresa

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong and Raja Permaisuri Agong of Malaysia

Prince Albert II of Monaco and Miss Charlene Wittstock

Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco

Crown Prince Willem Alexander and Crown Princess Maxima of The Netherlands

King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway

His Highness Sayyid Haitham bin Tariq Al Said of Oman

The Emir of The State of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, and Sheika Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned

King Michael I of Romania and Crown Princess Margarita

Prince Mohamed bin Nawaf bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia and Princess Fadwa bint Khaled bin Abdallah Al-Saud

Queen Sofia of Spain

King Mswati III of Swaziland

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland

Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand

King George Tupou V of Tonga

Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan of Abu Dhabi

Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine of Yugoslavia

Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia

Gee Snopes, considering this is merely a partial list, my question to the Snopes "team" would be, just who wasn't invited? OH that's right, the Obamas!

The reason they were snubbed, well…it’s ugly. The Obamas have treated our ally, Great Britain, deplorably. Mr. Obama breaks protocol and bows like he’s licking the boots of a Saudi Prince. Yet when he and Mrs. Obama have an audience with Her Royal Highness, The Queen of England, they break protocol and won’t bow. Almost as embarrassing, no one touches the Queen. I’ve known this since a child. You would think someone would have made sure the Obama’s got the memo. Yet regardless, Mrs. Obama managed to place her hand on the Queen’s back, as if doting on her old Aunt Tillie. How embarrassing. How internationally embarrassing that our country has a President and First Lady who humiliate us overseas and almost everywhere they go it would seem.

The Daily Telegraph tells us in grave detail why we should hang our heads in shame at the behavior of the Obamas especially with regard to their treatment of the UK and other allies. A good friend Gayle, alerted me to this article:

Mr. Obama was “too tired” to give a proper welcome to Gordon Brown? Are you kidding me?

Mr. Obama is truly an international embarrassment. USA Today makes it clear, anyone who was and is anyone attended this wedding or in the very least, were invited. Snopes tried to make it sound the guest list would be tiny and there was absolutely no snub. Somebody ought to fact check Snopes, because this isn’t the first time they’ve erred on the side of liberal causes.

This isn’t the first time I wonder how we could have elected a President so terribly unsuited for the job.


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  • cjv123 profile image

    Carol 5 years ago from Michigan

    Nathan - I find it amazing you can say that when my facts here are proof that Snopes would not back down from protecting the Obama's despite what the British papers said about the matter. The Obama's were obviously snubbed - fact - they weren't invited to the wedding. Fact - other heads of state were. Fact - I informed Snopes about their error providing a link to the UK newspaper article and they a) refused to back down from protecting and -- well -- lying about the account. b) Snopes account stated other heads of state were not invited as their basis to dismiss the snub the Obamas received, when in fact, they were. It is you jumping at shadows when the evidence is plain as stated here in this Hub.

  • Nathan Orf profile image

    Nathan Orf 5 years ago

    "Snopes is liberally biased." " is liberally biased." "The media is liberally biased."

    Conservatives never tire of this line, apparently. I think it is suspect when one discards a fact-checking site because the authors of that site are allegedly "liberal." To me, this smacks of conservatives jumping at shadows when facts are inconvenient to them.

  • cjv123 profile image

    Carol 6 years ago from Michigan

    dsquared - I gave the link to the list - you are technically correct, however, if you go to the link, there were indeed technical heads of state invited and who attended. Mr. and Mrs. Obama were absolutely snubbed, the British papers made it clear as well. This is pretty much fact.

  • profile image

    dsquared 6 years ago

    You might notice that on that list of "Heads of State", they are all *royalty*. In fact many of them are not actually heads of state; they are the royal families of countries that later became republics. (Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia? Although that is indeed her title, Yugoslavia is not even a country any more).

  • ReuVera profile image

    ReuVera 6 years ago from USA

    well, it looks that this guy got all attention from the Wedding back to himself again, by his "Patriotic Heroic deed". He just loves to clip coupons.

