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So I thought I Was A Republican

Updated on July 29, 2016

So I Thought I Was A Republican


I know a lot of you, reading this, are already gearing up to hate me for what I am about to say. I understand the gravity of posting such opinions but I do so with as much factual and common sense basis as I can. The fact is that some of what I am about to say will come off as rhetoric and some of it is wishful thinking and some of this will offend your own opinion. Please try to read between the lines and understand that most of my opinions are factually based and these are words I believe need to be spoken and they are not said with my parties ideals in mind but with America in mind.


First of all, I love this quote from Ronald Reagan and what I am about to say next will turn a lot of you off. No matter your party you will find this offensive in different ways. Welfare is necessary in the United States. Yes, a Republican just said that. It is 100% a trademark of a developed nation and we are a super power nation. Make no mistake, America may not be the best at everything but overall we are the best nation on Earth. We are already GREAT. Don't get too excited Democrats, I have a few serious Issues with welfare as I will list bellow.

  • Welfare means nothing- Absolutely true in its current state. You can say, "well look at this mom, she was on food stamps and now she makes six figures a year and that support kept her going!!". Strong argument but when your success rate is less than 10%, it is time to look at different options(made the 10% up, I don't know the success rate, I tried to look it up but all indications are it's pretty low). In fact I find many government and state programs are the same. Wasting billions of dollars each year, with little success, just pushing the real issue down the line. Another example? Our education system harbors only a 75% success rate at getting children a high school diploma(GED included). That might sound great until you consider that of those 75% only 38% will be able to attempt College and only 28% will come away with a four year degree or better. The other 72% will use their 12 years, or more, of public education to get no where. No one is hiring someone with a high school diploma or GED. Companies simply do not care if you have it and you could easily lie and never be asked. Does that mean 72% will become poor? No, some people have friends, they have unions they have ways to get into the market. It is just less common than it use to be. Yet, the amount of people who will go into poverty is very high and still unacceptable. We spend an absurd amount of money preparing kids for college knowing only a few are capable of taking that path. We spend time educating them in the same principles over and over again while funding state and federal test that drive our teachers and students insane. At the end of the day, after 12 long years, your child has no idea how to weld, nurse, computer program,web design,pipe fit, build, manage, sell, or any of the other industries in America that are dying for workers. No , your child instead knows a little basic geometry, geography, history, and how to play kick ball/sports. That will land them a job no where! We no longer live in the 1950's, Reagan was a great man, but his day has passed and so has the days of on the job training for high school graduates. Just like education, welfare should be applied different.
  • Jobs > Support- We have a huge problem in this country and we need workers to fix it. Everyday you may notice work being done on certain roads by pricey, private contractors. These contractors hire people on the fly and pay them lower wages while only paying a few higher wages to run the show. Our cities, states, and federal governments pay premium prices for each worker. In other words, these contractors serve more like an employment agencies than a company. How does it make more sense to hire these people when we could train and teach our own society to do this in house? Is 248$ a month in food stamps really helping that part time worker who makes 7.50 an hour? Or would it benefit both of us more to train them to do this type of work and pay them 11 an hour saving on the 17 an hour a contractor would charge for the same worker even though they only pay them 10(these are Texas figures, pay and charges would adjust by state). I know some of you are already comparing me to Hitler, but the real problem with government solution is that it's just a crutch and not a splint for these people. You could apply this same logic to many areas and industries that we outsource today. True , those 100 employees for the private contractor will lose their jobs, but when you add thousands of jobs at a cheaper overall rate you would create more jobs than job loss while decreasing the budget and putting more money in the pockets of those in need. Even if everyone on public assistance started working today, our roadways and infrastructure will not be fixed anytime soon after all.
  • No Vocational Training- Our unemployment office can teach you how to fax, it can buy you boots to work, it can teach you the basics of data entry but it has no program in place to train. That is absolutely insane, the longer people stay on unemployment the more it cost over the long term. You may think 'well I pay out of my check for unemployment" , you are taxed for an inefficient program and if you ever go on unemployment you will find the assistance does help but is meager in comparison with your current salary. Apple INC has over 9000 job listing open in Austin, Texas alone. They are hiring over 47,000 people nation wide and even more world wide. You can pick any spot in the US and enter your zip for a monster job search, you will get the max results for that area every time in the categories of : IT, Computer Science, Medical, Construction, maintenance, Engineering, and other categories. These aren't the infamous "Walmart Jobs' I hear my fellow Republicans go on about, these are skilled jobs that require training. Nursing now requires a four year degree but the only reason that happened was the lack of vocational training available for nurses that was of a higher quality. Why ? Because schools stopped training students to become nurses, they stopped their vocational programs all together. Even so called magnet and STEM programs only offer one or two technical classes for a student to take per semester. The reality is that our vocational programs suck. The government is always trying to fix something, why not fix that? We spend 40k a year per unemployment councilor when we could spend about the same hiring a technical trainer that gives these people the skills they need to find work that is available. That leads to them working and paying taxes while using less money in unemployment. After all, I don't care what Donald Trump taxes, industrial jobs are not coming back to America for a good reason. We are in a technical revolution and we have moved past that stage in our history. When China wants to sell a trillion pounds of scrap to Brazil, it uses our systems to communicate and sell those items. In other words, the US is the head of the global trading and E-commerce industry, world wide. That might be why we hand out 30k a year worth of work vistas to a country like India to bring in workers to do jobs we could be training our unemployed to do in six months or less. That's probably isn't a call center in India your are talking to, it's likely a call center in Santa Clara, CA where thousands of immigrants got work vistas to fill jobs that our population can not.

