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So You Voted, So What!

Updated on October 31, 2014

Your ballot....

Or add a box for  /__  /  NOBODY! ?
Or add a box for /__ / NOBODY! ? | Source

Your personal influence has largely been lost....

American Democracy, to the extent that it ever existed....after all, we are a republic not a democracy....has been conquered by money, power thirst, and greed.

That said, stop and think (if you voted) where did your information come from? What influenced your vote? The ads? No? Then the flyers? No? Then the phone calls soliciting your vote? No? Then perhaps the friendliness of the person who offered to drive you to the polling place? An article in a national magazine, a national or local newspaper, just a sign beside the road? No?

Instead were you one of the very, very few voters who did their own research, looked past the hype, tracked voting records (if the candidates had them), looked beyond party affiliations, and voted for the man or woman you felt was the best qualified candidate to actually carry out your broadest objectives and interests, while voting consistent with your own values?

If so, you are an endangered species, and somebody needs to protect you. You may be a liberal or conservative, but you are definitely an independent of the first order.

Somebody, even somebody unknown, some amorphous group, paid for those influencing ads and political commercials. If they were not effective, they would not have spent those millions to buy and air them.

Your $25.00? Yes, individual donations count. That's why anyone seeking political office today courts individual donations....from those who donate lavishly! They may give lip service to "every dollar counts," but what they spend so much of their time lining up are the big donors, not the little dollars and cents that come from an actual "Joe the plumber" and "Hattie the waitress."

And I'll let you in on a not so "secret" secret. Some of those big donors, and donor groups, bet on both major candidates, giving lavishly to both! Why? Because they want the ear of the winner when it comes to whether or not their own goose gets cooked or fed in any future political decisions.

You may be the stay-at-home voter, the real "majority party" when we total those eligible to vote and compare that number to the number of those who actually vote in each election.

You are one of those potential voters the candidates and their political gurus and teams never tried to get to the voting booth. Why? You are too unpredictable! Why take a chance and spin their wheels on potential voters they can't count on, when it is more effective to count on influencing the voters who will actually vote? They just need one more of them than their opponent, not 5,000 more who may not want their candidate in the first place but about whom they know next to nothing, an unruly mob which might swing either way and to their detriment.

So you voted; so what! If you aren't one of that endangered species of truly independent voters, I'd rather drive one of the "unruly mob" to the polls!

Ask enough people "What time is it?" and you will get the correct time to within 30 seconds.

I tend to think that, if you ask enough Americans, enough Joes and Hatties, "Who's the best person for this job?" you'd get the best one more often than the one some person or group's big money is betting on. That is unless they bet their money like a hedge fund and bet on both candidates. In that case I'd bet, along with a lot of non-voters, "What did it really matter? I didn't like either one!"

The next election campaign starts as soon as the current one ends. Do you want to be special? Do what you can do to become that next election's "endangered species."

America needs you much more than you know. If that's too much trouble, resolve to be one of the "unruly mob" and surprise the poll takers and political pundits by silently, and without warning, going to the polls and voting the next time around, just based on your gut feeling, your reading of a candidate's face, their body language, anything that makes sense to you.

After all, that's where "common sense" should be coming from, not some party fat cat's bankroll.

We can all make a difference, but something different probably needs to happen first.


Who makes and changes the laws you must obey?



Copyright 2014 Demas W. Jasper All rights reserved.


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    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 3 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      If it gets even worse, how about one election we have a Write-In Campaign for "Nobody"? That won't work because someone will legally change his name to Nobody, and we will be stuck with a Nobody that nobody wanted (sort of like Congress today.)

    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 3 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      breakfastpop - It appears we are on the same page. I'll announce the cure, when I finish the book. Have a great weekend.

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 3 years ago

      Great piece of writing with a message I understand. I do believe there are voters out there who genuinely know the issues and vote intelligently. I also believe that there are very few of them. I can't tell you how many highly educated people I know who simply do not want to get involved. They view the political arena as corrupt and they believe that it doesn't really matter who wins. I disagree. Just look at the damage Obama has caused and it should become clear that it does matter who is in the WH. Our votes may not change America to what we think it should be, but we can stop the carnage that is going on now. Having said all of this, I fear that the illegals will be voting in droves along with dead people and 2 year olds! Let's hope for the best.