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The Impact and Fallacies of Social Justice Warriors

Updated on January 10, 2017

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The gender pay gap
The gender pay gap

The Wage Gap

The wage gap is more specifically a feminist propaganda term, but it is a commonly held belief in the SJW sphere. The wage gap is essentially the idea that women make something like 80 cents for every dollar that a man makes. And it is made to seem as if this statistic comes directly out of the study of a man and a women side by side working the exact same job and making perfectly identical career choices. However, this is blatantly false, but, women who ignore their reproductive drive and make matching occupation choices as men make slightly less on average. My point here is to make the claim that it is not out of sexism that women make slightly less in the same careers as men.

Imagine you are an employer and you can hire either a man or a women. You are choosing candidates for a critical role in your business, the position will require constant availability and reliability and you'd prefer someone who will be around for years with little interruption. They are both in their mid to late twenties and so you consider their possible life choices. You would be more likely to chose the man with the simple reasoning that the women will likely take a maternity leave for up to a year, and she may even chose to have more children. Going by the national average behaviour of women of her age, it is quite possible that she will end up dropping her career entirely. Although you recognize that the man and the woman could be equally capable of handling the position, you remember a few facts. On average women are more likely to call in sick and miss days, they're more likely to bring their dogs to work and they tend to use human resource managers to get a raise instead of negotiating directly with you. Not only that but you also know that generally speaking, men tend to be more interested in getting ahead and usually have more career ambition than women. Taking all of this into account you also know that you should not simply go by statistical reasoning and societal generalities, so you interview both of them and ask them about their possible future life choices.

With such an example you can see quite clearly why the wage gap is merely a form of propaganda, a myth. Of course however it is real, it is not an issue of sexism but rather of life choices and general behavior. I hope I've dispelled it with a simple example, however if you are interested feel free to do a little research.

Why Women Are So Unhappy

The Wage Gap and Women's Happiness

Women's overall satisfaction with life and average levels of happiness has drastically decreased. I'd have to say that it has to do with feminism. Women are being told that marriage is akin to slavery, and that raising children is degrading in comparison to a lofty position in a fortune 500 company. This has had absolutely horrible effects on women. They're now more depressed than ever. When women ignore their reproductive drive in favor of career, they're completely denying their natural dispositions. While that may sound sexist, ask yourself why it sounds sexist, because of feminist propaganda? I mean, we all recognize that grandmas taking care of their grandkids are often the happiest people on earth. Mothers who raise competent and ambitious children are proud and happy. Whereas women with six cats, an apartment, and an office job, are not so often the happiest people. I recognize that I'm not substantiating my claims with any studies or data, but I believe my anecdotal arguments should be enough to at least strike up thought in your own mind, and that is my purpose with this article.

UCT Rhodes Protester
UCT Rhodes Protester

White Men Invented Slavery

This one I've heard a lot throughout my life. In school in social studies or humanities we would learn about how the white man invented slavery. I'm really blown away by the sheer level of ignorance contained within this statement, I mean, I shouldn't even have to dispute it.

Firstly the ancient egyptians were black and had jewish slaves. On top of that, slavery has been practiced by nearly all societies throughout history and is definitely not something created by white males.

With this myth comes white guilt. Ah yes, white guilt. As a white male I am supposed to be ashamed of what I have done to black people. I enslaved them and I owe them money and apologies and my guilt. This particularly pisses me off. The sheer impudence to suggest that I, a white male, due to my race and sex, owe another race anything. It's a kind of collectivism, a ridiculous and quite frankly disrespectful and racist form of generality and it's sickening.

I am not guilty at all for the slavery and genocide committed by white men. Firstly, I am not white men. I'm Sam, and I care about my fellow human beings, I'm compassionate and I would never think of enslaving a race and degrading them based on their levels of melanin. Secondly, white women were raising the white men who had the sadistic and sinister ability to brutalize blacks. White women were sleeping with the men who owned plantations, they were reproducing with the slave drivers and slave traders. White women have just as much a role in this as white men. And like I said, it is sexist and racist to assume that because you are said race and said gender that you should be guilty, and that you owe another race your money and apologies from here to eternity.

President Elect Donald Trump
President Elect Donald Trump

I Can't Believe You Voted for Trump!

Now I don't support trump, and I don't even really believe in voting. I recognize that all politicians are reprehensible scum bags who lie through their teeth, and if you give any one of them a chance at taking office they will bend over backwards for corporate interest and international banks. You can have your hopes, but I'm going to say look at history, has any single politician gone into office and actually fulfilled all their campaign claims? I have yet to see that. Anyways, Trump, a racist, sexist, bigoted, hate and fear mongerer. Right? We shouldn't have any respect for him and anybody who voted for him is a monster. That's what I hear coming from the left, but have they stopped to empathize with the Trump voter, you know, practice a little compassion?

Let's imagine why somebody would vote for Trump. They must hate women and mexicans, and want people to die and so on. Well, no, keep in mind that Trump voters are people. They are tired of big government taking their money and spending it on all sorts of failed programs and inefficient projects. A Trump voter is usually someone who just wants smaller government. They want less regulations so that they can start that business they dreamed of when they were a kid. They imagine an America of freedom, rather than government dependence and oppression. Don't simply resort to insults when arguing your side of the debate, Trump voters can insult hillary and call her racist and sexist for supporting slavery and female genital mutilation by taking campaign donations from Saudi Arabia and so on. But to have a successful country, or any chance at an undivided nation, Americans need to learn to debate without screaming like toddlers. Yes, I'm looking at you, SJWs and feminists.

Until people are willing to open up to the reality that most people are simply doing the best with the knowledge and skills that they have, the west will remain a divided and cold place with little to no unity. People will continue to shy away from conversations about politics and as such, things will get worse as people cower from debate. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed, if you have a correction, suggestion, or an argument to make feel free to comment your thoughts.


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    • Sam Wickstrom profile image

      Sam 10 months ago from Nelson, BC, Canada

      Excellent article Marcelo. Very important information and I agree with you, if you haven't checked out Stefan Molyneux on youtube give it a shot.

    • Marcelo Guadiana profile image

      Marcelo Guadiana 10 months ago

    • Sam Wickstrom profile image

      Sam 11 months ago from Nelson, BC, Canada

      In general, most of the time... there are exceptions to every mean.

    • profile image

      Brandon Ferreira 11 months ago from Massachusetts

      are you sure about this? i know many women whom make much more $$ then men