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Social Skills with Adults with AD/HD

Updated on November 20, 2010

Social skills are a large part of how people communicate with each other to conduct business in this economy. For many Americans who suffer from AD/HD this is a huge hurdle to conquer. It is possible to conquer the problem of lack of social skills if you are willing to take a few tips and tricks that one of my family members who suffers from AD/HD. Please note that I am not a doctor or a psychologist I am just a person who has two family members in my family that suffers from AD/HD.

In this age of Twitter, Facebook, My Space, Blogger and so many other websites people spend so much time talking about things that are at times at their best, trivial.  Most people get so absorbed by these sites and the people that are on them find themselves not having a real life outside of computers. For the ADHD sufferer, this attention deficit behavior can be mirrored and taken to the extreme. The ADHD sufferer, sees so many things all at once it is kind of like having multiple windows opened on a computer and doing seven things all at once but in reality the ADHD sufferer is not doing any one task completely and or thoroughly enough to satisfy any one person on all of those windows that are open on the computer. To help counter act this problem, what my family member does is reduce the projects that he wants to do to maybe one or two projects that he wants to complete. He makes a concerted effort to complete the task totally before he moves onto the next project.

Distraction is a large element in ADHD disease that can be devastating to the person that is suffering from it.  In this fast paced world of multi-tasking and multi-stimulation it is very difficult for most people to be able to complete tasks that are giving to them at their jobs or working on computer systems.  For the ADHD sufferer it is almost impossible to complete a project or task that is put in front of them.  One tip that I was told that helps keep my family member “on track” is keep things organized in his daily life. Putting items in their place so that their work environment in clear from clutter. This sounds so easy but for the ADHD sufferer it is a daily struggle because they want to start so many projects and can have project lying around their work space everywhere.

Hyperactivity in ADHD sometimes can be a huge benefit in this new era of instant communication with people over the computer. They can text faster than the average person and develop faster creative ideas like a rapid machine gun that are brilliant. The down side to the hyperactivity aspect is that the ADHD sufferer can type or say things that are highly offensive or can be misunderstood as offensive to someone that doesn’t understand him or her context of what is being expressed. This can be devastating to the person that has the ailment. To counter act this behavior before the conversation gets started in an email, what I suggest is to take the time to step back from your initial impulses and read the email to yourself out loud. If need be take the time to print out the email and read it out loud again to yourself to be able to understand the nuances to the message.  Performing this skill can be beneficial to the ADHD sufferer to dodge the possible communication “bomb” that is being launched from the person that is sending the message.

For so many people in America, developing healthy social skills is a constant tight rope that we walk on a daily basis. It is not easy to be able to read non-verbal communications when everything is done by computer or from a distance over the phone. This is especially difficult for adults suffering from AD/HD when they mostly get their dim social cues from face-to-face interaction. This holds true in a normal every day interaction with people in their communities. With ADHD, many who suffer with this disease have a huge disadvantage in this new age of non face-to-face communication. Since ADHD suffers are not always able to pick up certain physical clues that the communicator is trying to express it makes it a frustrating communication battle. Hopefully in this article I have given you a few tips to get you started on a road to taking better control of your social skills and be able to master some skills that will lead to better interaction with people and a richer life.

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