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Social Value

Updated on January 23, 2016

Ordinarily value means belief about what is right and wrong and what is important in life. Social value means the norms or forms of behavior which are widely acceptable and admirable in society. Social are the root of all virtues that pave the way for the harmony of a society. It is the social values that are the key to the development of a society. With social values, a person shapes up as a good human being and plays an important role in society’s development. That can be beneficial for the society as well as that particular individual. Thus if every individual develops good social values and play crucial role in the society’s development with those values, that will be of maximum benefit to that particular society. Here in this article we will discuss the different aspects of social values.

Social Values

Social values helps to build a united society.
Social values helps to build a united society.

Meaning of Social Value:

The meaning of the term “social values” has changed over the years. In modern time, along with the particular beliefs it also refers to the life style that people think that they should accept. In the past, honesty, sincerity, truthfulness, piety, fellow feeling etc. were regarded as the social values. In one word, only different human behaviors were regarded as social values. But in modern time, the definition has changed and that is due to the change in the lifestyle of the people. But still one should remember that there is hardly any social values that can overpower the humanitarian qualities. So their existence is more than essential for the society’s development and no change of meaning can be enough to defy that.

Utility of Social Value:

Without social values a society cannot advance. It is absolutely impossible from a society’s perspective to prosper without the practice of social and moral beliefs as well as traditions. In addition, in absence of social values, there is chaos and confusion in society. People cannot try their best without their inner values and hope to build up a successful society. The preservation of social values is a must for the harmonious growth of a society. With the lack of these values, bad and heinous people are allowed to grow in abundance in the society which ultimately lead to it’s destruction. So, social values are very much necessary in case developing a nation. In absence of them criminals are held in high esteem in society which is undesirable and a stumbling block to the development of a nation. With criminals held in high esteem, you can just expect to be a nation to be destroyed.

Social Values Is Needed In Every Sector of Life

To build up a good society, you will need to exercise social values in every sector of life.
To build up a good society, you will need to exercise social values in every sector of life.

The Comparison between the Past and the Present:

Adopting unfair means in any walk of life for any reason whatsoever was regarded as evil in the past. People tried to keep themselves away from all sorts of malpractices and misdeeds. "Honesty is the best policy"- This was the motto of the people in general. The miscreants were in great disrepute in society. They were hated by all and sundry. But it is a pity that those social values are interpreted now the other way round. Now the criminals are honored as heroes of society. The people are afraid to speak against their evil deeds. The basis of the present social values is the materialistic attitude of the people in general. With a few exceptions, people now run after name, fame and fortune without giving any thought to right or wrong, good or evil, moral or immoral. In another word, people look to go behind things that will make them popular in everybody’s eye. They now only think about themselves. But in the past, people used to think about their surroundings and try to keep significant contribution in society’s development and also the nation’s. That’s why nations were so much developed at that time. But now due to our extremely thinking about ourselves, we are not able to keep significant contributions in society’s development. We become happy with success of our own but hardly think of people around us.

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The Effects of Social Values:

The effects of social values in the present age are deplorable. The noble qualities are now in exile. Honest people are now pushed to the wall. The wrong doers are held in high esteem because of their post, power and position. But with these kinds of deeds, the ultimate output is not good at all. The wrong doers ultimately play the major role in the destruction of the society. Yeah, people realize it very late but at that time there is no other option left other than regret.

Social values which are honored and harbored by people in the past should be preserved by way of raising awareness among them by inculcating the habit of doing good deeds, maintaining moral scruples, detesting vices and shunning covert practices in order to put society on a sound footing. With the preservation of such values, good people will be honored and thus be held at their deserved positions. Then the society will be enlightened again like the past and be developed. So it is mandatory for everyone to practice the social values and eventually this will lead to the foundation of a successful world.

How To Increase Your Social Value


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    • breathing profile image

      Sajib 2 years ago from Bangladesh

      Thank you all for such valuable comments. Yeah you are absolutely right that we need to exercise social values to a much greater extent so that we can develop the norms among the people. Actually the exercise of social values is a broader concept and need to be started right from your own house. If the children are up brought with exercise of social values, they will become good citizens which will in turn help the society.

    • profile image

      Parkinson 2 years ago

      The sheer truth is that in today’s world of technological advancement, moral norms are being faded away gradually. And the main reason behind this is the absence of social values. I thank the author from the core of my heart for bringing up such an important issue. Social values are very much important in the modern society. Because as days are passing, people are becoming more and more like the animals. This is true in case of most of the societies. In such a circumstance you will need to exercise social values more and more so that the people can look forward to build a good and moral society.

      The effects of social values are huge and extensive. The author has discussed it briefly. But if you want to build up a good society like the past, you must start the proper exercise of social values. Otherwise the society will worst.

    • profile image

      relationsolve 2 years ago

      Indeed social values are very much important for the development of a person as a good human being. Yeah I completely agree with the hub author that the meaning and nature of social values have changed over the years. But still there are some qualities that are regarded in high esteem in the field of social values. Honesty, truthfulness, helping others etc. are some such qualities. Moreover, the absence of these qualities in general has led to the destruction of many modern day societies. So even with the changing nature of social values, some human qualities are the cornerstone of social values in all ages.

      The author has nicely pointed out that without social values a society’s advancement will be hampered greatly. Also the comparison of the present and past time has been a great highlight of the cultures of the two times. That’s why I thank the author for writing such a necessary post in context of the modern day society.

    • profile image

      Joanne1231 5 years ago

      Hi, I'm agreeing with Phil as well, there is a decay in social value as well. I was googling social value and found this article as well, which is ALSO considered social value. A bit confusing.

    • KMattox profile image

      KMattox 6 years ago from USA

      I completely agree with your assessment of nasty people being held in high esteem. Unfortunately that seems to be happening the world over. I think it's partly because good people have allowed bad people to bully and pressure them into letting the bad people rule over them. Good people need to stand up and say no!

      Great hub very thought provoking! Voted up and awesome.

    • annaw profile image

      annaw 6 years ago from North Texas

      Unfortunately this type behavior is everywhere. Times have changed and with it the values and morals. For many their motto is get what you need by any means necessary and will be quick to to say it's just business. What a sorry state of the world it is. I am never surprised about the lenghts humanity will go to fill their pockets and to oppress their fellow man. I am saddened by this but what can we do? Whwn one crook is taken down there are 10 others in the making. Such has become life. Good Hub.

    • breathing profile image

      Sajib 6 years ago from Bangladesh

      Thanks a lot Phil Plasma.

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      I am also seeing a decay in the social values that are in our society presently as compared to past years. It is good that you are bringing this to light.

    • breathing profile image

      Sajib 6 years ago from Bangladesh

      Thank you very much twilanelson for your comment.

    • twilanelson profile image

      Twila Nelson 6 years ago from Carmichael, California

      Thank you for sharing these ideas with the readers of today. I try not to let myself get away from the honor system and the honorable social values of my heritage. I spend time trying to remind others of ethics, and I try to teach honest, virtuous, honorable and good social values to my children, friends and other family members. Again, I thank you for this thoughtful and much needed Hub.