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So Your Name is Isis

Updated on November 27, 2015
ISIS, the dark force
ISIS, the dark force
Isis, the goddess
Isis, the goddess
Hatred and evil
Hatred and evil

It use to be, not long ago in the distant past, Isis was a name many parents would name their girl. Actually, Isis is still a beautiful name from Greek mythology. Isis was the goddess of the sky and nature and worshipped by the Egyptians and Romans. In other languages, the name Dora or Isidora represents the same qualities. The name also means royalty and a person who yields great power, such as a queen or king. In America, Isis means a goddess of magic and the most powerful of all female goddesses. There are estimated to be 73,700 females with this name worldwide.

How ironic today that the word Isis means quite the opposite. You can thank Daesh or Daish, more commonly known as ISIS or IS, that satanic group of men in the Middle East. Like a dark plague blanket, it spreads and corrupts the lost souls under the façade of Islam and the Quran.

For everyday people, those with that name, Isis, it is turning into a nightmare of sorts. Women with that name have their social media accounts disabled to prevent sick minds from harassing them. A bookstore or other businesses get vandalized because sick minds think the business supports the Islamic State! Many children and women face a different type of cruelty from friends or colleagues now because their name is Isis, a name that brings beheadings and rape to the mind of many. Worse, businesses like Isis Pharma, or Isis Mobile Payments, are among the hundreds that now are trying to disassociate themselves with the Islamic State by changing their name.

Really people?! This reminds one of the pre-WW2 days under Hitler in Germany where anyone with a Jewish name or sounding name was immediately under suspicion and questioned about their loyalty. We are, because of IS, becoming much more of a police state under the eye of government surveillance, be it, drones you cannot see, cameras throughout the city, heavier police presence, and more paranoia from common citizens about another’s loyalty. It is an insidious infection slowly spreading. This was the same type of infection that developed in the 1930’s after Hitler came into power.

One example of this is from Facebook. Isis Anchalee, an engineer in San Francisco, recently had her FB and Twitter account frozen because of her first name. FB said it had been flagged because other users found the name to be offensive! This is how the poison infiltrates one’s mind and how wrongly many think the same way and influence a company’s decision, in this case, FB. Luckily, FB, came to their senses and apologized to Isis for their error.

Even those within the US military with the name Isis face the same suspicion and ridicule. Isis Beckwith, now a Navy veteran, faced bad jokes, rude comments, suspicion while working. She even thought about changing her name. Then, there is a first grader who faced the same treatment from kids and went home crying because she did nothing wrong.

The Islamic State is truly the dark force in the world. Unlike in Star Wars, this battle between Good and Evil is real.


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    • emge profile image

      Madan 2 years ago from Abu Dhabi

      Good post Perrya, I am not sure as to who will win, 50 years down the line.