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Society Is the Problem

Updated on November 6, 2018
robdemars1 profile image

I'm a writer who likes to write about controversial issues in a straightforward, non-politically correct way.

Thanks to our crooked and upside-down society we are all losing the battle for freedom.

While many will refuse to admit that there is an oppressive force slowly taking over our so-called; “democratic western world”, there are more and more people waking up and taking notice. That being said, we are still the minority. We are the “Conspiracy Theorists”. We are the shunned, amazingly, by a society living with blinders on.

It is the willful ignorance of this society that is turning its back on humanity and the mere concept of freedom. Those of us who see the truth are its helpless victims, forced to stand by and watch how those in power are working to slowly strip us of every basic right and freedom that we should have as humans.

Though people around the world tend to focus on the United States, oppressive governments everywhere are slowly enslaving their own citizens. We in the west are quick to point everywhere else and make bold judgments about their policies and the tyrannous treatment of their citizens. All the while we in the west are being oppressed ourselves, so skillfully that most of us don’t even know it.

We have become a society that shapes our perceptions into what we want them to be, not what they truly are. A very dangerous thing if you ask me. It is this very thing that makes it possible for the powers that be to manipulate us into handing over all our rights and freedoms. We will do it willingly, and with smiles on our faces.

I’m quite sure that some of you are already rolling your eyes and tisking disapprovingly. “Here we go again…another conspiracy nut!”. That is what you are thinking right? Call me what you want to, but it doesn’t’ change the fact that we are being overrun by our governments. Their infringement of the basic rights and freedoms of citizens around the world is not Democratic and has nothing to do with freedom.

That being said, this article is not meant as a wake-up call to the masses. Any attempt to do so would be a waste of time. If true giants, like John F. Kennedy or the information given to the world by Wikileaks and Ed Snowden couldn’t do it then I certainly can’t. It seems that nothing is horrific enough to make the masses open their eyes and acknowledge the truth.

So, how did this happen? Is everybody really that blind that they can’t see what is right in front of them? Are they brainwashed? What the hell is so powerful that can make ordinarily clear thinking and logical people, so completely submissive and ignorant?

Ever heard of conditioning? What about Social Engineering? Grooming is a term that also comes to mind. I know, the term grooming is generally used to describe what some priests do to their victims, and I am not trying to be offensive, but let’s call it what it is. In my opinion, grooming a child and conditioning an entire society is equally disgusting and horrifying.

Conditioning is like a spell, cast over our society that must be broken in order to wake up the masses. A daunting task indeed.

Whether we call it The New World Order, The Illuminati or just outright corporate greed, it is becoming a serious fucking problem. A force which is slowly tightening its grip on all of us.

It is rampant across the world and has been at work for decades if not centuries. It used to operate in secret, behind the scenes, and only a select few were privy to the kind of information that we can gather today. Yet information has not loosened the grip of conditioning on our society.

See, conditioning is brainwashing. So powerful , that sadly most people are happy to believe that there is a bearded man in the sky watching over all of us, noting if we have been naughty or nice (sorry if I am mixing the fairytales up, guys) and of course, making a random list of people who he feels should burn in hell eternally. This same majority, unfortunately, has a major influence on our destiny as a people. We can truly compare it to dealing with a dangerous army of zombies who see reality as an option, and blatantly discard logic as it holds no value in their clouded minds. A perilous thought in my opinion.

For those that want to retain free will and enjoy our human rights, this is a frustrating time in history. We feel the shackles getting tighter and there is nothing we can do about it. Those of us who don’t belong to the 1% of society with all the money, power and influence, are currently mere “Indentured Servants.” And our oppressors are about to demote us to “full-blown slaves”.

Society, if not brainwashed, could collectively put a stop to it all. Sadly, society doesn’t recognize there is a problem. Society believes that we are truly free, though clearly, we are NOT. We are simply freer than ancestors long dead, and possibly some people living in certain third world regimes. We are, however, not free. If you disagree, maybe you should take a quick look at the definition of Freedom. Google it.

Am saying that we are a sleeping society, oblivious to the fact that we are being oppressed?
Am I saying that the majority of society is ignorant because they don’t even see that they are being groomed by our many oppressors?
Am I saying that society at large, believes they are free, though clearly enslaved?
Am I saying that while the oppressors are the evildoers, Society is responsible for our demise??
Am I saying that we, as a society, have lost our way?

Yes! Yes! Yes, to all of that! That’s exactly what I’m saying!! Yes!!

Society is all fucked up! I mean, just look at the kind of humans we have become: We value the worthless. We crucify our heroes. We abandon our friends and embrace our foes. We cast away individuality and morph ourselves to meet the expectations of those who do not matter. We are ruthless, a species that will kill our young to benefit ourselves. We are weak and frail. We are spineless. We follow not lead. We are hypocrites. We are addicted to hate. We are voluntary slaves. We are sheep. Society as we know it, is like a deadly poison, killing our basic human right to enjoy our short existence on this planet.

Ok, so what can we do about it? How do we change a society that has taken centuries to develop into the plague it now is?