Biggest Issue? Donald Trump

What The Hell Are We Thinking

The overall logic behind backing Donald Trump during the primaries was clear, "He's not a politician". Am I missing something here? Would your wife go to a dog groomer to get her nails done because she felt 'the salon was the same ole same ole'. Would you hire a Minecraft streamer to build your home because you thought all home builders were the same? No? Then how do we as a party rationalized picking a cheapskate business man as our presidential choice? This man has filed bankruptcy on four different occasions and tells us how he use to be apart of the rich and elite but he's on our side. He is here to help hardworking Americans. Is that like all the hardworking Americans he screwed out of money by breaking contracts and settling lawsuits for pennies on the dollar as he openly brags about? I mean being sued over 3500 times may not concern you , but it does me. People openly jump out of their seats right now to defend him, 'What about Hillary". Forget Hillary, Hillary wasn't one of our choices in our primary was she? We have chosen a man who has no political experience , very shady business practices, and while we are on the topic of felonies and Hillary, Mr Trump jumps through hoops to have you ignore the fact that he is being investigated for fraud in five different states. All this while successfully hiding behind the notion that , "well, my name is on those companies but I don't really own them, I mean technically I don't own them, I am CEO on paper only". It's absurd that "the lesser of two evils" is an argument here because looking at the two I am not sure of two things.

1. Who's more evil?

2. How either of these clowns became the 'top choices' for America. We had options!

Donald Trump is says anything he thinks you want to hear. Donald Trump will go on about making America great again and fighting for our nation. This man dodged the draft on five different occasions and then had the balls to tell a decorated war hero that he wasn't a "War hero, I like people who don't get caught". Are you kidding me people? Is this some sort of sick joke? I have skeletons in my closet too, right? No, not skeletons that purposely destroyed the lives of thousands of people for my own personal gain. I lack those skeletons or anything equivalent, in fact , Mr Trump has Goliath's remains in his closet and he brings it out for show and brags about it to the sound of applause.

He'll Build A Wall

The Ronald Reagan I learned about and loved spent his time trying to tear down a wall. He spent his time trying integrate society with the notion that our country comes before ourselves. He spent his time coming up with real solutions to real problems. Now Mr Trump wants to finish a wall that we already started building. When he makes up all these stories of border patrol agents saying how much this wall will help , let's look at the facts. You don't care that he is building a wall because if you pay any attention you actually know that walls have not and do not work. Scaling them is incredibly simple, digging under them is incredibly simple for these people. What we really need is more agents and a better immigration system but Mr Trump is going to build a wall that will keep maybe a few people out. Like tossing a band aide over a gunshot wound. Do you really logically think that people who walk the desert for days with little water and no food will just show up to a wall and say 'well, we can't go". People who risk their lives and the lives of their families to enter this amazing country for just the slight chance they may get a fraction of the things we enjoy in this great nation that we claim 'isn't great' would stop at a wall. That's idiotic rhetoric that simple minded people came up with as a 'simple solution' without thinking about how a wall would work. We don't have the manpower to man the wall but hey guys, we have a wall!

