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Solution to Greenhouse Effect

Updated on October 1, 2013

DOHA Talks

Again Fail
Again Fail | Source

DOHA 2012

Given that once again, this time at DOHA 2012, the international talks on global warming have passed with no agreements, I thought it only time I resubmitted this Hub.

It is just as relevant now, if not more so, than when I first wrote it two years ago.

The problem at the meeting this time is once again the third world and developing countries feel that as the highest green house emission countries are responsible for 70% of all green house gases, yet only represent 25% of the world population, they should make the larger reductions. I agree.

The proposal I make below makes no distinction between the state of a countries development or its wealth.

Although it treats all countries equally, it does however promote correcting in equality's between nations.

Global Energy Solution

 The solution, to the greenhouse effect, is obviously in global co-operation. This should start with some sort of limiting of the pollution by oil. Countries, at present, cannot agree on quotas, as non think that they should be affected.

The United Nations should decide how much oil may be used annually in order to halt further pollution. This number should then be halved. The first half should be devided between nations equally in ratio to their population. The second half should be devided between nations equally in ratio to their area.

This would give all nations a quota for their annual use. As long as you are within your quota you may buy oil at the rates set by OPEC. If you run out of your quota then you should look to buy extra quota from another country that has some spare. The quota could be bought for perhaps 5% of the cost of the oil. If you are unable to buy extra quota from another country, then you would have to buy it from the UN, at perhaps 10% of the cost of the oil. The extra money paid to the United Nations, would go to a special fund purely for the use in reducing ill effects from pollution or helping areas where pollution has already affected.

The good points for this are 1: No country is limited to the amount of oil they can buy,

                                            2: Less developed countries get extra money to help combat the ill effects of global warming.

                                            3: Developing countries will be finacially encouraged to continue development in an energy saving manner.

                                             4: Developed countries would be encouraged in energy conservation, for financial savings.

This would not be the final solution to our problem, but it would be a start. The final solution will come with the continued co-operation between nations linked with the developing and developed countries actively seeking energy saving technology.


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      what other solution of green house effect .??we need hundreds of it.ahh can you guys give me some?

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