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Social Media Addiction Is Your Worst Enemy: A Strategy for Setting Yourself Free

Updated on July 20, 2016

Social media addition has become an epidemic that is ruining the lives of millions of users across the world. Just missing a day from engaging in this obsessive habit is pure agony for many, whether it be a son or daughter who stays locked up in their room, or a parent who forgets to fix dinner for her children or a father who lets the grass grow in his yard to an unacceptable height.

A number of symptoms exist for those who wonder whether or not they are addicted, including obsessive mental preoccupation with the idea while performing other duties, the sense of missing something when your not participating on a networking site, the neglect of priorities in daily living, spending extensive time on the computer and suffering from severe sleep deprivation. Such habits are a surefire sign that personal disaster is near.

Too much mental preoccupation with a social media sites such as Face book, Twitter, YouTube and others have several disadvantages. First, you cannot focus on those important things that needs to be done through the course of the day. For instance, in order to do an excellent job at work, an employee must be mentally focused on what he or she is doing. If not, the result could mean a private conference with the boss or pink slip without severance pay.

Many social media addicts can not stay away from a social network site for a day or even for a few hours. There seems to be a sense of missing somethings, such as gossip: something someone has done or said about someone else. And drama is one of the key attraction of social network sites. Of course, many spend hours listening to music on You tube or browsing photos on face book. Others like the rough stuff, such as street boxing or girl fights. Certainly there is enough drama to last a lifetime. No wonder many users are bored when they are not on the social network sites.

Daily priorities such as cooking, washing dishes, cleaning the house, mowing the lawn and paying bills are significant duties in most of our lives. When we neglect these duties, we can be considered addicted to our social network site. To continue to practice such behaviors can cause a number of hostile encounters in our homes. So this is something we may want to avoid at our cost.

Hogging the computer all day and night is a good way to start a revolution within your home, especially if there are kids around. Kids compete intensely. When one child has been participating on a social network site too long, the other will definitely start an uproar. If time is not distributed evenly, the conflict could blow the roof off the place. So if you want peace, take care of the situation right away. Computer hogger s prevent other important activities that must be performed with the computer, such as paying bills and checking on personal information.

Acknowledging Addiction

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Staying on a social media site until 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning can lead to a severe case of sleep deprivation. According to studies, we all need at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night. When we don't get this, all days are long and confusing. We exert little energy on the job; we are less receptive to others and we might say something to others that we ordinarily would not. Social network addition could ruin our entire week if we refuse the necessary sleep.

So what do you do if you know you or someone in your home is a social media addict. The first thing is to become aware that you are addicted. Awareness is important because it helps you to realize that you have a problem.

Write down on notebook a list of problems that your addiction has cost you and your family. Now think if you didn't have a social network addition, how many of these problems could have been avoided. This is an enlightening exercise. It will be clear to you what you must do to eliminate the challenges in your home.

If you are used to spending all your time on You tube or Twitter, abandoned this habit for a couple of days and spend time visiting friends or going to the park with your family members. This will help you

reconnect with those love ones who are the most dear in your life. Each loving moment with those who are dear to us must be cherished since we do not know what tomorrow may bring into our lives or the lives of our love ones. Practice spending time with others in person want be easy at first, especially if you are an avid network junky. However, you will gradually return to the reality of enjoying the people who are bodily present in your life.


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