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Society At Fault

Updated on August 1, 2016

In a time where together we're more powerful than apart. Yesterday's problems have become todays only way of survival. Either you support what seems to be a domestic terrorist group or your "put to death"; whether it be literally or figuratively. Black Lives Matter movement although what may have started as a positive outreach against those who claim to support and protect civilian lives; yet only kill in cold blooded, which seems to be a ridiculous amount of unarmed "Black Lives". Instead it's now become a borderline Civil War against anyone who disagrees with their beliefs. The movement along has caused terror for, let's say freelance, White people who quiet frankly could care less, have no opinion and would like to carry on with their own lives; but, it has now become wrong to be white in America. This coincides with the "Wrong" shade of brown. In todays society if you are a brown color that reflects the onsought thought of what a radical Muslim would look like your now a Terrorist and there isn't anything you can do about it. Not to mention you should be deported, kicked out and never to return.

Years ago problems like these existed, there were civilized movements, wars, judicial hearings and deaths that changed all of this. Insuring all of us would live together in unity to make our Country great for everyone within. We have done nothing over the past decade and a half but destroy the very foundation our country was barely treading water with in the first place. Just when things were beginning to come together we create a war on society that leads only to darkness. Look at yourself and think do you actually feel safe in your home or at the grocery store? Would you stop at any gas station no matter the time of day or night, alone; without a weapon pump gas and feel safe? I wouldn't. I would risk running out of gas other than stopping in certain neighborhoods. Now ask yourselves what kind of neighborhoods are these? Who populates these areas? Blacks, Whites, Spanish, Muslims? By no means are these plays on racism I just look at the facts. Where do you tell your kids they aren't aloud? Who populates those areas? Which places do you take the long way around coming home from work?

You answer my questions and it'll show you just how "racist" you are. Or are you just judgmental do to facts?


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