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Societal Revolution - Why Change In Culture Is Necessary

Updated on March 6, 2017

Change In Society

From time to time every community undergoes some social change. The change may be very gradual and very subtle. Or the change may be very quick and upon the scale of a revolution. The former happens all the time and can only really be seen when places are compared over a span of years or more. The latter, however, is very sudden and very often results in the collapse of the ruling powers. This is often because an attempt is made to prevent conservative values from becoming antiquated, usually from social opposition by some popular movement. Let us look at why society must undergo change.

The Process of Social Change

Let us say we have a society with a social norm of the youth not speaking in the presence of their elders. It could be that in previous generations the youth completely disregarded the wisdom of their elders which caused them detriment. Now it has become the norm not to speaking in their presence, but only to listen. As time would pass, the norm would be passed on to the future generations. But while the practice would still exist, the purpose of the practice would be lost. All persons would know is that they are not permitted to speak in front of their elders. This may breed resentment due to a perceived loss of individuality and freedom, as a kind of subjugation. Further to the point, the elders may obtain a sense of superiority and self-importance with this expectation of silence, and such a privilege will then be seen as a right. This can then lead to arrogant behaviour.

With the youth with a sense of suppression and the elders further driving the stake home with arrogance, the conditions would then be perfect for a revolution. It would only take one idealistic youth to take advantage of the agitated emotions of the rest of his/her brethren to start it. Assuming the revolution is successful they cycle may then repeat itself as youth live recklessly and must them turn back to gaining the wisdom of the experience of their elders to live better.

Thus society must constantly undergo a change like a balance because scales added to left and tips the balance to that side and scales shifted to the right side to re-balance the scales tips the scale to the other side. Thus constantly adjustment is required.


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