The answer is, we can’t. We cannot slay the dragon of conditioning. Only individuals, themselves, have the power to escape from its fierce talons. For centuries, those that have self -righteously put themselves in charge of the rest of us, have used conditioning to make society believe that freedom is something that we are gifted, not a basic human right, attained, from the moment of birth. Conditioning has been the weapon with which they have not only controlled society but divided it.

It is conditioning that makes us unable to see past the barriers that have been created for us. Conditioning has completely devoured our free will and individuality. We are a society that cannot live and let live. We can’t because we have been conditioned to trample each other in order to maintain our own greed.

We are driven by the wrong incentives. We are a society that hates each other yet expects acceptance FROM each other!!! Sounds totally nuts right? Well, if any of you think you can prove the contrary, then I will take the Pepsi Challenge, any time.

Yes, freedom is the greatest sleight of hand trick known to man. The optical illusions of freedom and democracy have been successful strategies used to gain total control, due solely to conditioning.

They are illusions that can only be effective on a society that has been conditioned to stop thinking for themselves. A trick that works only on a society divided. A trick that works when the majority accepts tyranny, inequality, unfairness, injustice, hate, and separation, as ways of life.
A trick that only works on a society motivated by greed and power.

As Dr. Philly as this may sound, the answer to change lies within ourselves. For centuries we have tried to change each other, without success. We can only change ourselves. We can change what we as individuals are willing to accept. We can change the way we as individuals view the world, but we cannot change one and another. A concept that the human race has had a serious problem accepting from the beginning of time.

We can choose to command others to act a certain way or demand mutual respect. However, demanding is clearly a tactic that has not worked very well in the past. To achieve real change for the better, we must look to ourselves.

We, as individuals, must shed our own hypocrisy. We must become human again and truly treat each other as equals. We can individually choose to fight against unfairness, injustice, and inequality. As individuals, we must abandon the idea of superiority. As individuals, we must be realistic, logical, fair and honest. As individuals, we must start conditioning ourselves to start living a life of truth, rather than deception. As individuals, we must live a life that is based on TRULY treating everyone else how we want to be treated. As individuals, we must abandon judgment.

Change and hypocrisy don’t go together. Equality only comes when we accept that we must BE fair to DEMAND fairness. We must BE honest to DEMAND honesty. The way a society grows depends solely on the way we treat each other.

I know, it’s a tall order to fill, but society does have the potential to become something powerful and strong once again. To make sure that it happens, we as individuals must start living according to a very simple concept: You get what you give.

So that’s it? You get what you give??? Is it really that simple?

Yes, it IS that simple. THAT is where it all begins. It is the key to true equality. It is what will unite us as a people. It is only through unity that we will regain control over our own destiny. Once society finally comes out of the fog and joins together, we will finally have the power to put the brakes on our own oppression. We could even do it without violence, as we greatly outnumber our oppressors.

A united society holds true power. Governments and likeminded oppressors with the intention to enslave a united society could never be successful. If society can become an undivided unit that demands fairness, demands freedom and demands true and real democracy, we can remain free. A society in which we the people hold the power to decide. One in which the government no longer controls, but serves the people, which let’s face it, was its intended design. The fact is, a society standing together, will prove to be an invincible opponent. Not even the New World Order AND the Illuminati combined could defeat it. It is the only winning strategy for freedom as it was intended.

Is it wishful thinking? Maybe, but I do believe it is the only way. If everyone just re-aims their OWN focus without looking at what everyone else does, we will slowly start to see a change.

Everything you have read up till now probably makes total sense, right?

Yet here we stand, right in front of the door which will lead us to true freedom, holding only a minuscule portion of the code with which to open it. Each and every one of us holds another part of the code. Succeeding in opening that lock will require one thing and one thing only. Unification as a society. There is no other way.

Society still has the same two choices that it has always had. We can choose to unite as equals and take our power back, or we continue to live in smug ignorance, as money producing slaves for our oppressors. I am afraid the latter will seal our fate, keeping us all trapped on the wrong side of the door to freedom.


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      20 months ago

      To be elected you must win the most votes a stratagy the Republicans no longer practice. If you aleinate every minority, gender and person of faith they will eventually lose. Common decency and the demand for justice and truth will prevail at some point. Facts do not matter to those who deny the truth to maintain their prejudice based on lies. It leads to stupidity as one lie begins so many lies that it destroys its self. Example Trump fires Sessions and appoints a new Attorney General. This man must recuse himself for several reasons. He is powerless and Unconstitutional. Muller will not have to even challenge it because every court in the land will at some point. THen there is the matter of if this is already Obstruction of Justice. Then it turns out Mr Whitiker is already being investigated by the FBI for what sounds like 2 ponzi schemes one involves 25 million dollars. This is how dumb and foolish Trump is in creating his own destruction. If he was not President he would be arrested for the very charges Michael Cohen has been charged with. If he had simply admitted he fooled around and not paid these women off no one in his shrinking base would have cared. They give up morals to have no values. They give up Democracy and even defy the Constitution and the law of the land to keep power, power they are unable to use to fix or improve anyones lives. The Immigration debate among others does not exist when the Republicans controlled all instruments of government and solved nothing even if the majority of the country would have disagreed with them. They did nothing but make the rich, richer with their so called tax cuts.


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