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How to be a Social Activist: in Action

Updated on March 28, 2016

Social Activist on the move!

Gaining a perspective in life can happen thousands of times. It is when we notice our situation and know that we are much further than when we were down on more than our luck in life, that we can see ourselves in a new positive light.
Gaining a perspective in life can happen thousands of times. It is when we notice our situation and know that we are much further than when we were down on more than our luck in life, that we can see ourselves in a new positive light. | Source

Discipline yourself into becoming a Social Activist

There are times when we have seen other people who have accomplished a huge feat, have attained a unique status or have miraculously overcame an atrocity against them and have reached a unanimous height in their life. It is then that we wonder: How did they get to do that? Another thing we may wonder to ourselves is: What did they do to get that role/position? A third option that one might wonder to themselves or discuss with another person is: What was it that made them think of that?

I am writing this hub in reflection of a security guard who works at the college I attend, asking me what I do and my response was: I'm a Community Activist and Advocate for several Human Rights causes, Community causes and a Follower of Christ, which helps me do all of these things. He responded in shock and with the phrase: "They still exist? I thought Activist's didn't exist anymore!" I felt elated and grateful once again that I am, who I have become. To help spread the word how one can start on the path of becoming a social activist, I've decided to create a how-to post on the subject. In order to be a Social Activist, one must be a good listener. This doesn't happen over night, it's a life lesson. Many of us decide to be a good listener as children, some as teens, others as young adults and if not by adulthood then it's a struggle within oneself to even think of the possibility of why it is beneficial to be a good listener. Heck! If one is lucky to be alive, because not being a good listener can get one killed and listening to the wrong influences in our lives can lead us down the wrong path.

For one to be seen as a social activist, one must also have developed superb skills of communication. It doesn't matter what avenue, all forms of communication should be good: Talking skills, Listening skills, Body language, Writing skills and the Actions in ones life. Another skill that needs to be developed is discipline. You know it, so STOP trying to hide from it. Practice makes perfect, remember? Prayer, Motivation, Meditation, Enhancement-Groups, fellowship, Read the Bible (Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastic, etc), Read inspiring books, Read a Self-help book. The point here is to get outside of yourself. Do stuff that involves your mind in a positive & motivational direction so that your mind and spirit can open up.

Another step that is very key in a social activists life, is that they know how to ask a question. Now, I know that there are some of you whose head just snapped, saying: "I know how to ask a question!!!" When the fact of the matter is: We never were taught how to actually act out 'Asking a Question.' More importantly, how to ask a question that deals with a stress-or issue. An example of this would be: Having a restaurant server act inappropriately and part of your meal is damaged (the salad has brown lettuce and the tri-tip steak is cold).

Key Steps laid-out

1. Have or develop great Listening skills.

2. Have or develop great Communication skills.

3. Be a Self-Disciplined individual. (E. g. Practice self improvement in positive and hopeful ways; strive to not need to be told why to develop a good habit, manner, way of life or skills.)

4. Enhance ones Questioning skills. (E. g. Learn to ask key questions and the appropriate time and place to ask such questions as well.)

*These are some Positive starter points, for the individual who might be interested in becoming a Social Activist. Godspeed.

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  • Sapphireid profile image

    Anna Taylor 5 years ago from San Diego, CA

    Hello KrystalD,

    Thank you for reading my new hub post. I really appreciate your compliments of my writing skills. Thank you for voting up! Yeah. Have a great night! Well, it's 10:58 pm. Respectfully,


  • KrystalD profile image

    KrystalD 5 years ago from Los Angeles

    Social activism is very important to me and I am glad to see it is for you too! I enjoyed reading your simple approach to activism. The truth is that we each can be an activist by opening our mouths and speaking up! Voting up and useful!