He's Selfish and Doesn't Care About America

I heard a Presidential hopeful say the craziest thing the other day. When a foreign asset was found to have attacked a government resource via a cyber attack and breached records and emails of that asset, that presidential hopeful refused to condemn the attack. In fact he said 'Good job' then told them to 'Find Hillary's missing emails, Russia and China if your are listening, find the emails", or something really similar. While you may hate Hillary Clinton and think 'what harm is it, let's find the emails and finish her off' , the reality is that you missed the entire point here. Our entire way of life is based on computers, technologies, yes smartphones, no they aren't just there for hipsters to catch Pokemon and you to send the occasional text. Our financial systems are all online, our data and private information is all tied to a cloud. Even if you have never entered your social security number online, it is online in several different locations. Some of our largest dams in this country can be accessed and released via remote connection. Our traffic lights could be programmed to all go green at once inside of major cities. Our stock market could be crashed and millions of peoples identities and finances could be at risk. Our troop locations could be compromised and our weapons system and operations could be stolen. Our agents in the field could be murdered. While it's easy to say 'So what' what you are saying "So what" to is a concepts any person qualified to be our president should understand. The concept that if a hacker breaks into an IS system they aren't going to say 'hey , let's just check for these emails, nothing else guys', they are going to get every bit of information they can and try to find ways to access other servers until they can't find anything else. Ronald Reagan? He would turn over in his grave at this comment or even the notion that you could indicated this would ever be okay. Trump doesn't care about that because he wants to win for him , not for America. This benefited him so hey, so what?

He Knows Nothing Of Our History

Donald Trump says a lot of things you people want to hear. He says them and you think 'great idea'. For example, when he discussed taxing/tariffing imported goods to increasing manufacturing in the US you might of thought that was genius. This should sound familiar because our country has done it before but every time it ruined our economy. The last time this happened was called McKinley Tariff Act of 1890, as a result foreign countries stopped sending goods to America and American companies raised their prices. The problem is that consumers could not afford the extreme increase in prices and current companies did not hire workers but instead worked them overtime with unreal quotas to drive profit as high as possible. Meaning hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs while the spending in the US was restricted due to inflation. In our country today this would be far worse than it was in 1890. Over half the merchandise you buy is imported from China. The other issues is that these aren't foreign countries shipping to America , these are American companies shipping from foreign production lines. Meaning that the increase in price will not force these companies back to America but rather the tax would passed on to the consumer, you and I. The footprint for this truth isn't just in logic, we have it in our history. The 1890 tariff act and its increase in 1901, are greatly responsibly for the conditions that lead to the great depression. World War 1 is the only reason we didn't hit this depression sooner. Donald Trump is either a clueless business man who tries to act like he has great ideas or he knows this history and willfully lies to the public about its possible success because he thinks it's what we want to hear. If you think free education is going to hurt our economy, let me tell you that we could educated ours and three other nations at less cost than a tariff plan that will actually lose many import/shipping/docking jobs and increase prices.

He's A Child

I have learned in my lifetime to take criticism and at least try to answer questions from my point of view. Mr Trump has not. He is still in a playground stealing hardworking Americans money to force cheap labor via lawsuits and throwing a fit anytime little Billy wants to play with his self proclaimed toy, today. He dislikes a woman's questioning of him so instead of manning up and proving he is responsible for his actions and understands he has made mistakes, he squeaks into the corner of denial while trying to smear and claw at the credibility of the people questioning him instead of responding to the question. He's gone as far as insulting war heroes , insulting disabled people, insulting women, insulting Paul Ryan(who is a much better Republican than this fake could dream of being) and insulting the people. Yet , he is applauded for speaking his mind. A man who can't answer questions for himself and deflects like a 12 year old girl is applauded for his 'opinion' that he never actually gives.

How Did We Mess Up This Bad

Donald Trump is Hillary Clinton 2.0. He has leaned left on many issues in the past and he will do so again. His running mate is 1000% more qualified to run this country than he is. How can we let this happen? I question my status as a Republican because this party has lost all of its values. When our reason to vote and unite is centered only around 'Keeping Hillary out' what is that? This man wants to keep people out of this country based on religion You scream about the constitutions while the person you think should be our president is already trying to go against some rights it affords.

