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So Long Walter Cronkite

Updated on July 18, 2009

Walter Cronkite was a mainstay of American broadcast journalism.  He anchored the first CBS Evening News half hour segments over 40 years ago.  If ever there was a journalist who delivered the news with balance and fairness, it was Walter Cronkite. 

At his passing on Friday, July 17, 2009, I was happy to hear that he and his wife Betsy had been married for 40 years before she passed in 2005.  He seems to have lived the life that he wanted to life.  He certainly did the work that brought him joy.  And isn't that what we all want?  To do what we love and to have people who love us always around us.

It is reported that when he passed his family was around him.  He and his wife had three children (two daughters and a son).  Such a full, full life he led.  After he retired in 1981 from CBS, he continued to speak publicly and he wrote his autobiography "A Reporter's Life".  Because of the book, people will always have a personal glimpse of him.

Walter Cronkite came into the industry at a time when men like Edward Morrow were at the helm.  In fact, it was Edward Murrow who recruited Walter Cronkite to work with CBS in 1950.  They were two giants in broadcast journalism who worked side by side. 

With the advent of the Internet and other media forums, one can only hope that another Walter Cronkite is out here somewhere.  One can hope that another journalist would rather cover the pertinent events of the day rather than to chase after the story that will generate the most advertising dollars.

So long to Walter Cronkite.  Thanks for a lifetime of good work!

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