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Social Justice and Equality

Updated on June 5, 2015

Build Your Society With Justice and Equality

The world around us tend to get even worse than the decade's past in spite as the majority thought there are many changes and advancements made. Weather had changed, fault lines had erupted, calamities occurred and destroyed lives and properties, severe infliction had caused lots of poor swam into the pool of poverty. All these were results of social injustice and inequality.

Environmental development due to industrialization caused significant change to our surrounding even if the proponents would stress on economic advantage. More development and changes affecting our environment had brought consequences that all people around the globe must suffer. We aren't aware that man-made destruction to our environment would cause natural disaster. There's a great contribution how human beings became factors how they would have suffer the effects of continuing environmental development such as the conversion of agricultural farmlands to industrial firms.

Is this really for everybody's benefit when developers would continue to build infrastructure causing to destroy our land and water sanctuaries? Is there justice serve to our ecology when all organisms had to suffer for the benefits of the few? Yes, we thought there's convenience brought by the continuing development however, such convenience will not be forever useful when nature would cause great devastation due to unending environmental development.

As the global population escalated severely according to survey, more opportunities of building construction is so prevalent among world cities and local areas. People had always build their own shelters and possessions which is typical to building empires and dominions for possessions.

Such a thought really caused great awareness that when people had the mentality to acquire dominion and properties for continuing development, especially when it caused severe destruction in our planet, then the entire humanity would not escape the reality and happenings how the mother earth would destroy the infrastructures in return and revenge of men's careless act.

The point of severe injustice in the optimum development of our environment for the benefit of the few had corresponding inequality when everyone would have suffer its consequences. Every concerned individual in our society must build a clear mental picture how to minimize the continuing development and utilization of our natural environment thinking it would give convenience to all?

Imagine the greatest impact of the world's calamities? Optimistically, natural calamities had factors affecting man-made contribution. Severe flood had emerged into its full blast bad effect as the natural passageways were touched and even blocked. The rivers were dumped with rubbish which prevent the flow of water to the main stream and those had been driven out to the seas. Those things affected the corals and fish are in danger and would not be safe at all.

So, what should we do when convenience of the few are inculcated in the minds of our modern generation? Will there be chance for the next generation to test the beauty of our nature? Do they have the chance to see the ambiance of a remained natural structure we had left in the face of our mother earth? Will they have a chance to smell the fresh air and gaze the natural beauty of species which give amazement to every one? Do they have the chance to explore the earth seeing the superb creation with it's natural beauty?

Why can't men change their thinking to attach themselves to the general environment where we lived in. We have to fairly treat our environment as the most beautiful place to inhabit without thinking you must need to secure only for your sake alone. The earth is the place for everyone to equally share, love and care.

We shall not instill in the minds of our generation to cause partitions and develop lands and make it as your own possession and dominion to the point of bringing several consequences which all people would suffer.

Such idea will enhance the entire humanity to look forward the future. Our generation today is not the only generation who would take benefit the beauty of our world's environment. There will be coming generation who would want to gaze the real beauty of our nature.

When we will not act today, then surely tomorrow will not come which give bright future to our next generation. I'm afraid it might be too late when the general people around the global community would not take action and passed legislation to prevent severe infrastructural and industrial environment causing the earth's disturbance.

Let's all be awakened to the reality. The world is not for the sake of the few who seem make propaganda that their causing development is for human convenience. It is not really is based on the continuing affect as we see the reality around us. Let's not be skeptical to the fact that today's generation had more something to do to preserve our mother earth. Save the last endangered species you see around your place. Conserve the natural beauty of your environment and make it as a place of other organisms which could add more attraction to the place.

This is true justice and equality when we lay the foundation to regain the paradise for the sake of our next generation. We are just all passers by on this planet, however your contribution which had been dig into the hearts of those who love their children and great grand children in the future are those that springs forth good life and better quality living. This is the only chance and hope we could have today.

Let's all save the planet! Don't ever wish to bring people Mars which was not our own habitation and place. What we do is to bring all the infrastructure and industrial development to the planet Mars. Let's all make the earth regain its natural beauty and make it a new paradise.



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