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Social Commentary - Uncle Sam`s Ballgame

Updated on April 8, 2010

Some would say baseball is the nation’s pastime and others might say our government’s pastime is similar to baseball. If an analogy is made to baseball versus a ballgame that’s akin to government sport, one would find the populace in America engaged in the authoritative version while the sport of baseball became a phantom from the past.

The president’s recent state of the union speech seeks to drive home the government’s game and preserve whatever is left of our liberties and country by ameliorating all the past failures into a conglomerated action which would seem to solve the ills of American society while excusing the government of the same.

Government baseball in which the people are made to appear as participants, but function as spectators is an abuse of power. The government controls the play, fixes errors, and sets as umpire its own judiciary until it takes care of any chance of winning, and continues the play indefinitely. While the game is ongoing Washington maintains the tempo, controls the rhythm and manipulates the players. Any protests as to the rigged game, is easily challenged as “it’s the only game in town and if you don’t like it, you can leave” thus placing malcontents outside benefits and the freedoms it controls. Tough luck for the citizens who wish to participate as knowledgeable Americans, they are considered unwelcome intruders and remain outside or held within democratic chains which bind the soul,spirit and civics of the person to unexplained pogroms granted, yet held in usury to all.

As in baseball, the players cannot know the plans the coach has for wining the game; nor how he will control his players and manage the opposing team. Players aren’t permitted this knowledge. They play by instinct, by rote action ingrained by hours of practice and by skillful stroking. Not so the politician whose expertise is by virtue of power and methodology. Likewise in the same manner Americans through years of indoctrination and manipulation have yielded to whatever it is the coach (president) would have them do. By insidious advancements of entitlements and social programs, they have accepted whatever comes their way as beneficence of national idealism.

The ballgame never ends. Its promises of winning are an illusion of hope, a charade were no one appears to tire of participating. Conditioning is such that the spectator within it is at odds with the player participants who cannot quit the game as this would be an unacceptable societal betrayal. The terms of play are by definition loose ideations without a social foundation, yet to be in the game, are accepted by the masses without question. Any rogue player is unwelcome into the camp. Uncle Sam has no use for renegades. In this ball game he has no need of those as bold as to challenge the coach on decisions, rules, or every call. Uncle Sam’s ball game is played with “his ball and bat” and all players, all spectators, are required to participate or to leave. This then is the place where many patriotic citizens find themselves, outside of the ballpark.

Uncle Sam however remains inside with those Americans whose condition is worse than broken and more destitute than defamed. Americans would do well to realize as Victor Hugo did in describing the French goverment of the past, America was everywhere, but it was not in Washington.


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