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Social-enlightening for prevention of taking psychoactive substances using in the system of students’ social service

Updated on November 14, 2016
Published on August 09, 2014

Student's Social Service

Have you ever heard anything about the Student's Social Service? This topic is not new, but very actual today. The topicality of the research is determined by an increasing number of young drug addicts among youth. Unfortunately, this problem is very common in European countries and beyond.

Using drugs by youth – is a serious problem, because drugs abuse (especially hard drugs) is very harmful and often turns a young man into dysfunctional member of society, which can’t communicate and interact with society adequately. This is especially important for the academic youth, which was always considered the elite of the nation, its intellectual and cultural potential.

Student's Social Service Role

Any mechanisms of state control, laws, and restrictions can’t change the situation with drug using. Only one right way – to develop self-awareness, self-control, social activity of young people; motivate them to a healthy lifestyle, and to create the conditions for personal development. The main credo of social work is «help in the development of self-help». Youth have to learn how to help each other to solve problems, based on the principle of "peer to peer". It can be implemented in higher educational establishments as a part of the educational activities. Example is Student's Social Service.

Students’ Social Services are founded at colleges and universities with the goal to solve social problems, provide students with social services, promote healthy lifestyle, conduct narcotic control activities, prevent experimenting with psychoactive substances and turning to drugs. Students’ social services disseminate knowledge of the results of drug addiction, affects of drugs and the punishment for drug abuse; conduct anti-drug classes, and workshops on prevention of drug abuse.

Nowadays the importance of modern effective methods of narcotic control activities, anti-drug strategies and anti-drug programs has increased.

Creation of Student’s Social Service promotes the development of youth social initiatives, social projects for drug taking prevention, volunteer movement, and the meaningful leisure. It makes pedagogical conditions of realization of social-enlightening activity for prevention of taking psychoactive substances by students and youth.

Working as a volunteer in the Student’s Social Service, students can work in such areas:

- to investigate the reasons for drug addiction;

- to make analysis of different approaches to addictive behavior, with the aim of define the structure, features, aspects, conditions and specificity of students’ social service in drug-abuse prevention;

- to create a system of social-pedagogical influences on a person with the aim to acquire immunity to addiction;

- to obtain data of narcotic control activity;

- to elaborate recommendations for tutors, instructors, lecturers, students, volunteers who take part in promoting healthy lifestyle, conducting narcotic control activities, preventing experimenting with psychoactive substances such as alcohol, drugs, tobacco;

- to use different teaching forms and methods (active training, lectures, video lecture, discussion, consultation, etc.);

- to establish a partnership with different social care services and charitable organizations and so on.

How students work?

It works on the principle of voluntary participation. Everyone is welcome to join the activities of Student’s Social Service as a leader, organizer, performer, and participant.

Work in the Service gives an opportunity to engage volunteers in community activities and communication, helps in socialization and formation of important personal qualities, such as: independence, responsibility, awareness of your actions and the value of life, commitment, initiative, self-controls, self-confidence, creativity, mobility, philanthropy, stable life position.

Student's as a Volunteer

Student's Social Service
Student's Social Service


Volunteers among students work in Student’s Social Service as interviewers, creators of social advertising, promoters, managers, organizers, consultants, coaches, facilitators, leaders of different activities, the researchers of social processes, project participants, intermediaries, assistant specialists.

In the context of Student’s Social Service we offer the following actions:

1) Training of leaders among students whose activities will focus on the preventive activity’s implementation;

2) Conducting mass actions of the university with the provision of information about the psychoactive substances harmful effects;

3) Distributing of printed information (brochures, calendars, leaflets, demonstration pictures and video materials);

4) Conducting briefings for supervisors of academic groups, providing them with methodical recommendations to promote healthy lifestyles among youth;

5) Conducting anonymous questioning among students, aimed at studying the dominant values of student youth, their attitude to a healthy lifestyle, their level of knowledge about the harmfulness of drugs effects;

6) Creating an information booth on the drug addiction prevention «The choice is ours» to post messages, articles, visual material and so on;

7) Regular consultations for students, their parents and teachers;

8) Organizing of interactive educational and creative activities in student’s groups;

9) Demonstrating of social advertising about drug using prevention during breaks between academic classes;

10) Establishing of social theater, which prepares theater performances about the causes and consequences of psychoactive substances using;

11) Functioning of a permanent video club with a demonstration of documentary and feature films about the problems of drug addiction, drinking alcohol and smoking;

2) Organizing of student conferences on the negative events prevention among youth and so on.

The active involvement of the student youth in this work will help to overcome the problem and educate a healthy, socially active generation.


This article focuses on the role and importance of Students’ Social Service, as an association of initiative youth, which seeks to improve student life.

Such services are open to any student and are ready to assist him in solving a wide variety of urgent social problems: social support for students to adapt to the new learning environment; prevention of negative phenomena among young people; creation and development of the student volunteer movement in the university. This is a strong source of student initiatives, information spreading, and formation of self-awareness and student's life style.

All who are interested in exploring this topic please write your comments. I'll be grateful for the feedback.

Tuituinnyk Olha

Cherkassy, Ukraine


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