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So Now The Bin Laden Death Has The Native Americans Mad Too?

Updated on May 4, 2011

So Now The Bin Laden Death Has The Native Americans Mad Too

Among the angst being felt by the death of Usama Bin Ladin, the Native Americans are mad because the code name used by the Seals for Bin Laden was, “Geronimo.” This is again Political Correctness (hereinafter PC) gone bad… we saw it in our fawning efforts to convey to the Arab world how we provided Bin Laden with a Muslim funeral before his subsequent burial at sea. Perhaps, I am not qualified to speak for the Native Americans, but does anyone believes that those who chose the name for the mission to capture Bin Laden said, “let’s kill two birds with one stone: offend our Native American brothers and sisters, in addition to kill Usama Bin Laden?

I wondered what would have happened had the Pentagon given the Seals’ mission to kill Bin Laden the name, ‘Martin Luther’ – should have African Americans reacted the same way like the Native Americans too? And in such a scenario, shouldn't the Germans feel slighted too because Martin Luther was the hero who gave us the Reformation, lest we forget the famous Catholic “Bull” being planted on his door? I go through this history to show how ridiculous this Political Correctness cancer has become a run-away, often times an unquenchable bogus fire.

I am not going to begrudge the Native American their legitimate rights, but like the fight with the Washington Redskins football team to change its name because the name supposedly represented a slight – I think it is specious and is akin to a lady crying falsely, rape, affecting and belittling the cases of real traumatic rapes. I know that there is a veritable lucrative cottage industry for the purveyors of Political Correctness, but specious slights diminish the PC brand.

This is not the only bogus case of Political Correctness rearing its ugly head. Years ago, a D.C. government worker referred to someone as being “niggard.” Before the Political Correctness police took the time out to find the definition of ‘niggard,’ the bogus charges of racism flew. Even when the PC police were embarrassed, after the true meaning of the word had shown that it had nothing to do with racism against Blacks, the PC police still wouldn't relent… intimating that the D.C. government employee had racist intent because the word niggard sounded close to the “N” word.

I supposed now too that the bleeding hearts will now want the United States to compensate Bin Laden’s daughter for witnessing the death of her father – as we tort lawyers call it, she suffered intentional infliction of emotional distress. Who could have ‘thunk’ it… that Political Correctness would become this hydra-like beast? By the way, the word “niggard” means miser, cheap, etc. Like always, perhaps, Verily Prime got this one wrong about the Native Americans outrage over the Seals’ mission being named, Geronimo.


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