  • tom hellert profile image

    tom hellert 6 years ago from home

    Cj, please- the GOP in the House doesnt have the stones or the votes in the Senate.


  • cjv123 profile image

    Carol 6 years ago from Michigan

    My point Tom exactly - but this POTUS has indeed embarrassed himself and this nation and I truly can't wait until we elect another. Or impeach him, whichever comes first.

  • cjv123 profile image

    Carol 6 years ago from Michigan

    True Will - I agree.

  • tom hellert profile image

    tom hellert 6 years ago from home

    Hap-International protocol is not new and few things have changed in 10's to 100's of years-I saw an interview with Clinton and he said That the president gets breifed on EXACTLY what to do and NOT TO DO - billy C ENEN SAID :ITS hard work not learnin the ins and outsso you dont offend anyone" BUT IT SEEMS OUR PREENT PRESIDENT WANTS TO REWRITE THE BOOKS AND EMBARRASS OURCONTRY.Whats next is he going to hug Quadaffi-and squeeze his a$$????

    Sorry-there is no excuse for his LACK of INTELLEGENCE on these issues or is he just IGNORant???


  • WillStarr profile image

    WillStarr 6 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

    I'm going to agree with Mr. Happy that no American president should bow, kiss, hold hands, or otherwise be subservient. The President of the United States should never be anything but the proud leader of the free world. It's improper and un-American to do otherwise

    We are by far the greatest nation on Earth, and our presidents ought to reflect it...all of them. We bow to no one, nor do we expect anyone to bow to us.

  • Mr. Happy profile image

    Mr. Happy 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

    The reason I commented here is because I have had my eye on King Abdullah for many years. He interests me for many reasons but something I noticed many years ago, is that he gets a lot of kisses (one of those links I sent above shows him kissing Bush the Second on the lips ... odd to say the least, disgusting at worse) from United States presidents yet he is as big of a tyrant as any other of those self-centered Arab dictators. I am sure it is because of the oil he has that so many Presidents bow down, hold his hand while walking (again pretty odd - can be seen in the links I provided too). It is shameful as you said ... where is the dignity, geez ...

    If you haven't seen the Obama Deception, you probably should - he's just a pawn for Wall St; a sad one too.

  • cjv123 profile image

    Carol 6 years ago from Michigan

    Yes Mr. Happy, you missed the point. Not to be rude - but your point about Bush being super friendly/ you insinuated kissing the butt of the Saudi's/ etc. - was irrelevant to this Hub and discussion.

    And speaking of rude - I was being rude with my answer to you BTW - so I apologize for that. I shouldn't answer like that - but when I'm rushed, I tend to write hastily.

    Anyway - there are a few points to this Hub - 1) Mr. Obama continuously embarrasses the U.S. in particular with regard to observing protocol. He acts inappropriately at best - weird and WRONG at worst, embarassing himself and the U.S. - I gave an example of this - Mr. Obama bowing down to a Saudi Prince. This is NOT Protocol. This is embarrassing. Your showing Mr. Bush meeting with the Saudis(via your link) makes no point with regard to what I'm talking about here as it didn't and doesn't break with protocol.

    Mr. Obama bows to a Saudi Prince, BOWS Happy - what the heck???! THEN when it is called for to BOW to an ally - The Queen of England WON'T BOW - BREAKING protocol - shows the world what a clueless man he is - in way over his head.

    2) As a result of Mr. Obama's ineptness/stupidity - the UK can't stand him - and obviously, it is so with the Queen. For the President of the United States NOT to be invited to such an event where pretty much every other world leader other than Sarkozy - was invited (embarrassing for the French as well for different reasons) is a total snub for the Obamas. It is also very embarassing for the U.S. when a major UK newspaper tells us the bone headed things the President did to deserve such a snub.