He'll Beef Up Our Military

I am personally sick of our DOD. If you are a true conservative you should be as well. Let us talk about our DOD that Trump wants to beef up. When we talk about cuts every recent president has made in our budget, no matter their party, who gets screwed!? Veterans and Education. We all run on this help the vets platform but every damn time we need cuts the first place we look is veterans and education. The last place we look is the DOD. The following is an extract from some of the DOD's spending including mostly analysis of it's own spending.

An analysis by ProPublica puts the price tag for wasteful and misguided expenditures in Afghanistan at $17 billion, a figure that is higher than the GDP of 80 nations.---- Pentagon's $44 billion Defense Logistics Agency notes that it spent over $7 billion on unneeded equipment for Syrian Rebels--The most notable example is the F-35 combat aircraft, which at $1.4 trillion over its lifetime is the most expensive weapons project ever undertaken and was originally suppose to cost 230 billion-- DOD officials admit they couldn't account for 12 billion dollars worth of equipment that went missing in Iraq in 2005-- DOD officials defend spending almost 3 billion dollars on uniforms they have since deemed 'worthless' saying they have ruled out that particular design for combat readiness.

Just in that extract alone you can find over a trillion dollars in funds the DOD spent on things that brought no fruit to our country. Several occasions of leisurely going billions over budget or spending almost 3 billion on uniforms to figure out that there is a design flaw? Think of how many Veterans could benefit from 3 billion dollars but that money is laying in a laundry locker never to be look at again. When I see our DOD grasping a command of 650 billion of our budget plus the bills passed each year to provide it more funding , I puke. There is no accountability in their spending and they spend more than any three nations combined on defense each year. Yet , to see them sit idle and let vets and education get cut instead of saying 'Okay, let's cut funding to the SMG lazer egg cooking project to help our vets', they say 'please, we need more! Oh and , awww poor Vets". How much more? Trump goes on about making our armed forces great and powerful again? We already are, we have more advanced fighters than any 4 nations on Earth. We have a larger Navy than the rest of NATO combined. We have more aircraft carriers than every nation on Earth combined and then some. We have serious issues with funding and Welfare is just a small portion of our real issues though I have shared my feelings on that already.

He Thinks The State Of Politics Is Like The WWE

He approaches his opponents like a fake match of wrestling. He doesn't stop to be real about things for one second. He will point out what your wife looks like, post fake advertisements, highlight peoples handicaps, call people names, and do some of the disgusting things you would watch a wrestler do on any Monday or Thursday night(I apologize if they changed the dates). He is more interested in showing he's the best arguer in this country than laying out real plans for real problems or talking about conservative principles and how to compromise with democrats to make a better nation. He's interested in saying the most ludicrous and ridiculous crap he can about people to get attention. After all, watch the video bellow, he's had practice at this.

Trump On WWE

America Is Already Great!

Our Party Has Lost Its Vision

When you say we need to make this country "Great Again" you need to remember that many people fought to make this nation what it is. I am not just talking about the soldiers , many people dealt with hardship, struggle, racism, adversity, and hate to build this nation we have. Lots of blood, sweat and tears were poured into the foundation of this great nation and it's the responsibility of every American to ensure its greatness even against those who want to impose limits on its religious freedoms, gun rights, or capitalistic ways. Every person in this nation has their choice to love and be loved by whom ever they choose and your religious beliefs do not take away that right from them. Seems the only part of this country that can get great is when we stop finding excuses to put our interest first over the liberties and freedoms of others we don't agree with. A true Republican should give me a 'Hell Yea" for that statement and any freedom loving Democrat should feel the same. Yet we let ourselves get sucked into this blame game and it's sickening at this point. You can't go on about how guns should be taken from citizens while defending peoples religious freedoms in this country. You must decide, do you believe in the constitution or do you not? If you don't there are many nations you may find more suitable for your needs. The same can be said about those who think adding Muslims to a database is a good idea. How many mass attacks in America are done by Muslims? You people scream Orlando and that's great, every other conversation start with how he was from Syria , when he was a second generation American born in our damn country. The only difference between him and his Christian counter part is that his counter party beat one or two gay men to death while he was able to kill much more. The hate is the same at the end of the day and it's something you have to dig in both books and take things out of context mostly from the old testament to even work with. Muhammad had a wife who was rich and owned land, he never for one second gave anyone the right to stone women to death for being smart,pretty, funny, or wanting basic rights like the ability to drive or have a profession. He had Christian friends who he respected, he respected Jesus but you some people go on with your radical views missing the point. Jesus walked with murders, slaves and prostitutes and in the end a civilized and proper member of society stabbed him in the back. His preaching were about living with God and loving God not about restricting and judging people based on their choices. I am clearly not a Republican because I believe this. I look at these pieces of literature and I see a message others clearly don't. There are those in our society who are the worse that they can be and they will feed on your fears to gain power of your thoughts and try to mold you to their vision. We can't let this type of hate and bigotry influence our values and the message of our religions. When we give in, when we make it the norm, we lose the message all together and now we build hate instead of understanding and wisdom.


