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So buff, everything but your head could fit

Updated on January 19, 2012

The Run Around

Good books can get your attention, but great books will disturb the peace, of mind. Sometimes, during a great read, the reader may become engulfed and also spin into a trance even; staring at the pages, while these fingers come out of nowhere and cause the block of paper to change scene… I understand.

Reading about literature is fun and exciting. I still find it amazing that my intellect and emotion can be fondled with just by interpreting letters and symbols; I enjoy sports, you know. Majoring in English is an excuse to be stuck to the pages or a monitor’s screen, while systematically sipping at a cup of your favorite brew for the occasion. My focus is on the Spanish culture as well as the English persuasion of mind boggling. That challenge will assist sociological/psychological understandings of the authors, within the cultures of their times; History helps, as well. Enjoy.


Quintin I. Goynes

Man In the Middle
Man In the Middle

Virtual Texture

The text will become a guide to understand a view. This view may develop into a perspective, which will enable [enhance] the enlightenment of the reader. The generations, of the recipients (victims), of educational challenge and freedoms assigned, during the years of desegregation; these same adults have had jobs, children and families. The groups and organizations that perform political demonstrations, make demands, and vote are the same leaders of this interracial and intercultural blend, which has the first black president leading the United States’ American culture today; President Obama (give someone a hand).

This narrative includes the observation and cognitive analysis of the sociological matters of reality. This reality includes organizations, youth and the need to survive; and the result of existence concerning the midlife of these exploitative cultures [genre] mandated by the society of America. The rights of the freedom of speech will be embraced throughout this descriptive composition; thus, the form of empathy will be drowned by the filthy fuels of the passion for the compassion to lure the ideal perspective of an ethnically labeled minority exposed to the exhausts [pedo]of the majority. The conclusion will be the necessary adjournment, which has exposed the hands that do cradle the exhaust pipes of this machine that has manufactured the forces of hate, crime and deceit. Evolution is the request from the globe; open your eyes.

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