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Gender and Racial Identity Chaos

Updated on September 9, 2014

A recent phenomenon

At least with the coverage this topic gets, identity debates are relatively new. This sparked my interest after hearing about instances such as in Oregon where a child that identifies as the opposite gender has been allowed to use the bathroom that matches their identity. There was of course a lot of controversy over this, which makes sense. Though, it extends way beyond children and gender. If a person of more than one race says they want to only identify as one of them, then so be it, case closed. This is, of course, due to the fact that no one is allowed to tell someone who they are allowed to identify as. At least that's where the massive hypocrisy starts to come in. The far left wants to let people deny what something factually is and allow it to only come down to what is in a person's mind. If you are going to take that rough premise, at least make it consistent, that's all I ask for.

Factual hypocrisy

Let's look at some scattered news stories about a white child from South Africa who created outrage in school when referring to himself as an African-American. Apparently the term "African-American" only applies to black people born in the US and not to white people actually born in Africa. That is a comical defiance of facts. He is actually African, as that refers to his continent of origin, not his skin color. Yet these open minded liberals won't hear any part of it. Even if there was an attempt to cause a stir, you can't deny the facts of where he is from. And also, what happened to identifying as whatever you want? Oh, I guess that doesn't apply to white people and race. This would all be solved if we moved away from this excessive political correctness and just said black and white based on skin color. That way we wouldn't get all caught up in the semantics of labeling and identity double standards. Imagine if a black person born in Europe living the US wanted to be called European-American, do you think there would be the slightest bit of outrage from these same people?

Getting into the girls locker room

If we go back to gender, there is another outlandish double standard. As I previously mentioned, the trend seems to be allowing children who identify as the opposite sex to basically be able to use those gender specific facilities. Then, of course the logical conclusion must be that any adult can say they identify as whatever gender they want and go wherever they want. No exceptions. That's the secret for all those guys that always wanted to get a glimpse of what goes on inside the girls locker room. You just need to say you identify as a female. It would be incredibly offensive to question or deny what someone identifies as, so that's the end of it. Those people have to hold the same standard for everyone. If you allow it to happen at all, you must be prepared for the rest of society to potentially get creative. So all this time, if guys were mired in anxiety on how to access the women's locker room, it couldn't be any simpler, just walk right in. This, of course applies to women going into the men's locker room too, I wouldn't want to be a hypocrite here.

Draw the line somewhere

Facts are facts, if someone was born a male or female, but identifies as the opposite, then they are still factually what they were at birth. You can say you identify as something else, but without substantial surgery, please don't refer to yourself as something that is untrue. I know there are some legitimate points to this issue, but I want these same crusaders of standing up for self-identity to be prepared not to have any double standards. The backup for identity comes down to intangibles such as feelings and a state of mind. If that is the case, then any Chinese person can say they identify as Australian, and and white person can identify as black. Just make sure that white person fully benefits from all those affirmative action and race based initiatives too. You cannot apply these liberal policies and codes of conduct to specific cases and groups. If you are so open minded and caring, stop coming off as so hard lined and closed minded to anyone that doesn't share your narrow view.


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