There are far too many 13 year old girls having sex in this country. You think they were not raised right? I have seen it on the church bus and had to stop it myself. Good , clean , middle America girls who give in to human nature far too early. Not just poor kids with 'bad parents' or rich kids acting out. It is unreal to expect a child to have a child. We can attack and change the way abortions work and how it is handled but attacking free methods to combat disease and childhood pregnancy is not cool. You think 'I have a right to choose for my Child' , no you do not. Your decision to limit their ability to protect themselves will change every aspect of their lives for the next 45 to 65 years after they turn 18. If your not preaching to your child to not have sex and then adding , always have safe sex when you do start having sex, then you are doing it wrong. It doesn't mean its okay for them to have sex it means that if they make the mistake/choice a lot of kids make, they are safe about it. There is a fine line between parenthood , religion, and teaching life lessons. If you are too proud to walk it then you need to leave it alone and not complain when someone else walks it for you. Don't pretend to have your child's interest at heart when you know that every child makes mistakes and preparing them for those mistakes makes more sense. I am not asking you give up on keeping them pure, but don't criticize programs that aim to educate and help that child from ruining their lives if they decide to make a mistake. Democrats need to understand that if a Republican chooses to guard and shelter their children that is their choice, but at the same time Republicans shouldn't be naive about it. For the last 3 thousand years children have been having sex, the only thing our society has tried to change is the age of the person they are sleeping with. Please be realistic about your child's future and love and respect them. Preach the need to forgo sexual contact until they are of a certain age but also preach the safest way to do things when it happens. It wouldn't hurt to throw on some nasty videos of child birth and C-sections, even if that kid still wants to have sex after watching that, I promise they will be much more likely to do it safely. Making up fake videos to highlight a problem isn't cool either. The problem exist but not as horribly as people tried to make it seem with fake videos. Perhaps the answer is to get parents and religious communities involved in the process so that it's easier to provide each child with what they may need in a way those groups would feel more comfortable with. Trashing the program, or leaving it how it is, are both really bad answers.


Why aren't we talking about Jobs in our party? We talk about tax cuts to create jobs, they don't! No more cuts for companies, we are already hiring. No, not just Walmart jobs. I am talking about vocational jobs again. Why aren't we pushing to train people in blue collar and even white collar technical and vocational work? Why are we supporting no Child Left Behind when we know it only hinders those who are trying to push forward while not benefiting those who we are trying to keep up. A duel education system isn't a communist idea, it's a brilliant idea for our country. If you believe your child deserves college and they fail the test, then state that and they will continue on. If not let's add vocational training programs and real life work scenarios and training for our youth and unemployed. Lets fill these job openings and stop handing out so many work vistas each year. Republicans , we no longer have an education plan other than to build the same damn test democrats did and promote it as 'our version'. Let's stay true to our roots and vision and build and America where you can make a honest living and provide people the tools to do so. We are already spending the money, let's start spending it more wisely!


