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Social Commentary - Uncle Sam and His Money

Updated on May 17, 2010

Poverty in a time of plenty is a symptom of a society in distress. When government asks more from its people than they are capable of or willing to give, it then has lost direction and is in the process of change.

When any president asks the American people to be compassionate as they have in the past, it is hardly the method government uses in their display of charity. Citizens do not give blindly but for a cause they can empathize with. Our government however, wants more of something that does not exist as it seeks to promote its abilities beyond the constitution in asking for complicity in an attempt to rationalize its own forms of virtue. Limits have been reached only because Washington has surpassed its own level of exasperation with what it continues to do. The seemingly benign ways of the past are giving way to new and malignant endeavors, which in the future will become difficult to contain or change.

One must define poverty and come to grips with what it is government has asked. One level of poverty is different from another. Ones vision of destitution is another` s plea of wantonness. The excesses of some, are poverty to others, yet prosperity can be poverty to those whose loyalties are questionable. The implied misery of the people is but an excuse to manipulate the country into distress which increases the limitations of liberty, beginning first with moral and financial insolvency on a personal level, then bankruptcy of the states, then the union.

The grandiose programs of government are authorities not given to charity but to those who desire power and control. They are the vehicle with which to achieve that purpose; it is the food of bureaucracy, the water of democracy and the oppression of the people.

The expectations of public largess are an indication that Americans have been conditioned to expect government performance in charity. However, the real need is for mercy. Anyone can give money, advice; anything, but what government cannot give is that which comes from the heart; something our government cannot ever posses or give. Its failed social programs come up short and we are asked to become more charitable and make up the difference.

Uncle Sam plays Americans for fools. They know that by giving government power to be charitable, they diminish themselves and further program society into subservience. By allowing this, they become poorer and merciless as the assumption is made that government can take responsibility of matters best left to individuals with whom compassion as a virtue is practiced as such. Why this is permitted, can be debated as an illusion given over to unsuspecting citizens or as a vision captured from them. Charitable behavior is not one of government, but of individuals exhibiting fidelity to their fellow citizens by discriminating the factual poor from the wanton libertine and commiserating the difference.

As Americans abdicate their responsibilities, their government prepares the tools of design and the lords in Washington govern more. The perception of poverty and need is relative for those with their hand out, yet analogous to those who are asked to give more. One can be wealthy, but poor in spirit. One can be poor, but posses great wealth in spirit. One can have nothing, yet have everything in peace of mind. One can have power beyond what nature has provided, yet be lacking in humility and self-control. Poverty without reason defined is an opportunity for government to exalt itself as distinct and resolute. Presidents may see virtue in government money and mercy in programs that help others, but shouldn’t the real vision remain with the people? Don’t presidents know that liberty with ambition, less government interference, would drive many into real prosperity,real change ?.

The problems with Uncle Sams money lie not in methods used to redistribute the wealth of others, but in the continuation of the self-promoting fables that government cannot support any longer with worthless dollars or diminished values.

It was Jesus Christ who said "the poor you will have with you always", He new it as part of the human condition. Washington` ignoble pleas go beyond the charitable and trespass into the private. Our federal government lacks the nobleness to solve the poverty problem. It tries to cast the burden further upon those whom government requires to pay. Not only has Washington squandered the funds which it has taken in the past, it now attempts to give a sense of duty to the demand of future obligations. President  Bush implied this when he suggested “we should give to someone in need”. He forgot that Americans are wondering were all the money went that was supposed to “fix “the problem our government said it needed many years ago. Our people can still remember President Johnson’s efforts with the Great Society. His actions seem a forlorn motive as the politicians in Washington continue with their licentious behavior and sharpen ambition at the expense of the American people who not only supported many of their own citizens though unconstitutional programs, but also others throughout the world who have ingratiated themselves with Washington.

A nation that placates its sins by feigning mercy must first find its conscience without relying on charity for its penance. A merciful people need no such folly when seeking to express charity by giving to the truly needy while avoiding the quasi-poor and malingerers of society. Those who take money from Uncle Sam and prosper with their poverty or who profit at the expense of others, are no better than a government that prospers at the expense of its citizens. If one could feed off of the other, it surely must be the case in the United States of America today, and the country is failing because of it.

Uncle Sam’s money has turned out to be everything, and nothing.


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    • profile image

      amorea13 7 years ago

      "Poverty in a time of plenty is a symptom of a society in distress". Wow George! What a great start to a great hub - and this IS a great hub full of knowledge and more important, full of compassion and good sense.

      Got to vote this up too.

      Thing is George - that over the last 70 to 80 years all government everywhere (in every country that is 'banking-controlled')the 'system' has been cleverly 'adjusted' by those in power to confuse and conceal a number of issues - most notably that government / law / corporations run the ordinary citizens' lives as if they, the citizens, are (wait for it!) NOT human-beings; living, sentient souls from (if you like) God!

      Government and their 'partners' have slowly made us believe that THEY have the answers and that WE know nothing. It is even in their 'law-language (called 'legalese) which commands us to do things (and pay money) which we would never have agreed to in the past. I guess our 'state-education' has something to answer for in that!

      Thanks for this hub George - awesome.

    • Origin profile image

      Origin 7 years ago from Minneapolis

      That's a good article! I've always had the feeling that sometimes the folks on the hill don't remember what it's like to be one of the little guys.

    • Moulik Mistry profile image

      Moulik Mistry 7 years ago from Burdwan, West Bengal, India

      I appreciate our passions about common universal issues - very well done...