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Society is Still Filled With Racist Behavior

Updated on August 3, 2017

My Photo (Tanikka Paulk)

Unfortunately Racism Still Exist

Realistically speaking, racism has never left, of course there have been many changes but the fact remains that racism is a big problem in the United States and elsewhere. The reason why racism is a big problem is because racism is allowed. There are so many who are allowed to violate the rights of others and not too many are willing to stand up when it comes to racism. The marches that were led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were not in vain however it appears as if the problems have taken a different form. How does one deal with being a victim of racism? Pray, yes pray for all the bigots and racist individuals, speak about the concerns and refuse to hold the victimized card. Be assertive but don't become like the individuals. To be frank the group of people who have always displayed racism are still doing so today. "I'm not Going to Stoop to Their Level." By: (Tanikka Paulk)

What About the Bigots?

Oh my goodness. Bigotry is a problem. It's rather sad when the bigotry comes from the top of the ladder. Meaning the person in charge of the entire United States. The Bible speaks about the one holding the leadership of a country being evil. There's no surprise there. "Mainly racism is about control" just take a look back at slavery. There is a new form of slavery in today's world. Although there are so many who are willing to fall into the trap of becoming bigots. There are many solutions to the problems. Too many have been victimized and will continue to be victimized because they're unaware of their rights. "I'm Familiar With the Bigots Behavior Because Some are on a Writing Site and I'm not Dismayed." By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Can a Country Survive When led by Bigotry?

Yes a country can survive while being led by a bigot. Remember that a President is selected into Office. Voted in so that means People have a say and the upper ladder has their say. Congress holds the key. No President should display bigotry and cause a nation to crumble. The President needs "The People: and of course "People." If the President allows rights to be violated against a certain race of people then it is clear that the President is either not equipped for such a leadership position or is simply a big racist and needs to be put in his place. No country should have to deal with bigotry and especially from a President. The best way to survive such ordeals is to know what the rights are. "Rights."

Bigotry huh?


A Writer's Opinion and Observation About Racism

Racism has and continues to be a "major" problem here in the U. S. So many people have become victims of racism. Let's not forget how unsettling it was for the Mexicans. They're still fired up about the actions of our leader. Why would one demonstrate that they're a bigot? Well politics of course. If there's drama and all sorts of ridiculous antics then people will become attracted to the antics and want to see more. They'll become curious and for the ones who are racist will want to be on the side of a racist. It's a different way of controlling groups of people. Perhaps they're not considering that diversity has the upper hand.

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I'm a writer, blogger, advocate, and founder and poet. I've written articles as well as posts on numerous topics and have worked on many websites. Some of my experience also includes writing advertisements. I'm continuing on my journey and although there have been many challenges. I'm still apart of "growth and movement." There are many reasons while I'm still on my journey. The observations will continue and discoveries will as well. I'm (Tanikka Paulk).


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