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Social Problem

Updated on November 17, 2012
World Hunger
World Hunger

What Is a Social Problem?

The social problems caused by income inequality and unemployment have increased while growing the intense process of economic globalization and the means of production in the world.

Social problem is also known as social inequality, in other words, society is divided into classes, which usually occurs due to inequality in income distribution among the people of a particular country.

While we do not know who or which party is responsible for the social inequalities between countries of the world, it is clear that one of the main causes of this inequality is what we call economic inequality.

African Social Problem
African Social Problem

How Social Classes Are Formed?

Economic inequality is a serious problem that is present in most countries of the world, however, the economic problem is more pronounced in underdeveloped or developing countries. This is due to disparity in the unequal distribution of income among the peoples of the world.

The disparity in income distribution determines the purchase power that an individual has to acquire things; therefore, there is also disparity in education, the disparity in social integration, equal opportunities for all within a given society.

The differences in purchasing power among individuals of a society force the inevitable creation and division of people into different groups in the same community, thus, giving birth to the so called social classes.

In other words, the more money you make, the richer you become and the higher will be your social status.

Hungry Child
Hungry Child

What Are the Most Common Social Problems?

The most common social problems existent in underdeveloped and developing countries today are:

The social and economic inequalities are part of all countries, whether rich or poor, although it is more privalent in underdeveloped nations, where the problems comes since the colonial period and continues to increase in nowadays.

Among the many causes that contributes to the inadequate social conditions in underdeveloping nations across the globe, we can name a few that we consider to be the main ones and here they are:

Disparity in relation to income distribution: A large portion of the population has low income, which contributes to the aggravation of poverty. Generally the wealth remains in the hands of a minority, while the majority live with serious social problems.

Low level of education: This item is the result of differences in income, thus many school children are forced to leave their studies to develop some kind of work, in order to contribute to the family income.

Extremely poor housing conditions: The standard of living of the people reflects the class to which they belong to; the suburbs are devoid of basic public services (drinking water, sewage, lighting, etc.). From the second half of the twentieth century, urban centers had a bulky growth; however, the increase was not accompanied by infrastructure, forming slums. This process was from the rural exodus (migration of rural workers to the cities).

Hunger and malnutrition: in many countries that fall into the underdeveloped condition, the population faces a partial or total failure of acquiring food, often a portion of the population does not have sufficient financial resources to ensure access to the amount of daily calories that a person needs.

Problems related to health: in countries of extreme poverty, access to health care is very limited. The precarious health situation in which there are millions of people around the world comes from the lack of balanced diet, doctors, sanitation, improved water among many other reasons. Poor health leads to a high rate of infant mortality and low life expectancy.

What Is Your View on Social Problem?

Have you witnessed or been affected with the constant social disparities in your community? Do you know how many social problems are there in your community? How are they being resolved and by who? Please, talk a little about your city, state or country, share the problems you´ve encountered or observed that seems to be present in there and what is being done to alleviate or solve such problems?


In Conclusion:

I know that social problems exist since early age of humankind existence and as the years went by the world culture changed, people habits changed and so did the way of thinking and process information, however, social problem is one of those things that never changed.

With the advance in technology, science, medicine and education, it is hard to believe that in these days and age millions of human beings just like us are neglected by the higher and more prominent society and left to die.

Social problem is real and billions of people throughout this wonderful world are living in precarious conditions, are starving and dying and it seems that everything is normal and that´s part of who we are.

Our world has enough to everyone but, while some think that they are better than others and that they can careless for the rest, social problem in will continue to aggravate to the point where people will kill people in order to survive.

We must demand more from our government leaders to do more our people, they are elected and place in such privileged position to represent the people and to work for the people and not for themselves.

Social problem must be eradicated from the mist of our communities and this will only happens if we truly care one to another from the bottom of our hearts.


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