As a party, we use to be against spending, now we are only against Democratic spending. Yes, it's true. We have changed. When you promote increases or fight against decreasing of the DOD budget you are promoting wasteful spending. When you go on about crime in this country which hasn't changed much verses population inflation, but turn your nose up at the idea of promoting vocational training in low income areas than you help contribute to Welfare. You have to spend money to make money but Democrats believe you should just spend so people can have something and Republicans believe 'tough luck for them, my taxes'. The reality is that by investing in these communities we can decrease our tax burdens due to higher paying jobs increasing budget while lowering crime rates at the same time. Both parties cry about crime and discrimination but neither want to do anything about it. You are more likely to be questioned as a black male in certain parts of this country. Why? Same reason I tell idiots who go on about 13% of the population committing 48% of the crime. When you look at statistics you have to find a common ground , a contributing factor that proves your theory. The 13% and 48% alone is garbage but when you consider that people in or around the poverty line, no matter race, commit 95% of those crimes it all becomes a little clearer. Why? The answer is still in the numbers, no opinion needed. One in three black people live in poverty in this nation while only one in fourteen white people fit in the same category. Bottom line, black people seem to commit more crime because they are stuck in a cycle of poverty. This is a cycle we can break to better our nation and we can do it without taking away people's guns and without adding more police or letting people off because we are afraid their skin color will hurt us for asking questions. Cops know these stats, they are trained to be aware of them and while they may not know them to the volume that I just demonstrated, they are far more likely to target a person who appears to be poor than anyone who appears to have money. That's is the facts and they justify those actions based on statistics. It will not change until we change. We have companies that want to hire and we can't give them the people they need. We have kids in the projects and trailer parks around this nation who want to make good money and work hard for a living and they have no opportunities in their neighborhoods, no way to pay for college , aren't college material, and we send them to school for 12+ years of their lives while teaching them no practical skills to seek meaningful employment. It doesn't make sense and instead of arguing with Democrats about it , maybe it's time we find a plan that does make sense. Instead we continue to do nothing and that contributes to our spending just as much as tossing bills around.


You know it breaks my heart sometimes to see how people treat all homeless people. A Vietnam vet who has a condition that makes him shake stands at the corner of our major highway's intersection. I try to pick him up coffee and a sandwich every day at McDonald's, why? Because he's a Vet? No, because he's human. I took him to his own fathers funeral and his family all felt sorry but refused to help him. He tells me stories about people riding by with Trump stickers telling him his a sack of crap and to get a job and even throwing beer bottles at his feet. He lost his job after he started his shakes and his family refused to help him. They didn't like his wife who ended up running off him. My wife picked him up one day and took him to his cousins home so he could get his uniform. We let him shave and shower and sleep here a few nights before taking him to a shelter designated for homeless Vets, and they turned him away. Luckily one of their main supporters who was a pastor at a local church was there and caught up to us as we were preparing to bring him back. He offered that man a job polishing the church and doing general work. I won't lie , I was guilty of not believing his sign as well. It wasn't until I was cycling by him and having a quick conversation waiting for the light to turn that I actually caught his name and age in entirety. I decided to background check this man and I found that he had served , was discharged , had moved several times over the years and had a marriage and divorce certificate. I now avoid downtown because of all the signs that have similar messages. I find it troubling we talk about helping our 'Vets' and post on Facebook in support but spit on them while they stand on our corners. I have trouble dealing with the reality that most homeless people are friendly enough and their lives just went to hell and they had no one to help them. The truth is while you think 'freeloader' in your mind , the reality is that very few are like the 'caught' on YouTube videos. Very few make that much money on the corner and have no way to break their cycles. If we truly want to reward our Veterans we need to change our benefits. Instead of just offering to pay for their college, and help with their mortgage, and other benefits, we should offer assistance in cash value to those who don't take those routes. Why should they be punished for not owning a home? They fought just as hard as the next guy? We need to help these people in their darkest hours and provide them some sort of light. Posting memes on Facebook or talking about it to get elected isn't enough.

