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Somali Pirates Outsmart Wealthy Nations

Updated on May 11, 2009

According to a news report, Somali pirates have a network that helps them plan attacks on ships. These are not desperate Somalis trying to survive by hijacking ships. These are well equipped individuals who have the latest technology using satellite information to intercept these ships off the coast of Somalia.

I think it is sad that in this day and age where we are able to target the enemy with surgeon like precision, almost nothing can be done to stop these pirates. It is very surreal to know that Somalia is one of the most chaotic places on earth where there is no central government, yet these pirates are driving around in luxury cars at the expense of sailors who never thought they would be caught by pirates in the 21st century.

I remember when these reports would come in about pirates from Somalia and everyone thought it would lead to nowhere because they would not have the equipment necessary to last much longer; the world was occupied by other affairs such as the Iraq war or the break down of the economy, so it was a perfect opportunity to build up momentum and hijack a few more ships and in return ask for millions of dollars.

Wealthy nations have finally taken notice and countries like the US, France, Spain and a dozen more nations have sent their navy ships to safeguard ships passing by. It seems like no one told the pirates the strongest Navy forces of the world would be around. It seems to me that these nations just wanted to employ scare tactics in hopes that pirates would cease trying to hijack these ships but it's just not the case, the continue intercepting ships in a constant basis and no one knows what to do.

even when these pirates are caught, most times they are released because no one wants to take the lead against pirates, in the meantime they are getting he most advanced equipment possible to outsmart the moves of the greatest Navy forces in the world.

All I know is that I am not taking a cruise around that area, I do not want to be in a book 100 years for now about pirates in the 21st century.


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