    So what Mr. Bush and his father and his father's father or whatever met with a Saudi Prince or other members of Saudi leadership? That doesn't break with protocol and it certainly didn't embarrass the U.S. Your point was pointless I'm afraid.

  • Mr. Happy profile image

    Mr. Happy 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

    Mrs. CJV ... I missed the point? What point, the one that most US presidents kiss Saudi ass. Ya, Obama is doing Bush the Second did it ... Bush the First ... that's the point I'm not missing: most US presidents are like little dogs to King Abdullah - pets who hurry to bow, kiss, hold hands, etc. Pathetic ...

    Good blog though - I wasn't hating. I was just trying to express the point that Obama is not the only puppy chasing Saudi skirts, that's all. Sorry for any inconvenience regarding my observation.

  • cjv123 profile image

    Carol 6 years ago from Michigan

    ROTFL Tom - my sister-in-law Katherine (coincidence but that's her name) was a UK Embassy official before marrying my brother-in-law. So the second the engagement was announced I asked if she would be expecting her invite in the mail. Back in the day, she probably actually would have received an invite because she was pretty high up!

  • tom hellert profile image

    tom hellert 6 years ago from home


    i told katie and Will I couldn't mke it I said give my invittion to someone important i 'm glad he invited katies gardener and wife in my stead

    i told him "Will, just be sure to invite the "Right kind of people" I'm glad he got my meaning...


  • breakfastpop profile image

    breakfastpop 6 years ago

    Great job. Obama returns the bust of Winsston Churchill and expects to be invited to the Royal Wedding. Bravo to the Royals for keeping the Obama's at arms length. As for Snopes... they are a joke.

    Up, useful and awesome.

  • The Frog Prince profile image

    The Frog Prince 6 years ago from Arlington, TX

    1,900 attendees is tiny? Jeez, I'd hate to see there definition of a large gathering. Obama has worn out his welcome in more than one circle or two. No one wants a clown at their wedding anyway! Clowns belong in the circus, not an event that requires any dignity. All he'd talk about to others would be himself.

    The Frog

  • profile image

    CornerStone51 6 years ago

    So glad I sent you that article from the Daily Telegraph. Snopes is just not reliable...too liberally biased. Thanks for finding them out! Love your article.

  • cjv123 profile image

    Carol 6 years ago from Michigan

    Exactly Will - with the list of heads of state who were invited, it would appear that the "Family" of the Royals extends to just about everyone except the Obamas! LOL

  • WillStarr profile image

    WillStarr 6 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

    Both Snopes and FactCheck are run and funded by liberals like George Soros.

    Who checks the checkers?

    The royals are claiming it's a family event rather than a state event, which is why the Obamas were snu...I mean, not invited.

    Hope that clears it all up. :-)

  • cjv123 profile image

    Carol 6 years ago from Michigan

    Happy - of course, you're missing the point of this entire Hub. Let's focus here. I made a comparison with Mr. Obama's behavior when he visited a Saudi Prince - Mr. Obama, President of the United States BOWS and he bows so low it looks like Obama's forehead will hit the floor.

    That's not protocol. Now try to focus.

    Mr. Obama has an audience with HRH The Queen of England and like the clod that he is, doesn't bow.

    One is SUPPOSED TO BOW to the Queen of England.

    THAT'S PROTOCOL. Obama of COURSE breaks protocol. It's how he rolls...

    This has nothing to do with being friends with the Saudis. It has to do with why Mr. Obama - due to his shameful behavior, was left out of the Royal Guest List.

    Can't blame this one on Bush. As is a typical liberal's way of arguing - don't stick to the topic, just throw a bunch of "Bush did it" out there and hope something sticks.

    Like shooting fish in a barrel...

  • Mr. Happy profile image

    Mr. Happy 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

    Talking about licking Saudi ass please look at these (they're holding bloody hands!!) rofl:

    You couldn't make this up if you tried ...