I Guess I'm Something Else

Winning Became More Important

I believe the reason why almost half our party choose to side with Trump had more to do with not wanting Clinton to win. In reality he doesn't represent a lot of the strengths of our party and he endorses the hate of those who wish to see our country reformed. It's no worse than a media who makes up and justifies it's own facts on racial tensions making the issue worse while offering no solution. Trump's solution is always simple and moronic. He never has his own plan and hearing him say things like 'I'm great with debt, settling for pennies on the dollar' doesn't work for a nation. If we settle for pennies on the dollar we ruin our economy , our status, and our credit rating. These things aren't trivial, they will destroy everything we know. So hearing him say that makes me very nervous because when a country bankrupts it becomes Greece, not Donald Trump. We also have to consider who we owe, we owe ourselves a lot of our own debt. Politicians borrowed against time and federal programs like social security. Just 'getting rid' of it for pennies on the dollar means screwing America itself. We owe China such a small part of our debt in reality. The answer isn't going bankrupt , it's using private outside accounting to go over tons of financial reports and find the wasteful spending no one is talking about. If we need to hire firms to look over our DOD instead of soldiers , why not? What gives the DOD a right to cook it's books and order people to write down what it thinks should be put down? If we need to investigate how public funds are being spent in the social sector, than we need to look at that. Bankrupting the country is Trumps plan it seems. There are plenty of other ways to pay for it like going after tax evasion and working to fill new jobs at higher income ratios to increase revenue. Tackling waste in all departments. Those two things alone could change our debt in less than a decade without increasing taxes on middle class and lower wage citizens or for most of the rich for that matter. Yet logically a lot of my fellow Republicans would rather gloat at our debt than find ways to fix it. We aren't fixing it by cutting off vets and education. We don't help our nation by removing Welfare when we spend 3x that on defense. Winning became more important than thinking for our party, and that is how we got Donald Trump.

Left with the choice to either choose to vote for Donald or Hillary, my solution is simple. I will not vote. I won't use 'my only choices' as an excuse to put such a man in power. While the rest of the world loses jobs, loses growth, and votes to leave unions, we continue to grow. We are spoiled children and my party is just as guilty as yours. I will continue to push for a third candidate and I am happy to vote for someone I feel won't lie to me than a couple people who could be in federal prison right now.

Sources: I'll be adding a ton of charts and sources as I know political blogs can become heated. If you don't agree with anything I have said there, that is fine. You have an opinion, but please at least read and use facts so you can have an educated opinion. After all, great deal of people in this nation still believe the world is flat, so it's hard to convince people of reality at times.

Share Your Thoughts, Not Attacks

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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I love it when people wake up to the truth. You can not elect a rich person and believe that this person understands poverty. You can not elect a liar who lied to get a vote and expect that liar to be honest because that person won. Some things have nothing to do with politics. Its like reading the Bible and not knowing the difference between good and evil or good decisions verses bad decisions. Its like converting others to your faith over seas and not accepting them in your church because they are to brown. The health care bill should really tell you how much they care about ordinary people. THat first bill was a doozy and they must really hate people with pre-existing conditionss.The truth is they are trying to clear up a trillion dollars dollars so they can buy those things he wants.

    • fpherj48 profile image


      2 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Cole....Phew! that was a LOT to read, but well worth my time. I didn't even have to re-read it since your writing skills are impeccable. Thank you!

      My journey to becoming an Independent was a long and fluctuating one. I had to do some serious research, intensive listening and not least of all, some soul-searching.

      I am adverse to labels of any kind under any circumstances...but that's another hub.

      This election? Frankly, I'm just another frustrated, distrusting American. I'll end here. Peace, Paula

    • fpherj48 profile image


      2 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      I wouldn't dream of attacking on the basis of Political opinions. You concern yourself needlessly in terms of how people will hate what you say or disagree with you....etc. So what if they do? What I see here are what appears to be your well-thought, well-researched information on Trump, America, Hillary and politics in general.

      As I am an Independent, some of what you believe rings very true for me as well~~& of course some doesn't. Your paragraph on "He's a Child," could not be more accurate. In fact, he is laughable in this particular area. I have grandchildren more mature & stable than Baby Donald. I continually wonder if so many embrace him based solely on the fact that their only other REAL choice is.......Damn, I can't even bear to print her name.....Hillary. Oh, that's so painful.

      That horrendous woman is so distasteful to me, the sight of her & the sound of her voice goes through me like razor blades. Do I want to cast my vote for Trump? No. No I do not.

      I am left with a question.~~a huge dilemma, knowing I'm far from being alone but that's no consolation. Like you, I thought of sleeping through the entire election day. I'm not comfortable with that. I HATE feeling this hopeless and helpless. This isn't suppose to happen at my age! In any event...thanks for the fascinating read, Cole.

    • profile image

      Randy Childers 

      2 years ago from Michigan

      Could always go the route i am: liberatarian. Gary Johnson talks about much of what you commented on

      Truth be told, the right hasn't been represented by the GOP in quite awhile, anymore than dems have helped the poor


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